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  1. Zarithar

    Weird West (not Deadlands) themed RPG using playing cards?

    A couple of months back EN World ran an article about a supernatural (weird west) RPG using playing cards. Does anyone recall the name of this game? They had free PDFs available for playtesting and I am really curious about this one. Thanks!
  2. Zarithar

    D&D 5E Whip of Entangling

    Would this item be appropriate for a 5th level character? Whip of Entanglement: Magical whip, +1 attack and damage, which can, upon hitting (player's choice), restrain a humanoid (or humanoid shaped) creature (at the DM's discretion) as per the Entanglement spell. This can be done 3 times...
  3. Zarithar

    D&D 5E Ravenloft - Tarot to Tarokka Deck conversion?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to convert a Tarot deck to a Tarokka deck. Are there enough cards in a Tarot deck to do so? Also, any recommendations for which cards in the one would be suitable matches for the other?
  4. Zarithar

    D&D 5E Firearms - Rate of Fire?

    Greetings. Can someone smarter and with better reading comprehension than me explain what the rate of fire or number of attacks per round would be with a modern pistol or rifle using the new rules (not referring to single shot muskets etc)? I should be able to squeeze off more shots from a...
  5. Zarithar

    Shadowrun newbie (sort of) question

    I have been aware of Shadowrun since it came out in the 80s, and have played the SNES and Sega Genesis carts (which were awesome) as well as both campaigns from the recent CRPG by Harebrained Schemes. That being said, I would love to play the tabletop version of which there are now 5 editions if...
  6. Zarithar

    D&D 5E Cursed items and Identify in 5e

    I'm just wondering if anyone has come across any official rulings regarding how the Identify spell works with cursed magic items in 5e? Currently I am using the "An identify spell only has a 1% chance per caster level to reveal a cursed item’s true properties, including the cursed aspect" from...
  7. Zarithar

    Generic/System Neutral GM Screen?

    Hello all, I've searched the internets to no avail looking for a generic and/or system neutral GM Screen. Do any of you excellent folks know of any? I prefer fantasy-themed artwork, but am otherwise not picky. Thank you!
  8. Zarithar

    Dragonscale Armor/Cloaks/Shields?

    The party in the campaign I am DMing recently killed a young purple dragon and are interested in selling the hide and/or having it made into armor/shield covering/cloak/etc. Unfortunately, the first Draconomicon (I don't own the second) does not go into any detail regarding dragonscale. I...
  9. Zarithar

    First attempt at homebrew monster

    I needed a low level giant constrictor snake for an adventure I am running, and this is what I came up with... please let me know if it seems reasonable/balanced :cool: Snake, Giant Constrictor These large snakes inhabit tropical jungles and marshlands, laying in wait to constrict and swallow...
  10. Zarithar

    Medieval Manor House Map

    Hello all, I'm looking for a map/floorplan of a small medieval manor house such as a minor noble might have owned. Ideally I want something similar to the mansion presented in Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (I've looked online but cant find anything). I'm setting up a lair for a minor cult to...
  11. Zarithar

    Saving Throws

    Another noob question... the last (today) I promise! If I understand this right, you basically need to roll higher than a 10 to make a saving throw... period. Is this true? Are there any modifiers or penalties? It seems to me that saving throws were much more important and difficult in previous...
  12. Zarithar


    Noob question here. I am confused about the way perception works. Lets say we have a secret door... not sure what the DC should be. Bob the Fighter has an active perception of 15. If I understand this correctly, I roll a D20 and then add 15... is that right?
  13. Zarithar

    Seattle area player/DM finder board

    Since there is nothing similar at the moment, I put up a message board solely for the purpose of recruiting players or looking for a game to join. For some reason the Seattle Meetup group dedicated to this disabled its message boards, so hopefully this will help fill the vacumn. Happy gaming...
  14. Zarithar

    "Kobold Hall" intro adventure help

    I am running the Kobold Hall adventure found in the DMG for a single level 1 player (paladin) and a lvl 1 rogue NPC. I have found it easy to scale down most of the encounters to accomodate, but am looking on suggestions for completely replacing the young white dragon boss. I was thinking of...
  15. Zarithar

    Halflings: An Identity Crisis

    What's with halflings? A brief history which I'm sure everyone is aware of: AD&D 1e and 2e: Halflings are basically Middle-Earth Hobbits, hairy feet and all. There is nothing wrong with this in my opinion, and they made some of the best thieves in the game due to their racial...