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  1. aco175

    D&D 5E Is my brother a problem player? Or am I just a bad DM?

    Have him DM and then you get to be a pain towards him. This may make him aware of how he is hurting the game. Although it did not work for me when I was 12 and my brother was 14, I think he just punched me.
  2. aco175

    D&D 5E Asking for a bit of recent D&D history

    My own thought was that 4e came about because of the 3.x OGL and the rise of 3PP, 3rd party publishers which one of the biggest grew into Paizo. The cash was not going to Wizards and was falling to the 3PPs so a new edition that could curb that was formed. 4e numbers were not what they wanted...
  3. aco175

    D&D General Using dreams to plant adventure hooks or provide motivation

    The best dream sequence I recall was back in 3e when we went to a mage tower to train to gain a level. The first night there, the tower was attacked and we rushed out to defend the mage and the other NPCs, but most of them ended up dying. We woke up the next day to it being a dream and...
  4. aco175

    DMs Guild All settings/ all editions

    It was every setting that was ever published, not just the 5-6 that they have now. It appeared to have things wide open for everything- ever.
  5. aco175

    Does a Great Axe do 2.5x the Damage of a Dagger?

    Is there an argument about what HP is here? There is another thread of what HP means and represents, so maybe depending on how one looks at it, may mean that it is ok to deal 2.whatever more damage. If it is actual just cutting meat, than the axe should be more. I never thought about a...
  6. aco175

    DMs Guild All settings/ all editions

    I was on DMsGuild yesterday to post a new module and ended up not being able to due to the content disclosure not being on the page and I could not check the box saying that I agree to it, but I did notice that further up on the page where I choose what setting I associate the module with they...
  7. aco175

    DMs Guild Roundup: February

    The Candlekeep book looks like it would help if you play to get the Wizards book in a few months. I like that they let you see the 84 page preview to scroll through before you decide to pay the $15.00 purchase. The map of the place looks great.
  8. aco175

    Who is the quintessential D&D artist?

    First and always I think of is Larry Elmore from the earliest days. Others are fine and they they have a flavor of varying editions, but Elmore captured D&D for me back in the early days.
  9. aco175

    D&D 5E Drudge, a magical laborer background - advice sought

    I voted none. Giving a few cantrips should cost something, even it you get mage hand and prestidigitation to start with. I would maybe give a language to start over a tool. When I think about a magical laborer I tend to think about a failed apprentice to a mage or school. Not sure what you...
  10. aco175

    D&D 5E Goodman ToEE Pre-Orders up buuuut..

    I see it on a couple sites, but this is the cheapest (70.00+5.00 shipping) and saying delivery by Mar 9th. Another site is $107.00 (85.00 +shipping) and delivery by Mar 15th. The Goodman site is showing nothing for sale or pre-order, but has a lot on CyclopsCon going on now and what looks like...
  11. aco175

    D&D 5E Drow Campaign (mature themes) CotSQ 2.0

    Looks like you have a ton of material to use. May need to think about what motivation PCs need if they are evil. Freeing slaves may not mean much, even if some a family members unless they have something I need. You could have a NPC underground leader or family member that needs to be rescued...
  12. aco175

    D&D General What do I do with a Player who doesn't care about the actual game?

    Unless he is 12 years old, you should not let him play anymore. If he is so young and immature, you may be able to explain things and mold him a bit to mature in gameplay.
  13. aco175

    D&D General Who is this?

    Who is he? -So out of fashion. Doesn't he know black is out. And don't get me going on silver shoulder pads.
  14. aco175

    D&D General What do I do with a Player who doesn't care about the actual game?

    I'm stuck on you not allowing him to play the character he wants. You say that he wants to play the best PC and you say no. Not sure if best means most optimized to do damage or spells or such. Many people play optimized characters this way and there are videos and board questions on how to...
  15. aco175

    D&D 5E Flanking, advantage, and opportunity attacks

    I have not had a problem with flanking. There may be some movement to circle the monsters and ganging up at the end finishes the fight faster, but I also allow the monsters to flank to even things out more. I do find that it keeps the thief from just hiding and poking out each round to gain...
  16. aco175

    D&D 5E Party found a Genie Bottle

    I like this, but not sure how the players will take it. I think I will have something like this though to make some good roleplay opportunity. There is another NPC party that was with the PCs exploring the dungeon, but these are 5th level and were not very helpful in the dungeon. I could use...
  17. aco175

    D&D 5E Party found a Genie Bottle

    My 14th level party found a genie bottle last week and I'm not sure where to go with it. It is a marid bottle that was once a captive of Gar from the Elemental Evil storyline if that matters. Part of me wants to give them each a wish for releasing them, provided they do, which I think they...
  18. aco175

    Is this the year that theaters die?

    There is a Cinemagic chain around me that announced closing entirely. Not sure how nation-wide they are. Next question will be what prices the tickets will be once we can go back.
  19. aco175

    D&D General How often do the adventures you run include a "dungeon" element?

    Seems harder to pin down based on your parameters. Most of what I would call an adventure involves some town/NPC intro with some investigation into leads or smaller encounters and some sort of larger dungeon, but most of these are in the 4-10 room range that can be run in a night or two. I...
  20. aco175

    D&D General What have you done with Orcs in your games?

    They largely remain unchanged in my game. They tend to be monsters for killing. The PCs did frighten a group of them and ended up having one scout for them and then gave the sky tower to them after they killed the air cult, but were not surprised when the scout lost the tower to his chief...