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  1. Mort

    D&D General Common gaming clichés (and how to subvert them)

    Some D&D situations/tropes are so cliché that you want to groan/run away the moment you encounter them! With that in mind, how about listing out those situations/encounters but adding a twist that turns it from a cliché to a fun memorable experience. So list one (or more if you really want)...
  2. Mort

    D&D General Great and not so great setting specific sourebooks/modules

    I haven't seen a related thread (if there is one - please point me to it!) Just want some examples of setting specific sourcebooks or modules that you think fit the thread title. Sourcebooks/modules that do a great job of representing the setting - making you immediately want to play in that...
  3. Mort

    D&D General Typical procedure after character death?

    Per the thread title: What is your typical procedure after a character in the group has died? Does the player immediately roll up a new character and join right away or do they sit out until an "appropriate point?" (or something in between) Do players typically have backup characters? Do...
  4. Mort

    D&D General Best "out of the box" ready to run adventures/modules?

    There's a lively debate going on re: best adventures (well best 5e adventures), but I have a different question: What adventures/modules did you find to be the best/easiest to run straight of the box? As in least prep time, easiest to just pick up and run modules/adventures? I rarely run...
  5. Mort

    Option overload: ASI increased or feat for 8th level choice?

    I usually DM, but now I'm facing a bit of option overload as a player. Playing an eventually to be 8th level dex paladin oath of devotion. Human (variant) Stats (thanks to a generous 32 point buy): Str: 12 Dex: 18 Con: 12 Int: 10 Wis: 12.  Cha: 16 Feat: shield master (not optimal with the...
  6. Mort

    How often is counterspell used in your games?

    As the poll says. Just curious how prevalent counterspell actually is (obviously level 5+).
  7. Mort

    [5e] Rakshasas cannot be counterspelled (mostly)? Is that how you would play it

    The wording of counterspell seems to target the caster not the spell "You attempt to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell..." Jeremy Crawford has confirmed this. As such, Rakshasas would be immune to counterspelling (unless the counterspell was cast at 7th level+) This seems...
  8. Mort

    Should Insight be able to determine if an NPC is lying?

    The thread on NPCs and insight checks has taken on a life of its own - so I felt asking this in an new thread might work better. Straightforward question: Should insight be able to determine if an NPC is lying? I've also included a rather binary poll, explanations can be had in the comments.
  9. Mort

    Protection fighting style after tier 1

    My group is currently 4th level (started at lvl 1). The BM fighter has so far made very good use of the protection fighting style. In the last session or 2 I've started throwing more monsters with multi-attack at the group. And noticed that, of course, the protection style feature (use...
  10. Mort

    Is it just me or is the spell Rope Trick kind of absurd?

    So the thread on whether Rope Trick is a heal spell is 180 replies and counting, this isn't that thread. I actually looked at the spell for the first time in a while (none of my players took it) and, well, isn't it kind of absurd? 1. Strictly by RAW it doesn't actually provide a short rest. A...
  11. Mort

    D&D 5E Bag of holding and portable hole interaction, thoughts on a scenario.

    Has anyone actually seen a portable hole /bag of holding interact and the consequences that resulted? In years of playing, I never have! Now the following possibility has come up and I'm asking the collective resource of ENWorld about the following scenario. Is it cool, fun, mean, stupid, too...
  12. Mort

    D&D 5E Does (or should) the halfling “lucky” ability apply when the DM is making the roll?

    Does (or should) the halfling “lucky” ability apply when the DM is making the roll? Relevant text says "when you roll a 1..." But let's say the DM is making the roll secretly - for example he wants to see if the players get lost and makes a survival roll on the halfling ranger's behalf. My...
  13. Mort

    How often do you see Attacks of Opportunity in your 5e game?

    Pretty straightforward question with a, hopefully, straightforward poll. Thinking about certain feats (Sentinel in particular) started me thinking about how their effectiveness varies greatly depending on frequency of AoOs. I'd also appreciate some additional info - do you use a battlemat and...
  14. Mort

    D&D 5E What is the best "5th" class?

    Just curious, What, in your experience, is the best 5th class to a party - As in 4 characters cover the basics - what's the best 5th? Now, I recognize the "correct" answer is "whatever that player wants to play" - but lets jump past that. I also recognize groups often have more than 4 or 5...
  15. Mort

    D&D 5E Using a quarterstaff one handed?

    In 5e a quarterstaff is a versatile weapon. I have no problem with this from a mechanics/balance perspective. I just can't picture or see how this would work. How the heck do you attack with a quarterstaff one handed in any consistent/effective manner? I'm not trying to be pedantic, and from...
  16. Mort

    How much back story do you allow/expect at the start of the game?

    My answer used to be - as much as the player is willing to write, but that's changed. Now I ask for no more than a short paragraph. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G930V using EN World mobile app
  17. Mort

    How "alive" should the world be - outside the scope of the PCs?

    One common piece of advise to DMs - make sure the PCs experience the world as a living world. This generally means make sure the PCs see that the world exists outside of them - things happen and progress whether the PCs are involved or not. The question then, is how far should this be taken...
  18. Mort

    D&D 5E What are the most fun low level challenges /encounters you've run/played through in 5e

    Because I like reading about this stuff, but mostly because I want to shamelessly steal ideas for my upcoming campaign: What are the most fun low level challenges/encounters you've run/played through in 5e? Sent from my SM-G930V using EN World mobile app
  19. Mort

    D&D 5E Has anyone else expanded on attunement in their campaigns?

    One of the new mechanics for 5e (well it wasn't in 3e, honestly can't remember if 4e had it) is the attunement mechanic. The mechanic is pretty basic, it limits the number of items (of note, but all require attunement) players can drape themselves (usually to 3) That's really all there is too...
  20. Mort

    D&D 5E What 5e rule/option/class/item etc. do you regret allowing into your game

    I'm starting a fresh 5e Greyhawk campaign - the players should be generating new characters soon. I'm generally pretty permissive and have been doing this long enough to spot traps/trouble but it's always good to crowd-source these kinds of things. So, as the title says, What rule/option/class...