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  1. Gilladian

    Books everyone seems to love, but you just can't

    I dislike Stephen King, and I thought Eyes of the Dragon was an utterly boring pastiche. Never read Jordan, didn’t care for Eddings, and found Sanderson‘s female characters unrealistic. I liked Name of the Wind once, but not on the second read. On the other hand, I like the Dresden Files, Harry...
  2. Gilladian

    D&D General How old were you when you started playing D&D?

    11, now 56. Original 3 books.
  3. Gilladian

    D&D General Miniatures shouldn't be edition-dependent (a Fire Giant size rant)

    Yup. All my minis for PCs are true 25mm scale, not the oversize ones. I just use homemade tokens for monsters, anyway, about 90% of the time.
  4. Gilladian

    D&D 5E Desert adventure help

    Thanks! This video helped. Now I just need NPC color... I find that advice from other people is so helpful in avoiding falling into blah or predictable patterns of my own.
  5. Gilladian

    D&D 5E Desert adventure help

    Nuria Natal is the faux egyptian setting for Midgard by Kobold Press. I am loosely using it for this online campaign.
  6. Gilladian

    D&D 5E Desert adventure help

    I am running a campaign loosely modeled on ancient Egypt/Nuria Natal (Kobold Press setting). I am plotting a murder mystery set in a camel caravan in the desert. I need some “authentic color” to add to my plot. Can anyone suggest Npc descriptions, attitudes, activities, etc... that would be...
  7. Gilladian

    Tracking initiative

    I don’t use a player-facing init tracker. As I dont like alerting them tothings I track at times. I have a strip of cork in a fancy plastic holder, with sharpie numbers down the side, and I use plastic thumbtacks. White with a letter on top for PCs, and colors with numbers for NPCs. I still run...
  8. Gilladian

    D&D 5E Saltmarsh NPC Pictures

    This was for use in my job at the library, so I had unusual rules to abide by... the adventure and the library game went really well. I wish I’d been able to do it again this year...
  9. Gilladian

    Good fantasy reads?

    Some recent authors I recommend. Katherine Addison - the Goblin Emperor. Naomi Novik - Deadly Education Garth Nix -Left-handed Booksellers of London. E. E. Knight - Novice Dragoneer Oh, and the sixth and final book in Megan Whelan Turner’s Thief series is about to come out. Everyone should read...
  10. Gilladian

    D&D General Preferences - Dungeon Detail?

    Make the backstory and historical elements as generic and simple as possible. I hate adventures where they start off with three dense paragraphs of history, factions and preplot. Theyre useless. I want “this is the tomb of someone famous for killing giants. An eaerthquake recently broke the...
  11. Gilladian

    D&D 5E How do you roll, DM?

    We play on roll20. I am sure I COULD hide my rolls, but why bother? It is more fun to roll openly and hear my players groan or cheer. We also do most rolling in the open at the table, because I am too lazy to use a screen.
  12. Gilladian

    Good fantasy reads?

    The most recent one, Physicians of (I think) Vilnay, is almost too close to today. But very good!
  13. Gilladian

    Good fantasy reads?

    I really enjoyed Katherine Addison’s Goblin Emperor, though if you dislike comple, twisty names, it may not appeal.
  14. Gilladian

    Good fantasy reads?

    Curse of Chalion is fabulous! Have you read the Penric novellas? Set between that and Hallowed Hunt, timewise.
  15. Gilladian

    Good fantasy reads?

    I would suggest Lois Bujold’s World of the Five Gods novels and novellas. They are superb.
  16. Gilladian

    D&D General Tell me about your campaign

    In a pseudo-ancient egypt, murder-hobos seek to enrich themselves.
  17. Gilladian

    D&D General What Do You Miss Most About Face-to-Face D&D?

    I miss the flexibility of dming in person. Online VTT ties me to my prepped material too tightly. Also, when a bit of tech goes wrong, like a token malfunctioning, I get flustered. I hate that. And one player HATES online, so he drops out a lot more. Also miss the socializing.
  18. Gilladian

    D&D General Creative input needed!

    Well, here is my initial write-up, as promised. I did break the groups into four discrete entities, because I can work with each one separately, and even allow them to be turned against each other or played off each other, if the PCs decide to go that route. I hope someone else can use this...
  19. Gilladian

    D&D 5E D&D Storytelling variant

    I like it, but it isn’t quite D&D. It hangs on the D&D chassis, though I think it could use most any leveling system. Is Level another resource they can use? What would it apply to?
  20. Gilladian

    D&D General Creative input needed!

    Yes, four gangs could work. But the logistics get a bit more complex...