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  1. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Reloaded

    At long last, I have begun running my second Zeitgeist campaign, after the conclusion of my previous attempt sometime during adventure five. I love this campaign, and for the last year and a half, I was somewhat disappointed that I was unable to continue however. But fate has given me a second...
  2. Falkus

    ZEITGEIST Motivation of a Villain (Major spoilers for Zeitgeist: Schism)

    Hi, Having read through Module Seven, and rather enjoyed it, I have a question regarding Nicodemus. Maybe I missed some text or a sidebar somewhere, but what precisely is Nicodemus' motivation in having the Colossal Congress members purged at the climax? Why does he dislike their philosophy...
  3. Falkus

    Cauldron Born Surprise Twist (spoilers)

    Welp... this just happened, and my players tweeted it as it did. Nobody could believe it, least of all me. https://twitter.com/gideonn49/status/315542818007420928 I'm still in shock about it; frankly!
  4. Falkus

    Legality of Slavery

    I have a question in regards to the setting; in specific, the legality of slavery, as I'm not quite sure of its legal status of it in all the nations presented in the Player's Guide. I know it's illegal in Ber; and I'm 99% sure it's illegal in Risur. What I'm not sure about are its status in...
  5. Falkus

    Dying Skyseer Requisition Money

    Hi, As I understand it; at the start of the Dying Skyseer; the players will receive another chunk of cash for requisitioning equipment. Since my group just finished The Island at the Axis of the World, and will be running a filler adventure during our next session (Shipyard Rats, from the...
  6. Falkus

    Campaign Notes!

    Well, I just finished running the first session of Zeitgeist, finishing Act One of Island at the Axis of the world; and we all think it went really well! Highlights: The team managed to identify and remove the dockers from the crowd smoothly enough without causing any trouble. There were a few...
  7. Falkus

    Large Group Size

    Well, my recruiting for Pathfinder Zeitgeist here in Montreal has gone extremely well. Enthusiastically, even. I've found myself with eight players. So, I'm just looking for a bit of advice in scaling up the encounters in Island at the Axis of the World, since this will be my first time DMing a...
  8. Falkus

    Point Buy

    I'm planning on running this with Pathfinder (or a small chance of converting it to Fantasy Craft); and as someone who has never run Pathfinder before, my question is what would be the ideal number of points to provide for attribute purchasing for this AP? Thanks!
  9. Falkus

    End of a Campaign

    Well, as of a few hours ago, the DnD Fourth campaign that I've been running for the last two and a half years has come to it's dramatic conclusion. The Company of the Seven Stars infiltrated the Ice Fortress of the Society of the Hand, and in a tight, and close battle, rescued the Heirs of the...
  10. Falkus

    Completed improvised a session

    Well, this Sunday, I had to completely improvise my Fourth Edition DnD session, because of some remarkably good thinking on the part of my players, and I've never been happier. A bit of background: The party, through heroic and paragon tiers, have been fighting the Society of the Hand, a Vecnan...
  11. Falkus

    Dark*Matter, Discovery: A Quiet Little Assignment

    Hoffmann Institute, Department Seven Chicago Office February fifth, 9:32 AM Team Libra About three weeks have gone by since the confrontation with Cliff Kenzington. There had been no word of him, despite the Institute’s best efforts. It was as if he had vanished off the face of the earth, which...
  12. Falkus

    Dark*Matter, Discovery: Pushing for Impeachment

    Sometime in February Eight AM, the Hoffmann Institute offices A month had gone by since the Russian mission. According to reports, Carol was recovering nicely, and no longer given to prophetic visions, putting her firmly in the realm of normalcy. Meanwhile, you had your assignments...
  13. Falkus

    Wormtooth Nation

    Anybody else watching Wormtooth Nation? It's a web-TV Steampunk show. Five episodes released so far, with four more to come. I found it today, and just got through the first episode. I like it so far, it's fairly well done with an interesting plot. http://theskyisfree.com/
  14. Falkus

    DnD Iron Kingdoms game in Montreal

    Hey, I'm trying to get an Iron Kingdoms game going here in Montreal. I intend to run the Witchfire Trilogy. I picked it up recently, and it looks to be a fun adventure to run and play in. I live in NDG, and will probably be running the game at a local games store (Gamers' World) on Saturdays...
  15. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery, The Delphi Paradox

    A week into January Life as an agent of the Hoffmann Institute goes on. Chicago never becomes aware of how close it came to destruction. Quinn becomes an agent, assigned to Team Gamma. Reports indicate she'll go far, and Mr. Smith sends an e-mail around congratulation you on finding a new...
  16. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery, The Chicago Ripper

    A month passes by, since your first mission and the encounter with the Sandmen, and you gradually settle into your new career. Nothing of great excitement occurs (excitement meaning danger, destruction and high risk of horrible, screaming death), but there are two investigations to take your...
  17. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery, The First Mission

    The next day You all arrive at the Institute building at roughly the same time. The building is a three story facility downtown with no signs or indications on the outside as to what the building actually is. It's also fifteen blocks away from the official Hoffmann Institute facility in...
  18. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery, the Beginning

    9:03 PM, sometime in October Public library in downtown Chicago The rain was pouring down heavily outside, with the occasional crack of thunder to emphasize it. The storm had come up suddenly, just an hour ago, drenching Chicago and the people unlucky enough to get caught outside. For one...
  19. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery, Rogue's Gallery

    Post characters here
  20. Falkus

    Dark*Matter: Discovery

    This world is a very different place than you might imagine. On the surface, it is much like our own, but in the shadows, it is very, very different. This world is full of secrets, secrets that the average person is incapable of comprehending or understanding, even witnessing at times. You are...