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  1. delericho

    D&D 5E Relative Difficulties of Advancing in 5e

    One of the topics I wished they'd addressed in the DMG was the number of encounters required to level up by level (breaking down and explaining the chart linked from the OP). From there, they could easily have gone into a discussion about how to easily speed up/slow down advancement to suit the...
  2. delericho

    Finally: Babylon 5 REMASTERED and Available for Streaming

    Sure, but I can counter that by just waiting a while. To be honest, for most shows I prefer to do that anyway - bank them up and then binge. One of these days they may choose to build a timer into the account - once you've watched episode 1 you need to wait a week before you can watch episode...
  3. delericho

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    The time loop aspect is an ongoing plot point in my current Ravenloft campaign, and it's working well. However, the endgame will absolutely be that if the PCs slay the darklord (Adam, in this case) then they will have broken the loop and freed the land. That ending of "Curse of Strahd", where...
  4. delericho

    Who is the quintessential D&D artist?

    Elmore for me. Also, I hadn't realised that Jaquays was an artist was well as writer. She's even more talented than I thought.
  5. delericho

    Finally: Babylon 5 REMASTERED and Available for Streaming

    In the UK we're still in the lucky position that there are only a handful of services needed to get "everything". Though I suspect that that is liable to change over the next couple of years as more and more providers want a slice of the streaming pie. My inclination, if and when that happens...
  6. delericho

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    While the problem isn't as bad in 5e (or, previously, in 3e), it's not non-existent. Later monster designs are, unsurprisingly, better than the earlier ones. (Of course, it's possible that my opinion is exacerbated by having spent a year running "Storm King's Thunder". Giants are a particular...
  7. delericho

    D&D 2E Looking back at the leatherette series: PHBR, DMGR, HR and more!

    The PHBR series was great. Though part of me wishes they'd had a chance to "loop back" through the earlier ones - after Bard they seemed to go on a run of very strong entries that left the earlier ones looking poor by comparison. The one that saw most use at our table was Priests, but that was...
  8. delericho

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    Speaking for myself, I'd be happy to see a somewhat-increased cadence - more books means more chance of them producing books that I want to see. That said, I'm more or less done with buying 5e books now, so the chances are fairly low. (I enjoyed "Rime of the Icemaiden", but have very limited...
  9. delericho

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    Agreed. One of the problems in pretty much every edition after the first is that the first MM is expected to include all the iconic monsters, and yet monster design tends to improve over time. This means that, a few years in, the iconic monsters are almost inevitably the least interesting...
  10. delericho

    D&D 5E Everything We Know About The Ravenloft Book

    Sounds good. The worst thing about it is that I could have really used it about eighteen months ago.
  11. delericho

    D&D 2E [2e] Which Optional Rules do You Use?

    We always used proficiencies (weapon and non-weapon), individual initiative, and weapon speed adjustments to initiative. To be honest, I'd forgotten those latter two were even optional!
  12. delericho

    D&D General If D&D were created today, what would it look like?

    It wouldn't. D&D gained traction by "borrowing" liberally from the big fantasy IPs of the time, and when hit with a C&D was able to republish with the serial numbers filed off (hobbits became halflings, etc). The IP landscape today is rather different, such that the equivalent game would be...
  13. delericho

    D&D 5E What Theme Appeals The Most?

    I'd be happy to play any, but would probably go for Eberron as my preference. That said, with the right group of players I would leap on a Drow campaign.
  14. delericho

    D&D General PC creation freedom and campaign setting fit

    I'm almost exclusively a DM, and I prefer a collaborative approach - to a point. Typically, I'll work up one or a few campaign concepts, and put those to the players. Those concepts will generally have some guidance as to character concepts - which might range from "anything goes" to something...
  15. delericho

    D&D General Alternate "Ability Scores"

    My suspicion is that ability scores, and indeed those six ability scores, are probably one of the true sacred cows of D&D, and as such will never be replaced. (Along with classes, levels, and maybe alignment - though I'm kind of hoping that last will finally be dropped next time out.)
  16. delericho

    Best RL Pantheon?

    If you haven't seen them, Neil Gaiman did a decent book on "Norse Mythology", and Stephen Fry has done two on the Greeks. (Where 'decent' means they're easy to read and reasonably light - I'm not qualified to comment on accuracy.) For gaming, I tend to agree with @Orius - homebrew is probably...
  17. delericho

    D&D General Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, Todd Kenrick Leave D&D Beyond

    If it was WotC wanting to get into the field, surely it would be more efficient to buy the whole company - getting the people can help, but getting the platform would potentially save years of rebuilding effort.
  18. delericho

    D&D 5E Sanitizing Curse of Strahd (+)

    IMC I recast the Vistani as halflings, and had them be mostly just traveling merchants (with some sort of deal with the Dark Powers allowing them to move back and forth) - strip out the trappings from any real-world cultures. I still left their fortune-tellers in place, but those were unique...
  19. delericho

    D&D General Help Me Rename a Culture in My Campaign

    I would strongly consider using Maelgrym as the name of the city as used by everyone. No need to add a new name to the campaign when you've got a perfectly good one right there. As for the name of the dwarves themselves, the Grim is a good suggestion. Or perhaps Buried Dwarves?
  20. delericho

    D&D 5E Do you restrict racial choices in your games?

    Yeah. When TSR and then WotC did the various campaign settings, a part of me wishes they'd been more willing to remove some choices from the palette, the better to fit a theme.