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  1. dbm

    Pathfinder for Savage Worlds - Kickstarter home stretch

    The PF4SW Kickstarter is on the home stretch, now. They’ve unlocked support for three of the big VTTs and there is a hand of new stretch goals announced which look good and experience suggests they will get hit in the sprint to the finish:
  2. dbm

    Loke Wilderness Maps Kickstarter

    Seems like there is a surge of good Kickstarters at the moment... Loke Battlemaps have just launched their Wilderness books, and it’s already funded. As a nice touch the physical backer levels also include digital copies of the maps.
  3. dbm

    D&D General You meet in a tavern (Town battle mats Kickstarter)

    Loke has their new Kickstarter up, and it is almost funded already: Towns and Taverns I‘ve backed their previous campaign and they do a great job, in terms of quality and sticking to their schedule.
  4. dbm

    Any plans for an OLD adventure path?

    Subject says it all, an adventure path would be icing on the cake. Anything planned?
  5. dbm

    Recommend me a fantasy graphic novel

    I really like graphic novels, and have read a few classics like The Watchmen, The Incal and the Dark Knight. Could anyone recommend a quality graphic novel with a fantasy motif?
  6. dbm

    A year in: PS4 vs XB1

    Hi folks, After resisting manfully for a year, Dragon Age Inquisition looks like it might be the trigger for me to join the latest generation of consoles. I've been a PS guy up until now, but there aren't really any exclusives which would force me down that route anymore, so I am wondering...
  7. dbm

    Attacking from a hidden position

    In DnD 3.x, if a rogue attacks from a hidden position with a ranged weapon do they get sneak attack damage? Here's a specific example: it's the second round of combat and the rogue breaks line-of-sight to an enemy, then makes a successful Hide check. Next round, can they step out of hiding and...
  8. dbm

    Dragon 382 - Controllers: Breaking the utility power paradigm

    I've just read the Controller article from Dragon 382 and it seems to me that they have fundamentally broken the Utility power paradigm. As I understand it, the whole point of Utility powers were that they were a resource you couldn't spend on killing things. You could only use these powers to...
  9. dbm

    Character Creator and Windows 7?

    Anyone tried Character Creator with Windows 7 yet? Did it work? Cheers, Dan
  10. dbm

    How to fork a thread?

    Hi, I may be being dense, but I can't see how to fork a thread. There is no readily apparent button or link to do this (I'm using Firefox BTW). Am I missing something, or has this feature stopped working? If I am missing it, a screen shot highlighting the control would be appreciated...
  11. dbm

    DMG Intro Adventure - Big Spoiler!

    So, I ran my group through the intro adventure in the DMG as a lead in to Keep on the Shadowfell. They did OK in the Kobald encounters, though the 'conker of doom' encounter hurt them bad and one PC ended up on the deck in the boss battle against the Wyrmpriest. By this point, the party (an...
  12. dbm

    Dungeons and Dragon's Tactics

    Anyone else got this? I've just picked it up. Can you multiclass in it? I can only seem to level up in the same class that I already have. Cheers Dan
  13. dbm

    Prestige versions of paladin, ranger and bard

    Has anyone tried using the prestige versions of paladin, ranger and bard? How about modifying the requirements slightly to work with psionic rather than magic classes? Cheers, Dan
  14. dbm

    Psionics only campaign?

    Hello all, a good friend of mine is planning a new campaign and wants to try something a little different. One of the ideas we are kicking around is to only have psioncs (XPH) in the world and no magic. Has anyone tried this in the past? How did it go down? Any thoughts on this concept in...
  15. dbm

    Displacement vs Magic Missile?

    Hi, how does Displacement interact with Magic Missile? Magic Missile states: Displacement say: I think this means that Displacement will protect versus Magic Missile. Any opinions? Ta, Dan
  16. dbm

    Finnesse Grapple?

    Hi everyone, would you allow a character with Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple and Weapon Finess to use their Dex bonus with their grapple score? My friends who study Aikido would certainly say strength wasn't a factor in their throws. Opinions? Dan
  17. dbm

    Duration of Summon Monster spells

    Hello, to any of you lucky people out there who already have their copy of the 3.5 PHB, can you tell me what the duration of the Summon Monster spells is now please? I think I read somewhere that they increased to 10 min per level, but can't find the info anywhere now. Many thanks, Dan
  18. dbm

    Magnamund D20

    Hello all, many moons ago now there was a new item on ENWorld saying that you could down load a free D20 supplement for the world of Magnamund. The url was http://www.eviloz.net/sub7/main.htm. When ever I go to the site, it says it's down due to bandwidth limitations. Could some kind soul who...