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    Anyone remember TORG?

    If you do, I have a question- in the process of bring back a torg-esque game, mostly in hero system because thats what folks want to play, but digging through all my books, I cant remember- What happens at the border of two different cosms- say core earth and living lands. Is there a transition...
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    Dungeon a day is live!

    Welcome to the Dungeon! - Dungeonaday.com six rooms are available for preview without paying, Another 6 rooms are availbe after that(12 in total). Looks great so far.
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    Drow of the Underdark?

    Any reviews on it, or people pick it up?
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    Looking to join a game around orange county NY

    I live in Orange county NY, but willing to travel a bit around to join a D&D game, 3 or 3.5, doesnt matter. I'm 30 minutes from Penn, NJ or Conn border as well.... You can email me at carmachu2@msn.com