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  1. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D 5E Which classes shine/suffer in campaigns highly restricting found magic items?

    I’m winding down a campaign that started at 1st level and has now reached 14th, the end might be 16th level PCs. I realize I was quite free with giving out magic item rewards. They players had fun playing out wild item reward wishes. Lotsa legendary items, the players have had a blast. I’m...
  2. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D General Len Lakofka passed?

    Dyson Logos tweeted that Len Lakofka passed this morning. Has anyone else heard from another source?
  3. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D 5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    On the D&D Celebration – Sunday, Inside the D&D Studio with Liz Schuh and Ray Winninger, Winninger said that WotC will be shifting to a greater emphasis on settings in the coming years. This includes three classic settings getting active attention, including some that fans have been actively...
  4. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D 5E Am I missing something about Conjure Animal

    I've been out of RPGs since the end of 3.5, occasionally dipped into try 4e and put it down. My son turned 16 so I felt now was a good time to introduce him to RPGs. I decided we'd all learn 5e together. I'm DMing, our player's party is a half-elf cleric, dragonborn barbarian, dwarf fighter...
  5. AdmundfortGeographer

    What are the best options for selling individual Magic the Gathering cards?

    I've sold and bought gaming items over the years through eBay. Haven't done so in many years though. What is the best alternative for selling off portions of a Magic the Gathering collections? Is eBay the best choice today or are there premier sites that specialize in this that anyone can...
  6. AdmundfortGeographer

    Talisman revised 4th edition, what are the best expansions

    Bought my son Talisman 4th edition, revised, for Christmas on a whim. Hoping it could be a game we both could get our adventuring fix while waiting for DnD Next to get done some day. Verdict was it was his favorite present this year, so I call that victory! Recommend for me some of the...
  7. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D 5E My 5e feedback: Mobile, mobile, mobile

    It regards the digital aspect of it. It can be summed up at this link. But I'll take this paragraph out for you all who can't be bothered to follow through to that link. "I now dread using my computer. I want to use a tablet most of the time. And increasingly, I can. I want to use a smartphone...
  8. AdmundfortGeographer

    Tablet apps for Role-Playing games

    I would love for a master list of apps people have discovered for use in RPGs. I was thinking of keeping the list exclusive, since there are seemingly hundreds of dice rolling apps, but go ahead and post away with every app you have found, use, once used, love, heard of, everything! Post the...
  9. AdmundfortGeographer

    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. For iPad also!

    Announcement. This is tops on my list of the old games I'd re-purchase to re-play on my iPad.
  10. AdmundfortGeographer

    Fighter list of feats?

    Did I miss it, but it appears there wasn't a designation of fighter feats in the Trailblazer book. Am I missing where this is noted? Was there errata?
  11. AdmundfortGeographer

    I've restarted my languishing Greyhawk mapping project

    I've been letting my mapping project sit idle for years now. At once the victim of ever increasing map sizes challenging the processing power of my computer, and the intimidating scope of what I bit off in front of me, teamed up to just overwhelm me at it all. So I let it sit. For 8 years...
  12. AdmundfortGeographer

    Do you have a "small superpower"?

    My wife, a fellow fan of sci-fi and fantasy, mentioned to me at yet again another occurrence of something remarkable and yet normal that happens around me. She remarked, "that's what some call your 'small superpower'". We laughed at it. But that got me thinking, who else out there can identify...
  13. AdmundfortGeographer

    Gold, Earth's very own starmetal or warpstone?

    Starmetal, warpstone, whatever you call it. Fantasy worlds seem to use the trope over and over for magical materials fallen from space. Looks like Earth has so much gold and other precious metals precisely because it mostly came from space. Gold, Earth's very own starmetal? Seeing people's...
  14. AdmundfortGeographer

    D&D 1E Core 1e vs. Core 2e: What are the mechanical differences?

    Has anyone composed a comprehensive comparison and contrasting between the rules differences between AD&D's 2nd and 1st editions? As an example of what I'm looking for, Blacky the Blackball (publisher of Dark Dungeons) produced a list comparing the differences between DD and BECMI/Rules...
  15. AdmundfortGeographer

    Classic Battletech: the campaign?

    Is there a book that offers some framework for running Classic Battletech as an ongoing, growing campaign? The kind you'd read in the novels where "players" would start with a unit (like a lance) and then grow the unit over various missions, improving the characters that pilot the mechs. I'm...
  16. AdmundfortGeographer

    Trailblazer's Summon Monster and [spell keywords]

    Trailblazer ditched to "pick from a list" method of summoning and replaced it with the table of ability sets. But it kept this paragraph from the SRD version of the spell. "When you use a summoning spell to summon an air, chaotic, earth, evil, fire, good, lawful, or water creature, it is a...
  17. AdmundfortGeographer

    Rote vs. Restricted [Plus a sample Trailblazered spell sheet]

    The title pretty much asks the question. Rote spells are single target spell with a duration of 1 min/level or less. Restricted spells include spells with a duration of 10 minutes/level or longer. Is a duration of Instantaneous shorter than 1 min/level? It would make Cure spells fit into Rote...
  18. AdmundfortGeographer

    Trailblazer Character Sheet [v1.3] plus SRD spell list inserts

    I've been polishing off design on a character sheet for use with Trailblazer, or 3.x-based campaigns that borrow Trailblazer elements (like Combat Reactions, combat maneuvers, action points, or the unified spellcaster rules). I took an experimental turn by designing this to fit on a folded...
  19. AdmundfortGeographer

    Experimental Legal-sized TB character sheet [v1.3 Update]

    A couple decades ago I designed character sheets for my AD&D groups, putting the things on that we wanted, in the sizes we wanted, so we could print out as many as we needed without having to try and photocopy those color character sheets. They proved pretty popular, not least because they were...
  20. AdmundfortGeographer

    Trailblazer mixology

    This could possibly be a poll if I could come up with proper categories . . . The basic question is this, "How do you use Trailblazer?" I mean, how do you blend it with other D20? Do you use Trailblazer as core. Period. Do you use Trailblazer as core with some selected, proven 3.x tidbits...