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  1. RobJN

    D&D Movie/TV Hugh Grant To Play Villain in the D&D Movie

    I guess Jeremy Irons was busy....
  2. RobJN

    D&D 2E Let’s Look At The Old Ravenloft Boxed Set!

    "Totally not from the vacant lot next to the office."
  3. RobJN

    D&D 2E Let’s Look At The Old Ravenloft Boxed Set!

    Each boxed set comes with either a severed head, or a skull! (Just don't ask where they came from, mmkay?*) * is Beadle and Grimm's intern program is right for you? Get a head start into the industry!
  4. RobJN

    D&D 5E Do you restrict racial choices in your games?

    I'm running a play by post using the 5e Basic Rules: four races, four classes, has a very BECMI feel to it. Which is exactly what I was going for, anyway, being set in the mountains north of Threshold, in Karameikos.
  5. RobJN

    Books everyone seems to love, but you just can't

    Covenant is a whiny bitch. Couldn't make it through the first book, especially after that incident. (which makes him even whinier)
  6. RobJN

    D&D General Do genes exist in D&D?

    D&D is a fantasy game. It is made up. If it doesn't make sense, then magic did it
  7. RobJN

    What do space empires fight over?

    Space Pirates. Each of the stellar nations is certain that their neighbors are the ones promoting piracy along the various spacelanes. The pirates, of course, play this up to make their lives/livelihood easier. Pirates are bad because they trade in slaves/drugs/contraband. Other nations find...
  8. RobJN

    D&D 5E The New D&D Book: Candlekeep Mysteries: 17 Mystery Adventures [UPDATED!]

    "On a successful Intelligence (Investigate) check of DC 30, you automagically win the adventure."
  9. RobJN

    D&D General What editions of Dungeons & Dragons do you like?

    17 years for Basic/Classic D&D, vs. 11 for 2e. Mentzer was a revision of Moldvay, which was a revision of Holmes.
  10. RobJN

    D&D General What editions of Dungeons & Dragons do you like?

    These are all AD&D. "Classic"/BECMI/RC is D&D, and was left off the list, by accident, I'm sure.
  11. RobJN

    OD&D Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play BECM/RC D&D? How Was/Is It?

    According to sales numbers, I'd say you're right.
  12. RobJN

    This looks like an email I should reply to right away

    How wide a range is wide range of usage?
  13. RobJN

    D&D 5E Keith Baker announces Frontiers of Eberron: Threshold

    A frontier town called Threshold? Now where have I seen that before....? :unsure:
  14. RobJN

    D&D General Dragonlance or Mystara?

    I realize that, but simply made the observation that 5b feels like good ol' BECMI/RC D&D right out of the box. Er... PDF
  15. RobJN

    D&D General Dragonlance or Mystara?

    Using just 5e's Basic Rules makes for a game that feels very much like BECMI/RC D&D.
  16. RobJN

    D&D General Dragonlance books to read for Dungeons and Dragons

    See also: Penny Arcade - Comic - Double-Booked
  17. RobJN

    D&D 5E How to play DnD 5e for Free

    If only Wizards of the Coast put out a free PDF with the rules in it...:unsure:
  18. RobJN

    D&D 5E XCOM-like rules for a modern or sci-fi version of the 5e rules?

    Doesn't using the "Ready" action pretty much accomplish what Overwatch does..?
  19. RobJN

    "Cool setting, bro. But what's the hook for the PCs?"

    The beauty of the Known World/Mystara was that the Gazetteers were written with plot-hooks included, if the overall writing itself did not suggest where the PCs would fit/what they would be doing in any given country.
  20. RobJN

    D&D General Whom has had a greater impact on D&D? Gygax or Greenwood?

    Arneson. Because co-creator. And Blackmoor