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  1. Shroomy

    Advanced Readings in Dungeons & Dragons

    I thought that this may be of some interest to folks here...Tor.com (the SF/F book publisher) is hosting a blog series that explores the books and authors that Gary Gygax listed in Appendix N of the 1e AD&D DMG (aka Inspirational Reading). So far, they've discussed Robert E. Howard and his...
  2. Shroomy

    Dungeon 204 - The Ecology of the Swordwing

    I didn't see a news thread for my article detailing the ecology of the swordwing. I though these monsters, which are new to 4e, were interesting conceptually and artistically since they were previewed in 2008, so I was glad to get a chance to expand upon them. I hope everyone enjoys it...
  3. Shroomy

    Dungeon 197 - Creature Incarnations - Hordelings

    My latest article is up here. Get your dice out and revel in the many, many randomized tables. This article was a labor of love; when I was a kid, I rolled up many types of hordelings using the tables in the 1e MM2.
  4. Shroomy

    Dragon 406 and Dungeon 197 ToC is Up!

    You can read them here and here, though it looks like the "Eye on..." articles are under the wrong ToC. It looks like evil and fey are the order of the day; unexpectedly, my article bringing back the classic hordelings is getting published this month. I hope everyone enjoys the random tables.
  5. Shroomy

    Dragon 405 - Class Acts: Swordmage - The Winterguard of Cendriane

    My article is up here. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  6. Shroomy

    Dragon 405 & Dungeon 196 ToC Are Up

    The Dragon 405 ToC and the Dungeon 196 ToC are up. Magic and fey are the themes this month. Lots of cool stuff. I hope you guys enjoy my swordmage article.
  7. Shroomy

    Dungeon 195 - Bestiary: Flowers in the Darkness

    Well, it only took me 2 1/2 years and three pitches, but I finally was able to introduce one of my favorite monsters to 4e, the vampire rose. It has a special place in my heart since the first D&D adventure I ever owned was B3: Palace of the Silver Princess. I hope everyone enjoys it, as well...
  8. Shroomy

    Dragon 404 - Character Themes - Samurai and Yakuza

    This month's Kara-Tur themes ends with the release of the Samurai and Yakuza themes. I liked them, especially the samurai. I particularly love its iajiutsu power and its level 10 utility, riddle of steel. For some reason, I immediately wanted to make an arcane samurai using the swordmage...
  9. Shroomy

    Dragon 404 & Dungeon 195 ToC Are Up

    The table of contents for the October DDI magazines are up, here (Dragon 404) and here (Dungeon 195). It looks like an interesting month and I'm not just saying that because I have an article in each issue!
  10. Shroomy

    Dragon 402 & Dungeon 193 ToC Are Up

    You can read them here and here. FYI, I tweeted Greg Bilsland about a MM update this month and it seems to be missing from the ToC right now. He's looking into getting it fixed. Personally, I'm hoping some of the MM1 fey get an update.
  11. Shroomy

    WotC RPG Dept. Re-Orgs

    Just read this here. So it looks like Mike Mearls assumed Bill Slavicek's old job (though as a Senior Manager instead of a Director) and Rich Baker in turn filled Mike's old position. Also, there's a tidbit in there about a new sorcerer build appearing in Elemental Power.
  12. Shroomy

    Dragon 401 & Dungeon 192 ToC Are Up

    You can see them here and here.
  13. Shroomy

    Dragon 399 - Heroes of Tome and Temple

    The next theme article is up; you can read it here. Its a pity that my campaign came to an end, the scholar theme would be perfect for one of the PCs, a scholarly avenger/bard of Ioun.
  14. Shroomy

    Dragon 399 - Ampersand

    We get an Ampersand this month, which you can read here. Two interesting things from my perspective. First, there's a pretty good picture of the game board from the Conquest of Nerath boardgame. Second, and more importantly from my perspective, a preview from the upcoming Monster Vault 2, the...
  15. Shroomy

    Dungeon 190 - Table of Contents

    May's Dungeon table of contents is up too. Three of the articles support Gloomwrought and Beyond; I'm most looking forward to the "Eye on Dark Sun" article on the lost city-state of Kalidnay (more Ravenlofty goodness to go with this months theme?).
  16. Shroomy

    You Wanted Character Themes, You Got 'Em - Dragon 399 ToC

    The May Dragon ToC is up here. This month is dominated by the release of character themes: alchemist animal master apprentice chevalier explorer guardian guttersnipe hospitaler mercenary noble ordained priest order adept outlaw seer scholar The revised PHB cleric, the templar, also comes out...
  17. Shroomy

    Dungeon 188 - Baelard's Legacy

    The last article of the month, the paragon tier adventure "Baelard's Legacy" is now up here. I haven't read it yet, but the thing I did notice, it doesn't use the delve format at all. All the maps and stat blocks are at the end of the adventure! Very interesting.
  18. Shroomy

    March 2011 Errata

    The first of the promised short monthly updates is up. It includes the Warlord errata from the "Class Compendium" article, plus a necessary change to the power strike power. You can read it here.
  19. Shroomy

    Dragon 397 - Table of Contents

    The new table of contents for Dragon 397 is up here, and it contains some interesting stuff: *Class Compendium: Warlord - Cancelled materials make their return via DDI *Variable Ability Scores for the remaining races *My article on the Familiars of Athas! ;)
  20. Shroomy

    Derogatory Term for Halflings

    In my 4e campaign set in Fallcrest, the PCs are battling against a group of what are essentially fascist devil worshipers trying to re-establish the tiefling empire of Bael Turath as well as open a massive gate to Baator. During the first part of the campaign, agents of these devil worshipers...