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  1. Kelvor Ravenstar

    ZEITGEIST Resurrection in Zeitgeist Adventure Path

    How do you use Raise Dead and other spell/ritual varieties in the Zeitgeist adventure path? I'm running the campaign in 4E, up to the Dying Skyseer, and we haven't had any character deaths yet. In my experience with 4E, character deaths are bound to happen eventually, but my party and I don't...
  2. Kelvor Ravenstar

    ZEITGEIST Backgrounds for Zeitgeist (4E)

    Hi All! In preparation for an upcoming Zeitgeist game (4E version), I'm trying to come up with a set of backgrounds, separate from the 8 themes available in the Enhanced Player's Guide. I think backgrounds should be similar to, but not match exactly one-to-one with the themes. For example, a...
  3. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Star Wars gaming with D&D Gamma World (7E)

    With so many different versions of Star Wars roleplaying being discussed in this forum, I hope you won't mind me hyping my own variant. My favourite game to run has been D&D 4th edition since about a year after it came out. I was quite a fan of Star Wars Saga Edition too, but my tastes in game...
  4. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Best 3rd Party and Homebrew classes

    With the uncertain future of the DDI tools, I've begun preparing for continuing 4e for my group without them. There are some substitutes for the character builder that I can't discuss here, but they are able to handle custom content much better than the online builder ever could have. So, I'm...
  5. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Should I adjust the Caves of Chaos adventure for # of players?

    The caves of chaos adventure has plenty of monsters, so it probably doesn't need to be adjusted for a greater number of players, but what should a DM do when he has 2 - 3 players instead of 4 - 5+? In 4e I could just remove one standard monster for each player less than five. In this playtest I...
  6. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Dungeons & Dragons & Drinking

    Edit - Woops!!! Posted to the wrong forum, could a Mod move it over to 4E please? As a slight change of pace for a D&D game, tomorrow we'll be playing D&D&D, as my birthday celebration. It will be a silly scenario where players imbibe alcoholic beverages on certain triggers, and to activate...
  7. Kelvor Ravenstar

    I6 Castle Ravenloft; Creating a short-run adaptation for Halloween

    One tradition I've had with my gaming groups is to run a horror themed adventure as part of either my ongoing campaign or a special one-shot. I've done this several times with Castle Ravenloft, running it twice while playing 3.5. Once with a straight adaptation of I6, and once with Expedition to...
  8. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Heroes of Shadow and Class Compendium info in the CB

    For those of you who don't have Heroes of Shadow yet and have a DDI subscription, the information from the book is now in the online Character Builder. Also, it looks to me like the updates from the Class Compendium articles that have been released so far were included as well, as the PHB...
  9. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Can we get the column ads on the right again?

    When did the column ads switch to the left side of the forums? Is this a setting that can be user-controlled, or is it just the way the webpages are formatted? I ask this because I read ENworld from a laptop, and I now need to keep my web browser window maximized just so I can read threads...
  10. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Skill based magic in D20 games.

    I'm working on a homebrew rules adaptation for D20 Modern using pieces of other d20 systems. So far its a skill and feat based, generally allowing degrees of success going up in 5 point increments on the skill rolls, and feats allowing access to more magic abilities with the three magic skills...
  11. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Adapting old Modules.

    Monday's article is up. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drfe/20080530a There's a great example of a skill challenge in sneaking into the Stedding of the Hill Giant Chieftain.
  12. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Maps and the Delve Format

    Like apparently many fans of 3.5 D&D who played earlier editions, I was excited to pick up Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. While I like the addition of the Delve format to published adventures, the map inclusion leaves something to be desired. Each map in the 2 page tactical encounters is a...