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  1. J

    [LPF] No Loitering

    No Loitering GM: jkason Judge: Satin Knights Adventure Start: 10/24/2014 Wilmorn Fiedlerson ( grtrtle ): Start: 0 xp (lvl 1) Erin Vaneese ( Anastrace ): Start: 0 xp (lvl 1) Aszar Kzolp ( Voda Vosa ): Start: 0 xp (lvl 1) Siddhartha the Hunter ( FrancisJohn )...
  2. J

    Proposal: ARG Content for Approved PC Races

    I don't know that there was ever significant decision-ing on whether to break down the new racial content into separate proposals or not, so I'm just throwing it all together now, and if we need to split it off, I can edit this post as necessary. So, I'm proposing LPF adopt the new content...
  3. J

    Proposal: Vishkanya (Culture only)

    I'll make it clear up front before folks think I'm jumping the gun: the below is solely an attempt to find a place for Vishkanya culturally within the context of LPF. It is NOT a proposal to add them as a playable race (yet ;) ). I fully recognize and support holding off voting on adding new...
  4. J

    Advanced Race Guide - Discussion

    I've not gotten very far in it, but since it sounds like folks have already started pondering over in the General thread, I thought I'd throw in a placeholder here to get things started / try to centralize the discussion so it doesn't get lost over in general.
  5. J

    Proposal: Carefully Hidden Trait

    Since I'm about to submit my ninja in the nearish future, and I like both the fluff and mechanics of this trait, I'm going to throw in a proposal to add Carefully Hidden, a human racial feat, to the approved list: Ru grew up as a lower-caste child in Rhat'matanis, and his training is as a spy...
  6. J

    [LPF] Kostry Kopec

    Start Date: Feb 07, 2012 DM: jkason Judge: Mowgli Players/characters: Anaerion (jackslate45): Starting XP 10,867 (Wizard 5) Level 6 on 6/1/2012 (15017 xp) Level 7 on 11/7/2012 (24413 xp) Ausk (sunshadow21): Starting XP 10,098 (Barbarian 3 / Oracle 2) Level 6 on 6/28/2012 (15004 xp)...
  7. J

    [LPF] Distant Relations

    Distant Relatives Player: Character GlassEye: Elenka Danyllova, human summoner 3 (9/26/11-1/4/2012), human summoner 4 (1/5/12) Qik: Quioan Scorchsong, elven wiz 1 / ranger 1 (9/26/11-9/30/11), elven wiz 1/ ranger 2 (10/1/11) toasterferret: Anna Belacqua, human sorceress 3 (9/26/11-11/17/11)...
  8. J

    Impending Absence / Slow Down

    johnmeier1 GandalfMithrandir HolyMan Relique du Madde kinem Mark Chance industrygothica InVinoVeritas DrZombie Jemal Walking Dad Hopefully that hits most of my GMs. If I missed anyone, hopefully someone can point to this post. Anyway, I'll be gone all next week on vacation, with limited to no...
  9. J

    [LPF] Ryall's Estate

    Roll Call: InVinoVeritas Qik jbear Systole maquise Dane Ryall's cart is, like the man himself, none too impressive. Nor is the dilapidated horse harnessed to it. "This is Maisy," he says, patting the horse on the rump, gaining a weak whinny from the horse and a small cloud of dust from its...
  10. J

    jkason's Character Thread

    Rivets Eternal submission Name: Josh Mornston Class: Bard 2 Race: Human Size: Medium Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: -- Str: 12 +1 (4p) Level: 2 XP: 1,600 Dex: 14 +2 (6p) BAB: +1 HP: 12 Con: 12 +1 (4p) Grapple: +2 Dmg Red: - Int: 10 +0 (2p)...