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  1. ivocaliban

    Conan 2nd Edition

    First off, let me say that I'm not exactly sure I put this in the right forum, but it's late and I don't know of any other way to get an answer to these questions. (No FLGS in the area, unfortunately.) Alright, so I really want to pick up Mongoose's Conan 2nd edition, but I've heard some pretty...
  2. ivocaliban

    Does age affect CR?

    The title is fairly self-explanatory. Does (or should) age affect the challenge rating of a creature? In my upcoming Wilderlands campaign I have a human wererat (Rogue 4) who ambushes characters by ferrying them across a river in a rickety boat rigged to sink halfway across. Once the boat...
  3. ivocaliban

    Help! Empire of Iuz & Greenreach

    Okay, it's 11:30pm EST and I just received a call that one of my players want to pick up our current campaign at noon tomorrow. My attention has been elsewhere in the past few weeks and I've got about twelve hours (not including sleep) to fashion a workable adventure in the town of Greenreach...
  4. ivocaliban

    Dread Pirate & Diplomacy

    At 2nd level, Dread Pirates receive Fearsome Reputation +2. Honorable Dread Pirates receive this as a bonus to Diplomacy, while dishonorable Dread Pirates receive it as a bonus to Intimidate. The Dread Pirate skill list includes Intimidation, but lacks Diplomacy. While I understand that there...
  5. ivocaliban

    Frostburn - Polar Mariner

    Being three hours from an RPG shop I can't just run out and take a look at a book anytime I like. I've only seen Frostburn once and that was months ago. Recently, while looking through the Art Gallery at www.wizards.com, however, I came across the Polar Mariner Prestige Class. Now I'm intrigued...
  6. ivocaliban

    Unusual Inspirations for D&D Games

    I'm not certain this is the right place for such a thread (and feel free to move it if it's not), but after being up all hours of the night and watching several Ed Wood films I'm left wondering about the strange places inspiration can come from in regards to creating D&D adventures. Sometimes...
  7. ivocaliban

    The Fountain of Youth

    For some time I've been curious about ways in which to have an older character appear younger permanently. In my current campaign there is a True Necromancer in her fifties who follows Wee Jas. As Wee Jas is the goddess of vanity (in addition to death and magic), her worshipper appears much...
  8. ivocaliban

    Windtreader Engineer, Pt. 1 (background)

    Not long after D&D 3.0 hit the stands I started a campaign set in a heavily modified version of Greyhawk. At the request of my players I had to find a way to introduce airships to the campaign. My only experience with using airships in an RPG came from the '93 D&D boxed set Champions of Mystara...
  9. ivocaliban

    Virginia (the pointy end)

    Yes, I'm in Virginia, but that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near civilization. Generally, people think of Richmond, Norfolk or the DC area when someone mentions Virginia, but I'm about as far from those as you can get while still being within the state. I'm closer to Tennessee, Kentucky, and West...