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  1. univoxs

    Media Dragonlance music

    I listened. Good on ya chum.
  2. univoxs

    Roll20's Latest Numbers: Cthulhu Holding Strong!

    I have been a Roll20 user for a long time, I think since beta. My tables have been using Roll20 exclusivley for the last year for obvious reasons. I was able to get some people together, outdoors, to play a miniature table top game (Rangers of Shadow Deep) for the first time in a year and oh...
  3. univoxs

    Worlds of Design: Game Design Rules of Thumb - Part 1

    I would be very interested in actual rules of game design rather than rules about being a game designer. I understand the two are inexorably linked but I have never written anything for money and could care less about the business side of things for myself. I just would like to see advice on...
  4. univoxs

    RPG Print News – Osprey Publishing, Ulisses Spiel, and More

    Osprey has been doing some cool stuff lately between their RPGs and most recent miniatures games. They are a publisher I now get excited about.
  5. univoxs

    Dragon Reflections #39

    If you are looking for good female miniatures for your table Oathsworn make a great line called sensible shoes. Sensible Shoes oathsworn-miniatures.ashop.me No bikini chainmail or high heels. Though I rarely see that anymore anyway.
  6. univoxs

    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    Thid game needs an online group like many wargames have. Seems to be a lot of people saying that had 1e and never got to use it.
  7. univoxs

    Dragon Reflections #39

    I too enjoy these articles and reading these old issues. The Bazaar of the Bizarre in these are still very useful today for bringing unique magic items into your game...any game really.
  8. univoxs

    Is The One Ring 2E Kickstarter going to break the records?

    I don't back much. Only ever two things actually. But I think I am going in on this one.
  9. univoxs

    Check Out The One Ring 2E's Pre-Kickstarter Video!

    I have gotten a number of the 1e books and have never been able to play. Would that I could. In what way is it less fun than MERP, which I have also never played. I would very much like to know. I have no aversion to using an old system if it is more enjoyable. I do feel sometimes these gorgeous...
  10. univoxs

    Check Out The One Ring 2E's Pre-Kickstarter Video!

    To each there own for sure. I like the new art more.
  11. univoxs

    D&D General Here's That Official Dragonlance Novels Announcement, Featuring Classic Characters & An Old Logo!

    Would love some new comics. The Dragonlance and Starjammer comics were the best parts of the TSR/DC partnership. IMO.
  12. univoxs

    Dragon Reflections #38

    I feel as though the wargamming and rpg were more closely related back then. Many RPGs amounting to an elaborate war game. Some still are just that.
  13. univoxs

    D&D 3E/3.5 Help with some 3.5 resources

    We found the character sheet to be a bit clunky. pathguy has had a character generator forever. Easily googled. I am guessing the SRD has the section for creating your own spells from what ever dmg that came from. Or was it from unearthed arcana?
  14. univoxs

    Pathfinder Beginner Box Review

    I would be interested in this just because of the solo adventure. Having to do a lot of that kind of thing these days.
  15. univoxs

    EN World is 20 Years Old!

    I lurked here for many many years before ever posting. I am sure there are many still like I was that appreciate it even if they don't say so.
  16. univoxs

    Worlds of Design: What the Future Holds for RPGs - Part 1

    For some reason I feel differently about what I like out of a video game than TTRPG and board games. I get board of single player games real quick but I get just about as board playing co-op games. When I play video games I want to engage competitively with others. I have noticed more of a...
  17. univoxs

    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    I like to read adventures just to get ideas but not long ones haha. I really enjoy reading the short ones from all the old magazines. Just for fun.
  18. univoxs

    2021 RPG and Gaming Resolutions?

    About to start Rangers of Shadow Deep in roll20. I find TTS really clunky.
  19. univoxs

    Are You Burned Out?

    I wonder if session length has some place in the discussion. I play for only two and half hours on tuesday but 5 hours on sunday.
  20. univoxs

    Are You Burned Out?

    After a year of GMing a Sandbox Homebrew in 3.5. Yes. I am done. But the game will end in one more level anyway. Just a few sessions away. The key to not getting burned out, for me, is to not shift my focus. I need to stay engaged with the theme and game system. If I start reading other game...