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    Aurora IL, Brand new Gaming group forming

    Hello all, I am very interested in starting up a 4e campaign; either I DM or I can give the reigns over to someone else. I would prefer to host the game at my house either way (I have cleared this with my girlfriend) here in Aurora, IL (right by fox valley mall), but I can be persuaded to come...
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    Psychic Warrior and Concentration Check

    Currently I am playing an elf psy_war/cleric. I noticed that the concentration check for becoming Psionically focused is DC 20, is a full round action, and provokes AOO's. With the old system most of the Psionic feats were automatic as long as you had at least one power point remaining. The...
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    double post

    Sorry for the Double posting...... Thanks guys, Halma
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    Psionics & Psionic Combat (Help plz with your comments)

    I am currently running a game with two players playing Psionically enriched characters, one Psion and another Psychic warrior. I was told to forget Psionic combat because it was just useless. At the time, I hadn't read any of the Psionic handbook so I sort of agreed with the group on this...
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    Chicagoland D&D group Recruiting

    Hey all you Gamers in the Chicago area, Just putting a request out there for anyone interested in playing a Kalamar game with us in Lombard. We are a group of three now because of the great exodus of the Wulf man..er Dwarf. We would like to add a few more to our group to round out the already...
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    Gamers in Chicago Suburbs

    For those of you that follow Wulf Ratbane’s story hour, I will not tell you all who is leaving but I would like to see if anyone would be interested in playing in our group in Lombard. We meet every other Sunday (Jobs permitting), to play and we will be rapping up our campaign shortly. We will...
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    Brutal Seething Surge

    My group has a question about this Monte Cook spell...? Is it broken in your opinions? Brutal Seething Surge Evocation [Acid] Level: Wiz/Sor 3 Components: S Casting Time: 1 action Range: Touch Target: Creature or Object touched Duration: Permanent until discharged Saving Throw: Fortitude...
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    Gen Con

    Hi all, I know that I only met some of you and in most minds I am considered a Lurker on this site, but I would just like to say I had a great time with all of the "E.N." Wold people..... I started out going up on Friday morning picking up Dinkeldog (My DM) and driving up to...