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  1. Gamenomicon

    Kickstarter Warmer in the Winter Zinequest

    We are live with the Zinequest kickstarter for the game of Hallmark style holiday romance, Warmer in the Winter! Warmer in the Winter is a tabletop roleplaying game about finding love in a cozy winter world. It is inspired by Hallmark and Lifetime style holiday romances such as The Spirit of...
  2. Gamenomicon

    Release Date - A Romance Solo One Page RPG

    There, that’s it. The moment. The moment you knew there was a spark. Sure, they’re attractive, but it’s that glimmer in their eyes that drew you in. That quick flash of smile and laughter. You dive in with a heady rush, but will you swim or drown? The Date is a solo romance RPG on a single...
  3. Gamenomicon

    Release The Collapse - A Wretched & Alone Game

    Every human society eventually falters and fails. The Collapse is a solo GM-less journaling game in which you will document the descent of one such society into complete breakdown. But is all hope lost? Perhaps the path to self-destruction can still be avoided. You will most likely...
  4. Gamenomicon

    One White Eye Solo Play

    Did a write up of a session of the solo game One White Eye from earlier today and enjoyed it enough that I hoped you all might as well. The Eye watches you. Day after day, moment by moment, you feel it staring and waiting. You feel the pressure on your skin, your bones, your soul. Can it...
  5. Gamenomicon

    Release One White Eye - A Poe Inspired Solo One Page RPG

    Day after day, moment by moment, you feel it staring and waiting. You feel the pressure on your skin, your bones, your soul. Can it truly see? You do not know. One White Eye is a solo horror RPG on a single page. Inspired largely by classic Edgar Allen Poe tales of suspense and terror such...
  6. Gamenomicon

    Sale 50% Off Party First PDFs - Alt History Horror

    50% OFF It's spooky season and we here at Gamenomicon would like to help you provide chills and thrills to yourselves and your players. To that end, all PDF products for our pulp horror alt history game, Party First, are 50% off for the rest of the month. Jump in and check out these great...
  7. Gamenomicon

    Release On Sale Now: Survive – Tundra and Lady Death

    Two brand new PDFs are available for Party First, the game of alt-history 80s cosmic horror. Party First: Survive – Tundra expands the depth of the TWILIGHT WORLD with the addition of new rules and history to make your games all the more rich. The stark landscape of the Rus’ tundra covers much...
  8. Gamenomicon

    Coming Coming Soon: A Respite From the Heat

    Coming soon, two new incredible products for the Party First game based on the Twilight World RPG system. Survive: Tundra The stark landscape of the Rus’ tundra covers much of the Tsibernian region. Here in this treeless land of near permafrost, there exists only two seasons – and the winter...
  9. Gamenomicon

    Warmer in the Winter, a game of romantic holiday cheer available now

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! We here at Gamenomicon are very excited to announce a new project, Warmer in the Winter. Sometimes inspiration may strike you in the strangest of places. That's certainly what happened with this project. My wife and I were snuggled up at home...
  10. Gamenomicon

    Announcing Party First – An Alt History 1980s Game of Pulp Horror

    Party First, a dark, alternate universe RPG is coming soon! Gamenomicon is excited to announce the creation of a new horror universe, THE TWILIGHT WORLD, and the first game set within it, Party First. Party First is a dark pulp horror roleplaying game of dark tension in a world that is a...