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  1. Birmy

    LGS in Vancouver-Seattle-Portland!

    I'll be hitting all of the cities in the subject line in a lengthy trip through the Pacific Northwest at the end of June, so I'm officially looking for recommendations on FLGS in those cities (or near enough) to hit. Lemme have it, ENWorlders!
  2. Birmy

    LGS in Baltimore?

    I'll be in Baltimore for a good chunk of next week and was wondering if there's any local game stores worth checking out.
  3. Birmy

    Games With Frontiers

    Are there any systems in place for when characters participate in games such as pool, darts, etc. (aka bar games?). In the absence of an applicable Perform skill I just used a Con check followed by a Dex check (in this case, darts) when it came up recently. Is there a better way to go about...
  4. Birmy

    laptops in-game?

    I've noticed that a lot of the character generator software (e.g. Hero Lab and PC Gen) have tools for use in-play. While I can see how this could be handy, it also strikes me as something maybe a bit unnecessary and possibly disruptive to other people at the table. I've been considering...
  5. Birmy

    Do settings get "played out"?

    I was paging through the Forgotten Realms 3e book the other day and got to thinking about how much I used to love that setting. All campaigns I'd DMed had been set there, and I'd obsessively devoured all of the novels (regardless of quality) all through my teen years. I'd grown sort of...
  6. Birmy

    Good sources of non-fantasy minis?

    I'm playing a new character in an AD&D 2e (yes, still; my DM doesn't like change) campaign who is something of a dandy-fop (okay, an outrageously over-the-top dandy-fop) and even though it's entirely anachronistic I had wanted him in a sort of medievalized tuxedo (top hat, tails, etc.). I...