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  1. Dour-n-Taciturn

    Looking for this overlords

    Is there a way to find this or related links? http://www.enworld.org/forum/rpgdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=1284
  2. Dour-n-Taciturn

    files removed?

    Attention EN World overlord. Some files I had uploaded to the Downloads Section under Miscellany regarding a conversion house rule set of 4 have been removed. Is there some violation?
  3. Dour-n-Taciturn

    MERP to D20 conversion

    I posted this a few months ago, but I haven't had a chance to really playtest it. The rules are based on D&D 3rd and 4th Edition with a mix of house rules and charts derived/modified from MERP and Spell Law sources. If anyone is interested in having a crack at it, let me know what you think...