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    Kickstarter Into the Wild

    Into the Wild, a guide to hexcrawling and domain management for OSR-style games, is going live on Thursday: Coming soon: Into the Wild
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    Release Filling in the Blanks Hexcrawl Generator

    Filling in the Blanks, a guide to generating lairs and features for hexcrawl-style games (or anytime you need wilderness encounters) is live on Drivethrurpg with hard and softcover options in addition to pdf. While written for OSR-style games (Old School Essentials in particular), it can be used...
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    [Paid] [OSR] Collaborative Dungeon Project

    I'm running a test project and am looking for submissions for both dungeon maps and folks interested in filling in said maps. The idea is that I will commision a number of blank, numbered maps and then hand them off to others to fill in and populate. I've already gotten one map in (see below)...
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    Populated Hexes new update

    The new hex in my Populated Hexes Patreon is out. It's actually two hexes, and includes the giant air colony pictured below, drawn by Aaron Schmidt. Also included is a write-up of the cleric class, a mashup of B/X meets 5e, with rules for high level domain-style play.
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    [Patreon] Populated Hexes -- OSR Resources

    Hello everyone. I wanted to announce that I've just uploaded the newest hex to my Populated Hex Patreon. I am putting out -- about once every five to six weeks -- a single 6-mile hex that has been populated with a variety of monsters, dungeons, encounters and features. I'm doing them in clusters...
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    Patreon Populated Hexes Patreon

    I've finally got a Patreon up and running, featuring a series of populated 6-mile hexes stocked with monsters, lairs and features to incorporate into old-school gaming hexcrawl and sandbox style campaigns.
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    Free copies of Third Kingdom playtesting PHB

    Howdy, The Third Kingdom is almost ready for publication and playtesters. I will be making a limited number of the Player's Handbooks available for free for those willing to either playtest or provide a review. The playtest version should hit the presses mid-May. The Third Kingdom is a crunchy...
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    Looking for reviewers and input

    Hi, For the past three years or so I've been working on developing a fantasy RPG with both a unique setting and system. Called the Third Kingdom after the realm of mortals, it is a point-buy, classless system with a moderate amount of crunch. I am currently in the second draft phase and the most...
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    Looking for artists

    Not sure if this is the right place . . . I'm currently working on the second draft of the Third Kingdom PHB and am hoping to find some artists willing to donate some black and white illustrations to the cause. The most recent .pdf and samples of the art I already have can be seen at...
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    Thirdkingdom FRPG Player's Handbook is done

    Hello everybody, The Third Kingdom Player's Handbook is done and ready for playtesting. The .pdf can be downloaded for free at Third Kingdom Games - Home. I will also be making print copies free to the first 30 respondents willing to playtest (sorry, US only). The system is...