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  1. dammitbiscuit

    Are there any free-to-the-public samples of Wolfgang Baur's work?

    So there are two 3rd party authors for 5e's first big adventures. Awesome! WotC's in-house adventure writers don't generally measure up to 3pp offerings. However, I'm not familiar with those authors yet, myself. Are there any adventures written by them (maybe something for worldwide game day?)...
  2. dammitbiscuit

    Treadmill Removal

    Back when I last played, Inherent Bonuses were still a hot topic. Some loved them, some hated them. And some other folks realized "Hey - if we're doing all this work of giving players +1 to +6 bonuses that are either Magic or Inherent, and also everyone is taking Expertise just to make sure they...
  3. dammitbiscuit

    Welcome to the Red Planet; Welcome to the next step on humanity's road to the stars.

    Roughly 60% of all Mars missions have failed due to one obstacle or another. Today was not one of those days. Humanity today has landed a mobile robotic science rover on the surface of mars. It can drive faster than most of us travel on the freeway. It can probe an Armadillo in less than one...
  4. dammitbiscuit

    IRC channel

    Would people be up for chillin in an IRC channel? If my DM, or a PF judge, or a PC in one of my games isn't around, PMing them and getting their reply hours later makes sense. It's a pretty nice convenience, actually! But what if we're both online? A conversation that could take an hour by post...
  5. dammitbiscuit

    Organizing Your Ideas, Rules, and Fluff Snippets

    I've been looking at corkboard.me and trello.com but they're not so good for creating "trees" of branching or flowcharted information. So I'm wondering where everyone stores their ideas, or wishes they had stored their ideas if they had known better. I guess Corkboard is the better of the...
  6. dammitbiscuit

    Improved Initiative (proposal...ish)

    (proposalish in that I recommend further simplifying PMiller's system) For the most part, I like PMiller's way of doing initiative as one that promotes thinking as a member of a team, rather than as a lone show-off. I feel that it gives folks with high Init the opportunity to "double-dip" by...
  7. dammitbiscuit

    Grenadier Proposal

    I started writing a long-ass thing but realized I was really overdoing it. Let's go with the venerable bulleted list to get the main talking points out there and then, if it's actually necessary, we can discuss further. Grenadier is one of the most basic, vanilla ATs available for Alchemists...
  8. dammitbiscuit

    Autosuccess tweak

    So the rules make you succeed automatically if your ability score is 5 over the DC. Often, the GM calls for a check or the player rolls a die instinctively before they realize the check is going to be an auto-success regardless. With a minor tweak, you can "keep" that die result as well as make...
  9. dammitbiscuit

    Alternative to Vancian / AEDU

    Has something like this been done before? Prepare all your spells Use them at-will for appropriately minor effects You can Tap your magic to empower one of your prepared spells, but must wait for an hour before you have the juice to "tap" again (doesn't need to be a rest per se, it's just a...
  10. dammitbiscuit

    What happened to subscribed threads?

    They used to be in a drop-down menu next to my name. I promise I've been occasionally poking around trying to find them for the past couple weeks, but I'm at wit's end, so I've decided to look foolish by asking here! :(
  11. dammitbiscuit

    The Randomness of the D20

    I like how 5e fixes "certain to succeed" checks by granting auto-success based on your score. What if it also fixed "certain to fail" checks by granting score-based auto-fails? I'm thinking especially of moments where a character with a good Wisdom score and +3 to Perception from their...
  12. dammitbiscuit

    With the experience of multiple previous editions, why's Dexterity STILL an uberstat?

    It still determines: AC Init Some attack rolls Some powerful "checks" (ie Stealth, ie Surprise Rounds) The most frequently mentioned Saving Throw, thus probably the most important one Init could easily be Wisdom: perceive first, notice the most, and you'll be able to react first and best. We...
  13. dammitbiscuit

    D&D 4E Gestalt is BACK for 4e!

    You gain ALL the class features of both classes. Yes, this can get really broken, and your character will be left behind if you don’t take advantage of it. Enjoy sneak attacking with your twin strike, or whatever suits your fancy. Gestalt was always a high-powered, munchkin-oriented system, and...
  14. dammitbiscuit

    Better Conversion Guide

    The pathfinder conversion guide glosses over a lot. When I converted the Dark Sun "mul" to Pathfinder, it was more useful to simply use existing core races as a guideline than it was to waste time reading the conversion guide. Now I'm looking at converting Dreamscarred Press's "Worldthought...
  15. dammitbiscuit

    Girallons as mounts?

    I don't even really want to get into the whole Mounted Combat rules - I just want to convince my DM that, when not fighting, my girallon, Bwagadaa, when moving around quadrupedally would be capable of carrying me. I know that, somewhere (possible in the 1e books that I used to own?), there is a...
  16. dammitbiscuit

    Arizona: How about an RPG that's NOT d&d?

    I'm highly interested in trying GURPS, Burning Wheel, and Dying Earth, but I'd be happy to try almost anything. Due to almost all of my experience being with D&D, I'm looking to join a group, not run one, though I do own the Burning Wheel rulebooks and I guess I could try wing-and-prayer-ing it...