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  1. Jan van Leyden

    No Winter Yet

    Hard to believe, but according to his blog George R.R. Martin didn't finish Winds of Winter on schedule.
  2. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 2E What would you want in a 2e AD&D inspired RPG?

    Now that NotZenon has pulled this thread from oblivion, care to give us a status update? So, for under the christmas tree and all that. :angel:
  3. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    Seems to be browser-dependent, too. It didn't work on a private Computer running SRWare Iron (un-Googled Chrome), but did so with IE on the same machine, at the same time. Curious error message, which refers to DNS Errors. Hmmh.
  4. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    Nagol: Common sense isn't applicable to Wizard's course in the digital world.
  5. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 4E 4E WotC Tools dead?

    So the tools have moved again. I use www.dndinsider.com, by the way, which correctly refers to the current address. The note on the login page is interesting, though: "The D&D Insider digital tools are now located here for current subscribers. The tools are not available to new subscribers at...
  6. Jan van Leyden

    How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry

    And luckily I'm in no need to hurry! My ole D&D minis are still good to use, but - boy - to be able to print a mini modified to look exactly like I want... Godd times ahead!
  7. Jan van Leyden

    How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry

    Or even better: Click here for your +2 bonus to avoid this trap!
  8. Jan van Leyden

    How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry

    The Kickstarter gives the numbers as 0.50 per wall section using a 1 kg spool of filament based on current (?) prices.
  9. Jan van Leyden

    How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry

    Maybe you can select a free option when selecting ads? Like, you can print the dungeon wall with a commercial poster on it. :confused:
  10. Jan van Leyden

    [The Strain, The 100] Worth Seeing?

    After drifting over more and more to comedy for a few years a large German network starts these two shows this summer. The trailers don't tell me whether one or both are worth my time recording and watching them. What's your assessment of these shows?
  11. Jan van Leyden

    Best simple purchase you've made

    Our first "Grillkamin". Sorry, I don't know the English noun for it, so a description has to suffice: You put it on your grill, fill it with coals, place some sheets of newspaper in the bottom part and light it. Half an hour later the coals are in perfect condition. Before we acquired this...
  12. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 2E Are all my 2E books worthless now?

    The other ENWorlders already told you about converting 2e stuff to 5e standards, but one thing is still missing from the discussion: 2e was the era of worlds and backgrounds! So if your slightly dusted library contains background stuff, e.g. for Dragonlance, you're golden. WotC has not published...
  13. Jan van Leyden

    D&D 5E Fifth Age: A hard science fiction 5e conversion

    Just looking at the title of the thread the old game Dragonlance: The Fith Age came to my mind. Maybe you want to change the title of your work, just to avoid more confusion? :)
  14. Jan van Leyden

    Kickstarter Idea for Minis - shoot me down

    While I could see some uses for "prone" minis, I really doubt that I'd ever need a riding one.
  15. Jan van Leyden

    BG - RPG Crossover: How many Boardgames do you own?

    Please pardon my negligigence, Balesir! I was just going by the Ebay listing. Well, if you happen to come to Germany tis year, maybe for the Spiel? :cool: I'll gladly give our copy to you as a persent.
  16. Jan van Leyden

    BG - RPG Crossover: How many Boardgames do you own?

    Let's agree that those games are one part of the spectrum, okay? :) If you're looking at games from Uwe Rosenberg or - in many cases- Friedemann Friese you might encounter games that quickly turn into work. On the other and opf the spectrum you find games like Piranha Pedro or Ausreißer with a...
  17. Jan van Leyden

    BG - RPG Crossover: How many Boardgames do you own?

    I'm a boardgamer for longer than I'm a roleplayer: more than 40 years. I met my wife at a regular boardgame event, we have a regular boardgame night once a week, and have organized two boardgame weekends per year with some 50 people at a hostel out of town. So, yes, I do spend more time playing...
  18. Jan van Leyden

    Dwarven Forge Now Wants To Build Cities!

    Looking at the image I see an extremely cool looking setting for one sewers encounter. For a sewers adventure I'd either need to re-build the scenery after each encounter essentially taking away the exploration theme or plunk down even more money. And then I'm prepared to run adventures in...
  19. Jan van Leyden

    Random Treasure Table(s)

    Are there any (official) random treasure tables for 4e? I know of two online generators, but can't find any comprehensive tables. I would suspect something like this to be part of Mordenkainens Emporium (which I don't own).
  20. Jan van Leyden

    [Boardgame] Republic of Rome

    I own the old Avalon HIll version Republic of Rome and have played in quite often - 15 to 20 years ago. It's not a "fun" game, but can prove satisfying nevertheless. Alas, the Avalon Hill style of rules, the amount of English text on the components, the level of concentration required of all...