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  1. Herobizkit

    Bad Movies You Liked

    The 'Double Dragon' movie. Seriously. Does it contain any epic masterpieces of acting? No. But look at the world-building in the setting... a dystopic cityscape where gangs rule the streets and curfews happen at night. Problems are solved with violence, usually street-fighting and martial arts...
  2. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Time to remake the Bard

    I love Bards. Always have. 2e Bard was best to me; wizard spells up to 6th level, 'Warrior' weapons, handful of Rogue abilities? Heck yes. 5e gives us a taste of the 2e Bard in the Valor archetype, but it's not exactly what I want. One of two changes comes to mind: Wizard spells, half-caster...
  3. Herobizkit

    Dark mode?

    Hello! Just wondering if we have an option somewhere to make the forum background black with white text. Tried searching the thread for mentions of 'night' or 'dark' but didn't see one. Thanks!
  4. Herobizkit

    Pathfinder 2E Fighter Class Preview For Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

    I find it an odd style choice to 'let' the Fighter get an Attack of Opportunity before other classes. Shouldn't everyone have an AoO from the gate? Also, you take a penalty to hit for even trying? I'm not a fan of negative numbers, period. Everything else looks juicy enough, especially the...
  5. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E [SKT] Players want to 'own' Nightstone

    Short story is, my players are rabid for base building adventures. Obvious spoilers follow. When my players were presented with a wrecked town featuring a Keep manned by inept guards and a dead Lady, their eyes lit up with wonder and excitement. "Clearly, our Tiefling Warlock can replace the...
  6. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E [5e] Warlock (Hexblade) build help

    Paladin/Warlock. It might not help your Advantage issue (Rogue/Warlock might?), but when you hit, you'd hit HARD. Note that UA is not recommended for multi-classing; as always, check with your DM.
  7. Herobizkit

    D&D 4E New gamemaster to 4e

    Just throwing in two coppers: Multi-classing solves a lot of class shortcomings. Fighter/Monk with the right feats makes a better monk than Monk. Cleric/Invoker using Warpriest feats makes for a sassy blaster that can also take and dish some hits. Hexblade/Sorcerer is the Arcane version of...
  8. Herobizkit

    [Humor?] our home and GITP

    I'm finding an interesting corollary between various types of questions and styles of answers between we here at EnWorld and the folks over at Giant In The Playground's forums. It seems like a lot of novices find their way there and questions tend to weigh heavily on character creation/"builds"...
  9. Herobizkit

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana: Wizards & Warlocks -- Hexblades, Raven Queens, and Lore Mastery!

    I have a few nits to pick, but I'm super-late to the game, so bear with. Hexblade. All the yes. My issue is with the limited invocations that are strapped to specific patrons. Wipe those off and you're gold. Also, why give a Hexblade a Greatsword as an option (Curse Blade) if he can't use...
  10. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E I want to make a Slime Farmer. Discuss.

    I have fond memories of the Oozemaster prestige class from 3x, despite never having played one. With the return of the Underdark-themed Druid, I want to make a character who cultivates slimes, molds and fungi (obvious Ghostbusters reference is obvious, but not the intent). With the usual...
  11. Herobizkit

    Unearthed Arcana Unearthed Arcana Introduces The Artifcer

    ... gently reminds everyone that UA prototypes are prototypes and built in the direction of OP in order to pare down later.
  12. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Dragging a fallen comrade to 'safety' isn't safe

    So, assume you're behind an ally who has just hit 0 HP and fallen unconscious as a result of a solid melee hit from his opponent. Both you and the opponent are within 5' of the fallen ally, who is now prone and bleeding out. Like a good soldier, you want to get your ally out of there. As I...
  13. Herobizkit

    D&D 3E/3.5 A 3E/4E powergamer DMs Storm King's Thunder

    I meant to continue my thought earlier but ran out of time. 3/P/4e had this "this is how you do all the things" strict hierarchy of rules and rules interactions with a huge array of dials and switches for complex game customization. Some folks dig that. I did, for a while. 5e (to me)...
  14. Herobizkit

    D&D 3E/3.5 A 3E/4E powergamer DMs Storm King's Thunder

    Speaking for my own experience with 4e: 4e had its own type of Bounded Accuracy hard-coded into its leveling system. Assuming "core only" (ie no Dragon Magazine) Feats and Classes, it seemed to me that the 'monster math' always increased at a fixed rate in relation to the PC's math. No matter...
  15. Herobizkit

    Help needed - interesting crypt encounters

    How about a ghoulish smart-aleck "Dungeon Master" that tells stories with pun-laden exposition?
  16. Herobizkit

    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    Not me. When I said 4e was combat-centric, I meant that the system/engine's focus is deliberately written to highlight combat and the tactical encounter as the 'meat' of the game. In my experience, it doesn't simulate a fantasy 'reality' well, something that many players turned up their...
  17. Herobizkit

    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    This thread is huge. I dipped in and out and what I got is this: thecasualoblivion loved 4e because 4e's design was inherently combat-centric. 4e Encounters games were "enter these 5 rooms boxed together and murder everything for 3 hours" as a co-op/team effort. 5's design is "let's get back...
  18. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E Rogues without Darkvision

    I hope that you also allowed that player to find a Turtleneck of Tactics.
  19. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E It's been a while, I need help building a suitable 5e cleric (NO MULTICLASSING)

    I'm going to sneak back in here and say that if you can't pick between Light and Knowledge, take neither and go Arcane. Having detect magic and magic missile as ready-to-go options means you're always covered for lore or pew. In addition to blowing up undead with turning, you'll also be able...
  20. Herobizkit

    D&D 5E It's been a while, I need help building a suitable 5e cleric (NO MULTICLASSING)

    Strahd, eh. If it's anything like the Strahd games of the past, it's going to be RP/Knowledge heavier than most AL's. To be fair, my personal bias is in play - I make the character that rounds out a team. You have three characters who will unquestioningly deal out gobs of melee damage, but...