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  1. J

    D&D 3E/3.5 seeking old thread: illithids as far-future aboleths

    Hail, old timers. I'm seeking an old thread and my search skills are have utterly failed me. The premise was, "What if illithids (mind flayers) are far-future aboleths?" Many time travel shenanigans ensued; a good time was had by all. I believe, but am not positive, that the thread starter was...
  2. J

    Why are some threads highlighted in yellow?

    Why are some threads highlighted in yellow? I'm sure the answer is going to be something obvious and I'll feel stupid for asking, but at my age, I'm just glad I still remember the question I started with.
  3. J

    Drunken Master-like paragon path?

    One of my players has asked for a drunken master-like paragon path. Mechanically, the character is a genasi rogue, but she's played as a libertine swashbuckler who is inebriated most of the time. The player wants her to get various boosts from the liquor she consumes, and/or sway around...
  4. J

    Seeker-Ranger hybrid: +1 Dwarven Thrower vs. +2 vanilla vs. other

    Playing a 4e Seeker-Ranger hybrid using throwing weapons modeled on MwaO 's miscibility table guidebook. Using battleaxe main-hand and handaxe off-hand, so far. Currently 3rd level. Game has turned out to be extremely magic item stingy for RP reasons, so this might be the last time my character...
  5. J

    Rare item selection for Avenger (Censure of Unity)

    My DM was kind enough to give each PC 'any Rare up to level 20'. But I'm suffering analysis paralysis and can't decide what to take. My character is a level 17 shadar-kai Avenger (Censure of Unity). He wields a Flail, and I am not interesting in changing this (for RP reasons), which restricts...
  6. J

    Hybrid E-classes: must they take E-Encounter power?

    Hybrid Essential classes: must they take their Essentials-style Encounter power? Or can they choose an Encounter power from their parent class, even if the sub-class would never normally get real Encounter powers? The specific example I ran into is hybrid paladin (blackguard), which has this...
  7. J

    3,000 posts

    Assuming I timed this right, this is my 3,000th post at EN World. Yay, me! I'm no Crothian, but 3,000 posts is still a lot of jibber jabber. :)
  8. J

    SUPERB customer service from Fiery Dragon Games

    We've all got stories about lousy customer service, but I'm here to tell you about SUPERB customer service I received from Fiery Dragon Games. Since the launch of 4e D&D, I've been using Fiery Dragon's Battlebox -- especially the Condition Counters. They are little plastic bases that hold...
  9. J

    flagrant min/max'ing: Rings

    My main 4e character, a 22nd level dragonborn paladin, has enough cash and favors accumulated that he can acquire several Rings. Question is, which ones? A related question: is it worth ditching his Strikeback (Encounter, make MBA when enemy hits you) to pick up the item (Many-Fingered Gloves)...
  10. J

    which planar book should I buy: Manual, Below, or Above?

    I've got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so which of the 4e planar books should I buy? And why? Manual of the Planes The Plane Below The Plane Above I almost exclusively play Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) these days, so none of the books will have any direct use to me. But I do like...
  11. J

    Mount items - can a mount wear more than one?

    Can a mount wear more than one Mount item? For example, can a mount wear both horseshoes of speed and impenetrable barding? I realize this is an easily answered question... if I could find my Adventurer's Vault! I think I loaned it to a "friend".
  12. J

    How to hide News Flash?

    I feel dumb asking this, but how do I hide the News Flash? I've tried just about everything I can think of. I'm sure the answer is blatantly obvious, but I can't figure it out.
  13. J

    D&D 4E Neo-Red Box (4e Starter Set) in my hands!

    The neo-Red Box (a/k/a the 4e Starter Set) is in my hands! Well, technically it's sitting on my desk in front of me while I type this, but you get the idea. I'm sure everyone pretty much knows what's in it by now, so I'll only comment a few things that I noticed: There's a small flyer titled...
  14. J

    Does 'melee touch' require a free hand?

    Do you need a free hand to use a power with a range of melee touch? For example, the paladin power lay on hands has a range of melee touch. If the paladin is wielding a weapon and a heavy shield, he does not have a free hand. Can he still use lay on hands? (There are tons of other examples...
  15. J

    What I Did at Origins 2010

    [Also posted on Circvs Maximvs, but posting here too because I'm vain.] I went to Origins for the first time in 10 years. It was a fun, for the most part. Here's what I did. D&D Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) They were premiering a lot of LFR adventures at Origins, so if I had wanted to, I...
  16. J

    DDXP 2010 LFR Battle Interactive (ADCP 2-1) (massive spoilers)

    I recently returned from the D&D Experience 2010 convention, where I played in ADCP 2-1 The Paladin's Plague, the first Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) "battle interactive". Here's a description of what happened. This is going to contain massive spoilers for the plot and mechanics of the event...
  17. J

    Slow (the condition) seems weak

    Slow (the condition that reduces your movement to 2) seems weak to me. Yet there are tons of powers that inflict Slow, and some classes seems to have Slowing as a major focus (Invoker, for example). What do I not get about this? Sure, occassionally you can Slow a melee monster at a distance...
  18. J

    please do something to reign in the hate

    I am absolutely sickened by the amount of hate being poured out in the various threads reacting to the Dragon and Dungeon magazine announcements, etc. Scott Rouse is getting crapped on for no real reason, simply because he was the unlucky one whose name was on a quote in a press release...
  19. J

    enemy caster w/ Reactive Counterspell - obnoxious?

    My PCs (7 @ 15th-16th level) are about to engage in the penultimate battle of the campaign. Unbeknowst to the PCs -- who plan the old scry/buff/teleport -- the bad guys are well prepared because they have been scrying and spying on the PCs. So, I thought it would be a reasonable tactic for the...
  20. J

    does Project Image disappear when damaged?

    I'm planning to pit my PCs against an evil wizard who wil use the spell project image against them. Specifically, the wizard will first cast greater invisibility, then project image, and will then start blasting the PCs with various offensive spells. When the PCs retaliate, they will...