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    Resident Alien ( Alan Tudyk, syfy channel)

    Hadnt seen any discussion on the new show but figure it doesn’t have a lot of buzz in general so thought I’d toss this out there in case others are watching it. (premise for those not familiar, Alan tudyk (best known as Wash from Firefly) plays an alien that crash landed near a small town in...
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    Baldur’s Gate 3 (early access, aka beta testing)

    BG3 released today for early access (aka beta testing) for just the first chapter of the game. anyone decided to buy? If so, what’s the experience been like? I’ve never bought a game at early access before, and frankly, I don’t like the idea of paying now for a testing product for however...
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    D&D 4E 4e need ideas for in-game luck mechanics

    My players stay out. Trying to keep background minimal, but the short version is: the PCs (epic level) are about to venture in an area that is a manifestation of energy created by luck. While _players_ deal with luck in terms of die rolls, I am trying to think of a good 'environmental...
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    House ruling-giving feats an organization prereq

    I'm toying with an idea, just tossing it out there in case there is some factor I'm overlooking.... What if I allowed feats but I gave each feat the requirement of being a member of an in world organization as well as a certain renown level within the organization? This assumes of course...
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    Ideas for a corrupt but liked ruler

    I'm brainstorming a plot idea but I'm running in to a small but crucial snag so thought I'd tap the hivemind here. the pcs are going to be at their hometown and are basically starting the underground revolution to bring down the ruler. The ruler however, has a great public face and is liked by...
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    D&D 5E 101 campaign premises

    In a couple sentences what is the basic premise of your current campaign or campaign that you fondly remember... It's a chance to brag and offer inspiration to other DMs! 1. Ten dangerous criminals have escaped from prison. The PCs each have a personal connection to one of the escapees and...
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    ideas for infiltrating or getting info on a crime syndicate?

    My players stay out. You hear me? My players stay out. So... the PCs are on the verge of needing to infiltrate a crime syndicate and need to find and confront its leader. So far all I have in mind is a very difficult skills challenge as a way to narrate/abstractly go through the...
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    Dragon age inquisition (no spoilers)

    So, what race and class and gender and difficulty level? Anything fun that you found that you want to share but put it in spoiler tags.... For me, playing human, Mage, male, on normal difficulty. As for amusing bits for me, I'm finding iron Bulls personality more smudging than I thought I...
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    D&D 5E What classes getting used at your table?

    Just curious, what classes have you seen played at your table with the intent of it being a regular campaign ( rather than a one shot or play test) .... Not counting any pregens, wondering what was purely player driven creation. I've been seeing certain trends in the groups I play with and was...
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    What Fall TV Premiers are you excited for?

    So, what NEW fall TV shows are people excited for? I don't follow the entertainment news so I am trying to see what I should check out and set my DVR for ...
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    D&D 5E Building a character for Adventure League - questions

    I'm making a character to try an Adventure League game (D&D Expeditions). Could questions .... 1) Is "Customizing your Background" in the PHB considered a "variant" (and therefore not allowed since it isn't mentioned in the Adventure League Guide) or is it core/allowed in the Adventure League...
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    Legend of korra book 3

    I didn't see a thread for this apologies if it is a duplicate.. But anyone catch the korra book 3 premier last week ( I just saw it in my Dvr), it had the first 3 episodes. For some reason I'm enjoying it more than book 2 so far.
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    Northern Virginia (Arlington) 4e group seeks players for new campaign

    Our group is seeking new players to join us as we start a new campaign in the New Year. We will be using the Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition rules set tailored to a home-spun setting. As it will be the start of a new campaign, now is a great time to jump in. Expert knowledge of the rules...
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    firefox help

    Not a ENWorld problem exactly, but it only happens on ENWorld, so I thought I would ask if anyone had some ideas that might help point me in the right direction. I normally/always use Firefox (7.0.1 is what i'm using now). But for approx the past 2 weeks, when using Enworld firefox chokes...
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    Cartoons for Geeks Both Young and Old

    So I had put together a list of cartoons for geeks both young and old (ie enjoyable by a broad range of age groups). And what I ended up with is: Top 10 Cartoons For Geeks Young and Old Which, summarized, basically is: 10. Young Justice (2011-present) 9. Conan the Adventurer (1992-1993) 8...
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    Alphas premier

    Just wondering if anyone caught the new SyFy show Alphas .... For those that haven't heard of it, it's sort of like XMen in that there are normal people who have an extraordinary talent, but it comes with drawbacks. And they work together as a team on assignments to stop crimes that are beyond...
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    Differences between the 2 current D&D boardgames? (CR and WoA)

    The two current D&D boardgames by WotC: Castle Ravenloft (CR) & Wrath of Ashardalon (WoA) I have a chance to get one of them at a discount so I thought it might be a good opportunity to try out their "style." So my question is to anyone who has had experience with both of the games. * Beyond...
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    rule question - until end of encounter effects but go unconscious

    I feel like I've seen rules on this before, (heck, I feel like I've USED the rules on this before). Yet it's been a while and now for some reason I can't find the reference and I'm feeling both silly and blind. 1) If a PC uses a power that buffs himself until the end of the encounter, but then...
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    Plot transparency

    Expectation of plot transparency Think of Lord of the Rings. Frodo has the one ring and is told by Gandolph that every time the ring is used, it alerts the ring wraiths and the dark lord himself. Thus, Frodo at least is aware of the consequences every time he used it (even though used in...
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    Mastered Rituals when starting higher than 1st

    So when starting PCs higher than 1st level, I was thinking about rituals, specifically, mastered rituals. Now a PC could use his starting funds to purchase mastered rituals at their market price. But the thing that strikes me about that is, rituals tend to end up being used as a group...