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  1. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Phandelver Nothic

    In my campaign, I had the nothic telepathically speak with the Dwarven cleric in the party. He would say how disappointed Moradin was with his performance and such. It creeped the player out. Then, the nothic tried to get the cleric to jump off the cliff to show his faith. The player was...
  2. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Which Virtual Table Top are you using right now and what do you like best about it?

    I’m using Fantasy Grounds. I like how the msps and pins make it easy to run adventures. The combat tracker works well to handle initiatives and everything looks very polished. I tried roll20 but for some reason it was less responsive on my computer. I also use FG Unity, but that’s testing...
  3. Rhenny

    D&D 5E TOTM and flanking

    I don’t use flanking rules, but if I did, and I was using ToTM, I might give the creature/pc trying to flank a dex check vs dc 20 to see if they get into a flanking position. If they fail the check by 10 or more (or roll a nat 1) they tip off their intentions and can only attack that creature...
  4. Rhenny

    D&D 1E Tell me about your AD&D 1E house rules

    The only thing I remember was that we had an exploding crit. If you rolled a nat 20, you rolled again. A 2nd nat 20 was 4x damage and another roll. A Third nat 20 was instant death. 3 consecutive 20’s only happened once in 4 years. My wizard threw a dagger at a T-Rex type monster mostly...
  5. Rhenny

    D&D 5E What would happen if we got rid of opportunity attacks

    I like the idea that they could be more random, based on pc or monster type. Elite 4 in 6 chance at any time (high levels). Trained 2 in 6 chance (Mid levels) and Pee-on 1 in 6 chance (low levels) i also like the idea that more than one attack per turn could also be possible. I hate when...
  6. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Flanking

    I find any flanking rule is already baked into certain monster attacks (pack tactics, etc). For pcs, I’m not a fan. For one thing, I don’t like my D&D games to become technical war game simulations. If players want to flank, they should use aide option to grant another ally advantage. I like...
  7. Rhenny

    D&D General DM Authority

    Ideally, DM and Players need to have trust in each other and have to established the game concept prior to play. Does the DM use pre-existing challenges as created in adventure or does the group allow DM to improvise to add excitement and challenge at times. Personally, I like DMing and...
  8. Rhenny

    D&D General "A Special Warning Regarding the Deadliness of this Module" (or Adventure Design Philosophy)

    When I design a campaign, I start with a hub and create a web that may spin off in 3 or 4 directions. The pcs explore the hub and its environs and then touch on the off shoots. They have full choice which to follow. As the campaign grows, I continue the web design, but after a while, it becomes...
  9. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Surprisingly, nothing breaks when switching D&D to 2d10 instead of d20

    Bless, Guidance, Etc. become super attractive with 2d10. Advantage becomes less of an advantage, unless you just add +3/+5 or something rather than rolling 2d10 twice. I like the idea that bonuses are worth more so when you gain that +1 proficiency bonus or your attribute bonus goes up, it...
  10. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Understanding Passive Checks

    I hate auto succeed passive checks. Sometimes, I make random rolls vs passive perception so it isn’t always automatic. For example, if the adventure, or if I set a DC of 15, I roll a d20 and add 5 to determine if a passive check works. But honestly, sometimes I forget about passive checks...
  11. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Instant Death. Am I the only one who experienced this or what?

    Yup, first level got one of our PCs too. Big fighter got crit by a bugbear boss in our 2nd session into Lost Mines of Phandelver. He got pulped!
  12. Rhenny

    D&D General Improving your online D&D game

    I use maps and images for orientation and often just use narrative and the combat tracker for theater of the mind exploration and combats. Some combats (larger mor complex ones) we’ll play on a map/grid, but I still ask players to tell me what their pc is attempting to do or target, especially...
  13. Rhenny

    D&D 5E How is my 5E game is going?

    Welcome back. I’m running a mostly weekly campaign using Tomb of Annihilation. We started the campaign with The Lost Mines of Phandelver and then transitioned into ToA. The pcs are 8th level now and they are exploring Omu trying to get all the puzzle tiles. My players are friends of mine from...
  14. Rhenny

    D&D General what's your favorite starting town?

    My all time favorite city to base adventures from is Sanctuary, a city from The Thieves’ World compilation of short stories. Many years ago, I think it was D&D 2nd edition, I picked up a box set (probably a third party publishing co) and I read two of the books edited and compiled by Robert...
  15. Rhenny

    D&D 5E Becoming prisoners without removing player agency (OotA)

    I played in a OotA campaign and it was actually fun interacting with prisoner NPCs and Drow guards and getting a chance to escape. I agree with Iserith and others that players should get buy in so it works. It is much easier to get buy in for being a prisoner at the beginning of a campaign than...
  16. Rhenny

    D&D General Why do you play Dungeons & Dragons?

    Nostalgia and 5e is much easier for me to DM than any other game I’ve been a DM or GM for.
  17. Rhenny

    D&D General The Right Balance of Dungeon Fun?

    Also remember, OSR, Gygaxian dungeons made no sense. One room could have goblins and another a dragon that couldn’t even fit through the door. (Maybe a slight exaggeration). In old school, dungeons were basically made to test and challenge the players (not necessarily the pcs). That’s one...
  18. Rhenny

    D&D General The Right Balance of Dungeon Fun?

    To me, I think variety and unpredictability is most important. Some areas in a dungeon should have different ratios, but overall, I’d go about 50 combat with or without traps, 30% exploration with or without traps or hazards, 20% interaction.
  19. Rhenny

    D&D General The "DM's PC"

    The only time I run a full PC as DM is when a player misses a session and the player gives me permission to play it. I try to keep the PC safe. Other times I may have an NPC work with the party. But I don’t really like having a pc stick around too long. NPC are like house guests and fish...
  20. Rhenny

    D&D 5E How do you roll, DM?

    Most games/campaigns I roll in the open, but once in a while my players say they like hidden rolls so I’ll switch. I do whatever the players prefer.