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  1. ivocaliban

    D&D 3E/3.5 Anyone lose their enthusiasm with 3E or purchasing 3E products?

    I just ordered the Rules Compendium. I've purchased more than three dozen third party 3e books in the past three months. There are still a handful of 3e books I'd like to have when all is said and done. I have no intentions of purchasing 4e products in 2008.
  2. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E What Campaign Settings would you like to see for 4e?

    A campaign setting based directly on the fluff in the 4e rulebook. Ideally, this campaign setting would use the "points of light" perspective, while other traditional settings would not. I can't warm to the idea of an edition (and thus all of the settings based on that edition) having a certain...
  3. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E I know exactly what 4e needs -- Mr. T!

    My point was that Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft) can afford people like Mr. T and Shatner to hawk their wares because of the monthly fees, while ArenaNet (Guild Wars) may not have the income necessary to do so. Context, as always, is important.
  4. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E I know exactly what 4e needs -- Mr. T!

    I'm sure Shatner would be happy to be a spokesperson for Guild Wars if asked. Heck, he'd probably be the spokesman for Ultima Online if they wrote him a check. But the pay-2-play folks have all the money...from those paying-2-play folks.
  5. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E I know exactly what 4e needs -- Mr. T!

    Nice! Although, isn't 4e supposed to support a "Ten Minute Workday" for DMs? :p
  6. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E I know exactly what 4e needs -- Mr. T!

    Colbert is the way of the future! And with the writers still on strike now would be the perfect time to get him onboard. I'm all for this idea. Seinfeld is way out of WotC's price range, I imagine. Colbert might be, too, but I have the feeling he'd be more likely to do it based on his history...
  7. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E My One Hope for 4E

    Yes. This is the only aspect of 4e that really intices me. If WotC delivers on this promise I will reconsider purchasing 4e in a year or two. While making my life as a DM easier is an important factor for me, I intend to wait for solid feedback and a variety of supplemental material before I...
  8. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Positive Aspects of 4E

    Borrowed from Traycor: - Simplified rules a la grapple - Streamlined stat-blocks and less rigid rules for making monsters. - Unified numbers on class progression. This means less tables, less space in my books, and less confusion. Also less high lvl disparity. Since my last big campaign...
  9. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Not going to 4e

    About a month ago I made this statement on another forum: "I'm not interested in 4e at the moment and I'm hardly intrigued by many of the hints of what's to come. That said, it's far too soon to tell exactly what it's going to look like when it comes down the tube. The earliest I can see...
  10. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E 4e - Too much change?

    I agree with the general premise of the original post. This idea of merging a system and a setting (an idea that 4e seems to be promoting) may be a successful one, however. At least from a marketing point of view. When you provide this much setting with the rules, they inevitably become one...
  11. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E 4E Pantheon Poll

    Meepo: Great iconic kobold or greatest iconic kobold? I could care less about Meepo, but this thread just reminded me of how much I miss The Colbert Report! Darn writers' strike. :(
  12. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Paizo and 4e.

  13. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E What would make you decide against 4e?

    All of this goes for me, too, but add to it GregK's earlier comment about not yet seeing any reason to side for the new edition. I don't really like the assumption that 4e is somehow The One True Way and that the rest of us are rebelling against it. The way I see it, WotC should be convincing me...
  14. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Mongoose and 4e?

    Let's just not distract them at all! :D
  15. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E What's Wrong With 4e Simply Put

    You're right on the money on this one. Pun intended. Pretty much. They made the choice that would a) lose the fewest customers and b) intice new players to buy their stuff. Can't blame them for taking the more profitable path. Right on. I don't care for what I've seen so far for a core system...
  16. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Merric's thoughts on 4e

    Exactly four minutes later Shroomy scoops the article's release...and it really is the best of Dragon #360 so far! First time I've ever quoted myself... :uhoh:
  17. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Merric's thoughts on 4e

    Great post, Merric. I found myself nodding my head at nearly every point you brought up. I do disagree on the usefulness of affiliations in 3.0/3.5e, but that's really just a matter of gaming style and personal preference. The only other difference I have would be the releases for the online...
  18. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E Which Classic Module(s) Would You Like to See in 4E?

    Test of the Warlords as there will actually be Warlords now. :p
  19. ivocaliban

    D&D 4E What 4E class do you most want to try out?

    If invited to a game I would most likely want to start out as a Fighter. After hearing all the rants about broken Fighters for the duration of 3.0/3.5e, I'd hope 4e fixes the problem. Playing a Fighter seems like a good way to test the vaunted improvements of the new edition.