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  1. Wednesday Boy

    Kickstarter Olde School Wizardry

    Hi all, My friends made a roleplaying game (Olde School Wizardry) and their Kickstarter went live this morning! Olde School Wizardry is a tabletop roleplaying game system with rich world building stemming from the question: "What if an adventuring party was composed completely of first level...
  2. Wednesday Boy

    Conan the Amazonian

    It appears Amazon is developing a Conan series with one of the Game of Thrones directors and an executive producer of Fargo and The Handmaiden’s Tale. What I read says there’s no release date yet or stars attached.
  3. Wednesday Boy

    May the Fourth be with you

    Do you nerds have any special Star Wars plans for today? My daughters and I are going to build some Star Wars Legos, watch Rebels, and my seven year old stockpiled craft stuff and is going to teach her sister and I how to make lightsabers.
  4. Wednesday Boy

    Did you apply for the Dresden Accelerated playtest?

    Did anyone else apply for the Dresden Accelerated playtest? I applied for my group and I'm eagerly waiting to hear a response!
  5. Wednesday Boy

    Now the wider world will learn a word that we've bandied around for ages!

  6. Wednesday Boy

    Do your PCs have a designated leader?

    Do your PCs have a designated leader? I don't mean leader in the 4E sense, I mean does the group declare a certain character to be the leader of the party ala Hannibal Smith, Cyclops, or Tanis Half-Elven? In my group characters emerge as leaders of the group because their players are more...
  7. Wednesday Boy

    The Three Amigos reactions (SPOILERS)

    (Since I gave a grumbling opinion of the Hobbit in that movie thread, I wanted to show I'm not always a grouch.) So what did folks think of the Three Amigos? Personally I loved it! It was hilariously and brilliantly acted, the songs and choreography were perfection, it is immensely quotable...
  8. Wednesday Boy

    Fate book for my friend's birthday.

    My friend's birthday is coming up and since he likes the Fate system I wanted to get him one of the books. He already has Dresden Files, so I was thinking either Spirit of the Century or Diaspora. He doesn't have any leanings for or against sci-fi or pulp. Which do you think I should get him...
  9. Wednesday Boy

    Preview of a new Fighting Style?

    I was completing the new playtest survey and I noticed that when it asks which Fighting Style you used one of the options is the Brawler. But the Brawler isn't found in the classes document. I wonder if it's a preview of a new Fighting Style derived from the existing combat maneuvers or if...
  10. Wednesday Boy

    Selling my gaming stuff

    Hi all, I'm getting ready to move soon and need to pare down my gaming collection. It's mostly 3.x WotC stuff, some Monte Cook d20 stuff, and WEG Star Wars stuff with a smattering of other systems (2nd ed. AD&D, 3rd ed. L5R, etc.). In case you're interested, it's here on ebay (atomn | eBay). --me
  11. Wednesday Boy

    What books are companion characters in?

    The DMG2 explains companion characters but I thought some of the books had premade examples of them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Wednesday Boy

    Running a game for two players

    Hey all, Real life has caused a number of my gaming group to go on hiatus so the party for our upcoming campaign is going to be only two players. We might use of companion characters at times to round out the party but primarily the party will just be the two characters. (And we'll be making...
  13. Wednesday Boy

    What are the mechanics of the Cortex/Leverage system? Why do you like the system?

    I've heard people praise the Leverage/Cortex system as a fun RPG but I can't find any previews on their website or information about the system and its strengths. If anyone has any information and opinions about it I'd love to hear them. Thanks!!
  14. Wednesday Boy

    Are there any means for an unarmed Brawler Fighter to count as "wielding" a weapon?

    I like the aestetics of playing a bare knuckle Brawler Fighter but without wielding a weapon in his primary hand my PC would not get a shield and Fort bonus (see below). Are there any means (barring houseruling) to count as wielding while not actually holding a weapon? I assume the monk's...
  15. Wednesday Boy

    Investigations impede immersion?

    Hi ENWorld, In our last session we had to avoid and then investigate an assassination attempt on an ambassador we were guarding. During the session I noticed that I fell out of character and I think this is somewhat routine for me with investigation scenarios. When the session becomes highly...
  16. Wednesday Boy

    Legends and Lore: Out of Bounds

    The new Legends and Lore by Monte Cook is up: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Out of Bounds) Personally I think it's essential for the GM to have some solution for the challenges they present to the players. I think when the solution is a straight skill check...
  17. Wednesday Boy

    Brainstorming help for a jedi oracle PC

    Hi everybody! On Friday my group's going to start a new Star Wars game set when the Old Republic and the Jedi Order were just being formed. Our characters are all force users and I am going to play a sagely oracle who is adept in using the force but doesn't tote a lightsaber. (Akin to Yoda...
  18. Wednesday Boy

    WotC's hesitation on tackling the feat tax.

    So in today's Rule of Three (Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Rule-of-Three: 09/12/2011)) R&D discusses feat taxes (feats used to fix math errors). They mention they have no plans for large, universal changes like changing the math of the monsters or giving...
  19. Wednesday Boy

    What system would you run Assassin's Creed in?

    My group is wrapping up our current campaign and everyone's throwing their hats into the ring for what game to play next. One of the group offered to run an Assassin's Creed type of game using either Savage Worlds or FATE as the ruleset. I might throw out 7th Sea as another option but I'm not...
  20. Wednesday Boy

    Monster Manual IV's Mermaidon

    Man, looking at my EN World status I realized that I missed out on an obvious submission for WotC's hybrid creature competition. I definitely should have submitted a dinosaur with the lower half of a fish. :erm: