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  1. MichaelSomething

    D&D General The D&D Cook book is coming out!!

    Who's hungry for Heroes' Feast? It's the official D&D cookbook! https://dnd.wizards.com/products/fiction/heroes-feast There's even a cocktail called The Mindflayer! That's a natural 20 to me!
  2. MichaelSomething

    D&D General Fire Tornadoes! (or What Edition to use Ten)

    Because this is 2020, a fire tornado warning has been issued... With the exploration pillar being talked about, I thought it would be the perfect time to ask what Edition of D&D would best benefit from having Fire Tornadoes in it? Earlier editions would have no problem throwing these at PCs...
  3. MichaelSomething

    A Twitter thread on Kicking out Racist in TTRPG spaces

    Enworld isn't the only place that does it! Hear about it happening in other online TTRPG places.
  4. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Making a real Ninja in D&D

    If you're looking for advice on how to play a historically accurate Ninja, Youtuber and Japanese culture fanboy Gaijin Goombah recently uploaded "How to Build a REAL Ninja in Dungeons & Dragons!" I always enjoyed his stuff and now I can post it here since it has something to do with D&D!
  5. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Have you thrown 88 opponents at your party?

    I may not have much experience with 5E but it seems the most suitable edition for having a PC party fight 88 opponents at the same time. Bounded Accuracy means lower level foes are still usable. A combat system designed for speedy turns is great for playing all those enemies in a timely...
  6. MichaelSomething

    Can my character have a pump action composite bow?

    DM: That's not realistic. Me: O'really?
  7. MichaelSomething

    D&D General What Edition to use Nine

    Like Hit Point discussions or Lowkey's hatred of Paladins, What Edition to use has risen again! I present an unusual situation/thing and ask you which edition of D&D would best represent it. This time I'm asking what Edition would best do "The Mask." While it was originally from comic books...
  8. MichaelSomething

    D&D General D&D doesn't need a movie! Make a Boardway show instead!

    We talked about making a D&D movie a fair number of times here. To shake things up, let's discuss bringing D&D to the stage! Wicked and Hamilton are just a few of the plays that breached the public's conscience, I'm sure D&D can do it too! And I bet the musical numbers would be great. Who's...
  9. MichaelSomething

    What is the most inspirational Gary Gygax quote?

    So I find myself on ZenPencils, a webcomic that makes comics based off of inspirational quotes. Yet I just realized that it has nothing from Gary Gygax, the (or is it "a", I'm not sure) founder of D&D itself! Surely, he must have some quote that is super awesome. But I'm no scholar of Gygax...
  10. MichaelSomething

    Pathfinder 2E Can't wait for the preveiw on NPC classes!

    I hope they don't cut any of them. How can run Pathfinder without classed commoners, experts, adepts, astisrocrats or warriors? IT JUST WOULDN'T BE THE SAME!!!!! If we're lucky, they might even add more!!!!
  11. MichaelSomething

    Gabe's 10 Years of D&D

    Gabe, co-creator of Penny Arcade, wrote a thing where he reflects on his ten years of playing D&D. Funny how he first had to be paid to pay it :P He talks about how he loves to customize it, and how it inspired him to create his own game...
  12. MichaelSomething

    What SHOULD be the purpose of magic items in an RPG?

    We had discssions on magic items before, saying magic items should be this way or that. But I find it hard to discuss the HOW until I know the WHY. So, what purpose should magic items serve in an RPG? Player build parts, rewards for good play, sources of wonder, world history things, or you...
  13. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Yahtzee Fighter?

    Everyone has their own idea on how to remake the Fighter so I might as well throw mine in. What if the fighter turn was basically a mini game of Yahtzee? You would roll a bunch (around six or so) of D6s and you could exchange various combinations of numbers for certain effects. Like trading...
  14. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Meat Grinder Mode?

    So I was looking through D&D's YouTube channel, and was looking at Heroes' Graveyard, A highly lethal campaign for 5E. I read the text for the video and it said, "a lethal campaign using the new Meatgrinder Mode rule system from Tomb of Annihilation." Based on this, I can only conclude that...
  15. MichaelSomething

    What Edition to use 8: Who's the best Chokeslammer?

    I didn't get banned for this yet so here we are. So if I wanted to choke slam a monster(let's assume a monstrous humanoid here), which edition would I have the best luck in? To quote the great wiki, "A chokeslam is a type of body slam in professional wrestling, in which a wrestler grasps an...
  16. MichaelSomething

    I solved making 5E challenging

    So people are talking about how 5E rules generally stack things in favor of the PCs and against monsters, more so in higher levels. Wouldn't the easiest way to fix it be just reverse it? I mean have players make characters based off the systems in the monster Manuel while the DMs follow the...
  17. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Stuff to make high level games more viable?

    So according to this thread, there are people who have trouble with high level 5E. If there were products that would help them, perhaps they would consider purchasing them? Are there any eager creators out there willing to answer the call for fun (maybe) and profit (also maybe)? I'm looking...
  18. MichaelSomething

    Should the DMG suggest improv and acting classes?

    There's a lot more to running a game then just the rules. But how can you get better on that non rules stuff. Would improv and acting lessons help? If so, should the DMG suggest it? Why or why not? Sent from my VS990 using EN World mobile app
  19. MichaelSomething

    D&D 5E Guild Adept Program for Dungeon Master Guild

    http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/news/guild-adept-program Dungeons and Dragons can now have DAY ONE DLC! PRAISE GYGAX!
  20. MichaelSomething

    What Edition to use 7.5

    On the last episode of What Edition to use, I'd ask what edition best captured the feeling of the artist Prince. I think 2nd Edition won that because Planescape fits Prince best. However, that topic was a casualty of the great time paradox of 2016. Meaning I can't check it, and I like...