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  1. Grogg of the North

    A Growing Appreciation of Modules

    I have noticed something about my gaming habits over the last few years. I've come to appreciate modules more and more. Perhaps it's because when I first started to play D&D my DMs wrote everything themselves. And that's what I learned to do. And so, I turned my nose up at those pre-written...
  2. Grogg of the North

    Getting rid of those pesky forest squatters

    Suppose you're the evil dude in head of a lumber company. You want to expand deeper into a large forest full of darkwood. The problem is, there's a small clan of squatters in your forest! Now, you've been slowly bringing in mercenaries to your town for some time now under the guise of...
  3. Grogg of the North

    D&D 5E Curse of Strahd - What am I missing? (Possible spoilers?)

    Curse of Strahd seems to get universal acclaim. I was excited to play it. Yet, I found my experience lacking. I wouldn't say I hated it, that may be too strong a word, but I definitely found it disappointing. Now, I was a player and I have no idea what the DM altered, cut, or just simply forgot...
  4. Grogg of the North

    Confrontation with a robber baron

    I'm running a campaign that is set near a darkwood forest. The town is run by the nearby lumber company. The lumber company is already disinterested with the welfare of its workers. (Profits over people) A few of my players have expressed an interest in dealing with the town leadership. I'm...
  5. Grogg of the North

    Unexpected Deaths

    The worse has happened. You've just gotten ten minutes into a session and a PC has died. Maybe the dice were against them from the get go. Maybe the consequences of their actions finally caught up to them. And to top it off, they've crossed a point of no return and can't just hop back to town...
  6. Grogg of the North

    D&D General The Kobold King AP

    I've started running an adventure for my group and I'm using Hollow's Last Hope (D0) as a starting point. I'd like to move from that into Crown of the Kobold King (D1) and into Revenge of the Kobold King (D1.5). My plan to link this all together, which is alluded to in the modules, was that the...
  7. Grogg of the North

    Medusa's Gaze Attack

    Has anyone altered a medusa's gaze attack so that rather it being Save or Die it does something like dex damage or dex drain? Maybe something like 1d6 or 1d8 dex damage on a failed save? My players are going to come up on a covey of medusas and I'm thinking that forcing them to make four saves...
  8. Grogg of the North

    Demons Gaining New Spell Like Abilities

    I have a Glabrezu leading a cult. Is there anyway to expand his list of Spell Like Abilities either by feat or template?
  9. Grogg of the North

    Demons and Desecrate

    I have a large lair full of demons guarding a cult that wants to release the Demon Prince of Madness. I was wondering if there was a spell, ability, or item that would grant similar protections to the demons like desecrate and unhallow do for undead. Bonus to hit and HP, things like that...
  10. Grogg of the North

    Prestige Classes and Spellcasting

    In 3.5 there are some prestige classes that require spell casting to enter but then give you a brand new spell list, such as Knight of the Chalice. How unbalancing would it be to swap the new spell list and just advance a PCs previous casting abilities? What if a PC enters into a prestige...
  11. Grogg of the North

    Demons and Associated Class Levels

    So, a while ago I had my party run into a fight with a Glabrezu. The demon killed the NPC they were trying to escort, taunted them for their failing and teleported away. Now, I'm thinking that this demon is going to make a return appearance later on in the campaign. But I want him to have a...
  12. Grogg of the North

    Evil Undead Fiery Undead ... Thing

    Last session I sent my players to the abyss. As they traveled the 507th layer, the paladin in my group went up against a Thunderbeast. In a stroke of bad (good?) luck, the Thunderbeast rolled a few twenties in a row and did near max damage on the critical damage. Enough damage that I would...
  13. Grogg of the North

    Pro Empire Works

    So, growing up one of my favorite games was Tie Fighter. I loved flying around in my suicide bucket, crushing pirates, ending civil wars and being a force of law in the galaxy. Yea, the empire could be a bit heavy handed but we were making the galaxy a better place! I played the Decipher CCG...
  14. Grogg of the North

    Bebilith Rend Armor

    When the bebilith hits with both its claw attacks, it rends the armor; dealing damage to it. I want to make sure I understand this ability correctly since my party will be fighting one soon. When the Bebilith rends, hardness applies. Right? The ability does not state that it ignores...
  15. Grogg of the North

    Sanctify Martial Strike and Bane Property

    Does the Sanctify Martial Strike feat and the Bane weapon enhancement stack? Sanctify Martial Strike feat grants an extra 1d4 damage against evil outsiders and evil undead. If I have that feat and an evil outsider bane weapon, would I deal (regular damage) + 1d4 + 2d6?
  16. Grogg of the North

    Paladin Mount as a cohort

    A player in my campaign wants to take leadership and wants to designate their special mount as their cohort. The player is a paladin/fist of raziel. Essentially, he's paying a feat tax to keep his mount relevant. If the mount is made a cohort, the DMG suggests that they be given a +2 LA. And...
  17. Grogg of the North

    Shackled City: Gottrod's Revenge

    In my game, Gottrod gave the PCs a run for their money. But a few lucky hits convinced Gottrod that he needed withdraw. He fled Crazy Jared's hut badly wounded but alive. He now waits for the moment to strike and take his revenge.... Has anyone else had Gottrod survive? Did he return? I'm...
  18. Grogg of the North

    What a devil wants

    The party is fighting a devil. They're losing. In a fit of desperation, the party begs for mercy and their lives. The devil pauses and agrees*. What does the devil ask for in return? My first thought is that for every day the party lives past that point, they must serve in the blood war...
  19. Grogg of the North

    Communing with a spirit

    In 3.5 there is Speak with Dead which lets you speak with the body of the deceased. The next level of divination lets you contact your deity or agent thereof. What if I wanted to talk to a person's spirit? Lets say I wanted to talk to a person whose body is not available for whatever reason...
  20. Grogg of the North


    So, in my gaming group one of the players, lets call him Bob, quit in a huff over an imaginary dress. After the session Bob said that he wasn't interested in creating a new high level character but wanted us to let him know when we started a new campaign. However, Bob's behavior at the table...