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    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Exploration Challenges, Boons, & Monster Signs

    My current issues with RAW: most overland journeys will limit encounters to 1 (maybe 2) per day while traveling/exploring. This means players are free to go 'Nova' because conserving resources will not be an issue. Therefor encounter difficulty/balance is skewed. How will Level-Up avoid this...
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    Blog (A5E) Level Up: Exploration Challenges, Boons, & Monster Signs

    This looks fantastic. And its great to see the Exploration pillar finally getting some love.
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    Blog (A5E) Let’s Look At Exploration in Level Up

    OK, so some Exploration Challenges have more at stake than just Supplies? Great!
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    Blog (A5E) Let’s Look At Exploration in Level Up

    Won't urban adventures make supplies a moot resource? Players can just walk a few blocks to pick-up food, or find a warm tavern. Yet, exploration would still be applicable: explore the baron's castle, the sewers, etc; with plenty of exploration encounters: royal garden with thorny vines...
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    Worlds of Design: What the Future Holds for RPGS - Part 2

    Perhaps TTRPGs will have to capitalize on things unique to that media (which CRPG can't provide): social aspect of friends sitting around a table rules that bend and customize to the group's style player empowerment to go "off the rails" of the script etc...
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    Talisman RPG: What Makes It Unique?

    Don't forget the Trolls (who can be Player Characters) also have a fairy tale vibe: living under bridges and collecting tolls, which plays heavily into their backgrounds.
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    GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?

    Great article. Love the reference to Firefly. Indeed, making players WANT to see what's around the next corner is a huge motivator (not just another trapped dungeon room stuffed with monsters).
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    Worlds of Design: The Lost Art of Running Away

    Later editions removed 'Moral' rules. So if adventurers (players) don't see the monsters running away, they are also loath to use that tactic...
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    Warhammer's Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Is Here!

    Any plans for a Quick-start?
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    Warhammer's Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Is Here!

    Will these (pdf's) be available on other sites, like DriveThruRPG ?
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    Fantasy Grounds Stats Show Massive Pandemic Bump

    Our group is going to make the jump to online sessions. But we play Basic (B/X) D&D. I don't see that ruleset listed/available? Would it be a lot of work to use CoreRPG or MoreCore to accomplish this?
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    OSR Review of Mörk Borg, a Doom Metal Album of an OSR RPG

    No. The fonts/irregular spacing was difficult to read in some places (personal opinion). Luckily, the book isn't too 'text heavy'.
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    OSR Review of Mörk Borg, a Doom Metal Album of an OSR RPG

    Thanks for the review: I've been waiting to hear how this game plays! Apart from the art/feel, how are the rules? What is magic like (spell slots? Power Points?). Do the classes distinguish themselves, or do they just add minor bonuses to a specific task?
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    OSR Played It Review of Old-School Essentials Using D&D ‘s The Lost City

    That sounds great. And I agree that the less 'stuff' you have on your character sheet, the more players have to look for other options (imagination, descriptions, interacting with the world, etc). However, factions (and their alignments), talking to monsters, interaction for gear, etc isn't...
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    OSR Played It Review of Old-School Essentials Using D&D ‘s The Lost City

    I'm curious (as a B/X fan): how did your 5e players enjoy this older style of game? Did their characters feel "flat" compared to the wealth of options for 5e characters (feats, archetypes, bonus actions, cantrips, etc)? Or was the simplicity/ease/speed enough to make up for that?
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Third Edition and Per-Day Spells

    This is a great article. Even with 5e we still have the "15-minute workday" and "Nova/Alpha Strike" issues with encounter balance.
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    D&D General Worlds of Design: A Question of Balance

    I believe it was Professor DM (Dungeon Craft) who said this is a game. As such, anything that lets one player be able to do 'more' on his turn, than other players, is overpowered/unbalanced. For example, the old 3.5e monks with flurry of blows (4-5 attack rolls/turn) while a rogue got 1 attack...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 D&D 3E Design: The Unbalanced Cleric

    Great insight into 3e game design! I love these articles. In 3e, it was quite common in our group for someone to just take a 1-level dip into the Cleric class, just so they could use a Cure Light Wounds wand, which was used to refresh everyone's HPs between encounters. Half of the party's...
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    Design Masterclass: Smallville

    Having never played the game, how does Smallville's Value/Relationship compare to Pendragon's Personality Traits (positive/negative)? Both seem to represent the character's motives. How do the systems play differently?