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  1. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Star Wars: Top Gun

    Or should it be Star Wars: Danger Zone? And here we are, still waiting for a new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game. Or maybe at least an X-Wing TV Series? If you forgot why it could be worth waiting for:
  2. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Witcher (Netflix)

    The Witcher series is coming out soon. I've read the books and played the game, so I am eager to see what Netflix delivers. They just posted some Character Introductions.
  3. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Dark Netflix (Season 2 launched a few weeks ago)

    Anyone else here watching Dark on Netflix? It's a German Netflix show, so that might be a bit of a turn off because it means dubbing or subtitles. (I've heard the Season 1 dubbing was bad, but they might have reworked it and season 2 is allegedly better. I haven't tried.) It involves missing...
  4. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Maniac (Netflix)

    I just watched the new Netflix "Limited" series Maniac, and it was awesome. I was well entertained. If you like things to be a bit weird, and feeling sometimes a bit lost on what's really going on, if you like alternate reality stories, 80s retrofuture tech, or if you like Emma Stone and Jonah...
  5. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Anyone playing Harebrained Schemes Battletech?

    So, is anyone else playing Battletech? It's been quite addictive for me. Though I've finished the campaign last week, so I figure I'll play it a bit less often now. Unless I decide to experiment seriously with some modding.
  6. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Star Trek Discovery - S01E03 - Context is for Kings (Spoilers for the Episode)

    I watched Episode 3 on Netflix today. Very interesting episode. It is kinda the "real" pilot of the show, since we finally get to meet the main cast (most of them at leastß) and the main ship. Their "new way of travel" is really something new. We kinda know it doesn't quite work out, since...
  7. Mustrum_Ridcully

    2016-11-30: CM down?

    Seems like Circvs Maximvs is inaccessible today. :( Anyone know anything?
  8. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Descent Game?

    Anyone still remember Interplay's Descent series? A true 6-degrees of freedom shooter playing mostly underground in huge, complex maps, infested with "evil" mining robots? Well, there is a kickstarter for a new game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/descendentstudios/descent-underground...
  9. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Lucas Arts titles becoming available on Gog! Finally I can put my TIE Fighter nostalgia to to the test!

    Information on the Good Old Games website: http://www.gog.com/news/new_publisher_disney_interactivelucasfilm For me the important titles are X-Wing and particularly TIE Fighter. I still think if they took a modern graphics engine and replicated the exact mechanics of these games and missions...
  10. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Dragon Articles Online - How can I get Dragon #328

    Thanks to the D&D Character Builder, I was reminded of an entity "The Daughter" that offered a variant of the Infernal Pact - I would like to reread the history, but I can't seem to download the article itself or the Dragon Issue containing the article. I still have a valid DDI subscription...
  11. Mustrum_Ridcully

    The Stanley Parable (Spoilers only in Spoiler Boxes)

    I don't want to spoil anything. But it's great. There is a demo, that uses nothing from the game itself, and might get you a feeling what kind of game it is. Or not. I have yet to play the demo, but after having played the game and knowing the demo is bascially seperate content, I want to play...
  12. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Topic Icons on Thread Titles - maybe a bit too colorful?

    Forum upgrade! Neat! But as any good customer that is bothering to post in the Support area of the forums, I am here to complain, whine and moan. :) On many (all) thread titles in a forum listing, you see a colorful icon indicating the general nature of the topic. Maybe it is just because I am...
  13. Mustrum_Ridcully

    D&D 4E Redesigning 4E multiclassing power swap feats

    A random idea occured to me - I've really rarely seen people pick up the multiclass feats for swapping powers. It just never seems worth it to sacrifice a feat slot for a power that is not that much better than one you already have. So I wonder, what could be done to make them a bit more...
  14. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Do you like spell and effect durations?

    More specifically. Spell Durations expressed in time units like rounds, minutes, hours and so on? I am asking because I don't. 4E had largely done away with them - stuff lasted either one encounter, or until the start or end of someone's turn, until a save occured, or until you ended an effect...
  15. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Mustrum's Mythical Fighter Techniques

    So, we've discussed a lot about 15 minute adventure days, novaes, and general unspecialness of fighter abilities in past editions. Here's my take on some abilities I could see a high level fighter have to get similar "nova"ing potential and utility potential as a spellcaster and to get some...
  16. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Subscribe Button / Payments site not working for me

    Hi, have considered renewing my community supporter account, but when I clicked on "Subscribe", I got directed to this page: http://www.enworld.org/forum/payments.php Unfortunately, that page is displayed empty for me. Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1 on a Windows 7 64 Bit System. Quick question: Do we...
  17. Mustrum_Ridcully

    How would you make a dragon hunting expedition?

    In another thread people brought up the idea of a Dragon Hunting Campaign/Adventure/Adventure Path. I have the impression that there aren't really any adventures that fit what I'd expect for this bill, and I wonder how others would make such an adventure (or did they already make one?) For my...
  18. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Magic Items, Spells, Powers, Action Points

    This is basically a post on what I want to see in terms of a more unified and yet diverse resource management system. Preferably as a core system, but maybe as an optional subsytem. I like the fundamental idea that a character's power does not come from his items but from his own, his...
  19. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Changing the meaning of Passive Perception and Insight => Suscipion rather than Facts

    The title might be a little clunky, but it's difficult to put the idea into short words. TheClone mentioned to me an issue he had with the way passive perception and standard DCs in the game worked. Basically, if your perception is maxed out for your level, you will beat all passive perception...
  20. Mustrum_Ridcully

    Startrek Online for Dungeon Masters - Foundry Online

    Not sure if people are still following the game and considering to check it out, but I thought I should mention it here... Should be enough Startrek fans around here... :) A few weeks back, the Foundry went online. The Foundry is basically a mission editor, kinda like they existed for...