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  1. pogre

    Why the Strong Preference for Discord in Remote Games?

    Greetings, I was viewing some calls for players and DMs for remote games and I noticed there is a very strong preference for Discord over something like Zoom. I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why that is? I even see folks with posts advertising a Zoom game having potential...
  2. pogre

    Pogre's 2021 Miniatures and Models Thread - Old GW Wraith, Dregs, & Squigs

    Welcome to the 2021 edition of Pogre's Miniatures and Models thread. I know I'm pretty late in posting this, but I'll explain below. Anyway, if you have not followed my threads before here is a look at some of those: The Original Thread Pogre's miniature and model thread. I started this thread...
  3. pogre

    D&D 5E Is Tasha's slowing down your combat?

    I have not had a chance to run a game with the new rules - I am currently running a WFRP campaign. Perusing the rules it seems like there is a lot more access to "pets" of all sorts. Those of you running games using the new rules - is this slowing down your combats? I will be upfront and admit...
  4. pogre

    D&D General What Do You Miss Most About Face-to-Face D&D?

    If you are playing face-to-face D&D currently - great! - but this thread is for folks who cannot play fully face-to-face games right now. What aspect of the gaming experience are you really looking forward to when you return to face-to-face gaming? I can see a lot of advantages in remote...
  5. pogre

    Forum Rules

    You would think after 18 years of being around here I would know the answer to this, but... Where are the forum rules posted? Not looking for trouble! ;) I'm a fairly well-behaved poster :) Specifically, I was trying to figure out what it means when a username has a line through it? Does that...
  6. pogre

    D&D 5E Campaign Encounter Help (High Level)

    In my campaign, the players have two sets of characters. The first set reached level 20 and are in semi-retirement and are known as heroes of the realm. The second set has just reached the climax of a story arc and have reached 14th level. So, I'm doing something a little different for me -...
  7. pogre

    D&D 5E Why is there a limit to falling damage?

    The answer is not terminal velocity. That happens a considerable distance after this. This came up in game when a player whose PC was a barbarian came to gorge 1,500' deep and said, "Yeah, I'll just step off." I asked if they were committing suicide, because this was going to kill the PC...
  8. pogre

    D&D General The Renewing Charm of the Old School Play Experience

    I am a fifth edition fan, but recently my 16-year-old son started an old school D&D campaign. My son is a grognard at heart and was excited to be back in the DM chair and so, I went along. We recruited a couple of more players via Zoom and my youngest boy jumped in to play as well. The short...
  9. pogre

    D&D 5E Want a better Rogue? Build a Wizard. Or why play a Rogue?

    The title describes a conversation I recently had with a player. He likes to build characters of all types - not necessarily a min/maxer, but tries to embrace what a class is good at it. He could not come up with a fun build for a rogue. Almost everything a rogue does - the wizard does better...
  10. pogre

    2020 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Sebeki from Crocodile Game and a Wild Boar

    A small cottage I printed and painted: Models completed in 2020: 1
  11. pogre

    D&D 5E Avoiding High Level Play - Player or DM Preference?

    Is it player preference or dungeon master preference that is ending campaigns/adventure paths before high levels? My sense is that players really want to continue playing high level PCs, but the campaigns tend to fizzle on the DM's part. However, that is a very local observation and I'm...
  12. pogre

    A substitute system for Dice (In places where dice are not allowed)

    Not sure where to put this thread - so mods feel free to move it. When I was a kid we played D&D in class secretly or when traveling by car long distances and it was just not convenient to use dice. What I did was write down several numbers in a range, say 1-20 for a d20. The next number I...
  13. pogre

    D&D 5E Quick rules question on Dark Vision

    Could a P.C. with dark vision read a parchment? Assume the parchment is linen white and the ink is dark. Thanks for your input!
  14. pogre

    2019 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Printable Scenery Winterdale Water Mill

    Last year I chronicled all of the models I completed. You can find that thread here: 2018 Pogre's miniature and model thread. Although this forum area gets a lot less traffic than it did in the old days - I still prefer it to other types of social media and it served as good motivation for me...
  15. pogre

    [AL] Are Season 8's New Rules an Improvement?

    I think AL can be a great gateway for D&D 5e. There have been a lot of changes with Season 8. What is your opinion of those changes.
  16. pogre

    D&D 5E Creating a school D&D club: Rolling Again!

    Greetings! I had the idea to create an after school D&D club. I teach high school and several of my students know about my geeky side - I don't hide it. They have been bugging me to start some D&D after football season ends (I'm also the head football coach). I have the OK from administration...
  17. pogre

    Initial Thoughts on Enter Perdition: Witchborn

    A friend of mine went to GenCon and picked up the Enter Perdition: Witchborn Campaign Rules book. My friend knows I am a sucker for skirmish rules and you would be hard pressed to name a set of fantasy skirmish rules I have not owned at some point. I buy them to steal ideas for my own skirmish...
  18. pogre

    DM Shortage?

    Howdy, I have the perhaps erroneous perception there is generally a shortage of DMs in face-to-face games compared to the number of players in a lot of areas. This is the opposite of my experience locally. The only thing I miss about 3.X is everybody wanted to play and few were willing to run...
  19. pogre

    How do you handle Rogue (Assassins)?

    Howdy! So Rogue (Assassin) is a popular choice in my campaigns and it creates some issues from time to time. Assassins get an automatic critical when they surprise an opponent. This almost requires the rogue to move ahead of the party and operate independently to gain that surprise attack. I...
  20. pogre

    2018 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - A BIG finish to the year with The Wizard's Tower!

    My previous miniatures thread is about 15 years old with lots of broken links and lost pictures, so I thought I would start a new one. First up, a trio of Reaper Bones Fire Giants: 2018 Miniatures Count: 3