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    D&D General Dungeon World is IME weak as both a D&D and a PBTA game

    I've been thinking about why I find Dungeon World so unsatisfying (and about the "Does System Matter" thread), and I've realise that it gives me very little of what I want out of either Dungeons & Dragons or a game Powered By The Apocalypse. It doesn't even come close to either the exploration...
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    D&D 5E The Fall Of The Dwarves: What Races Do People Actually Play?

    What races are people actually playing, and how much of it is Tolkien fantasy as against other stuff? Fortunately D&D Beyond provides a better source of data than we've ever had. The most recent data from less than a week ago in December 2020 alas does not provide percentages. In February...
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    Level Up (A5E) What is the vision of the high level fighter?

    One of the core problems of post-TSR non-4e D&D is that there's no real vision of what a high level fighter should be. Fundamentally a first level fighter moves at a human's pace and swings a sharpened piece of metal hard and fast at enemies in arms' length to kill them. A 20th level fighter ...
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    D&D General The diminishing effectiveness of armour across the editions

    It's just struck me how much less effective armour and especially plate armour has got since WotC bought out TSR. In AD&D field plate is AC2 (and full plate is AC1). A basic orc has a THAC0 of 19 and so needs a 17 to hit field plate, doing 1d8 damage per attack vs a rolled 1d10 hp for a...
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    D&D 5E In an adventure called Dragon Heist I want only two things...

    ... a dragon taking a starring roll as a dragon, and a heist. I don't care whether the dragon is our mark and we're trying to steal its loot without fighting it, our client and we're trying to steal back its eggs because it's being blackmailed with them, or even the treasure and we're trying to...
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    D&D 4E Are powers samey?

    I said in another thread I'd put some at will first level 4e powers and a list of classes to explain my confusion with the meme that 4e powers are similar between classes. All these are at will powers I've seen on characters, and I think I've removed anything too obvious such as Vicious Mockery...
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    D&D 5E An attempt at a 5e Warlord

    I only started writing it today - so looking for feedback. ___ The warlord is someone round who the battle centers, but whose greatest influence is not so much in what they themselves do as empowering everyone else to be the best that they can be. Some warlords behave almost as fighters but...
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    D&D 5E How much money is D&D 5e actually making?

    D&D 5e is very successful in terms of players - and the 5e PHB is selling better than probably anything since the classic red box in the early 80s. But I had a look round my table last night - six committed players (including me) and two at least dolphins and probably whales in there and...
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    Narrative Games - three very distinct categories

    Reading one of the other threads several people seem to think that Fate is in some way like Apocalypse World as a narrative-heavy RPG when if anything they are on the opposite sides of traditional gaming other than both being pretty rules-light and encouraging shared worldbuilding for the...
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    D&D 5E The Way of Battle (Bo9S inspired)

    I've been working on a translation of the 3.5e Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords for 5e as I've yet to see a decent version of it converted. The Champion The Champion is one with combat, living in and exploiting the flow. Normally driven by a cause (sometimes their own...
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    Combat and Roleplaying

    I think I've finally solved a mystery - why some people think that you don't roleplay in combat, and why they claim 4e has less roleplaying than other editions of D&D. To me the reverse is not just true but obvious. Who you are is at its clearest when the rubber meets the road, and in D&D where...
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    Elementalist Warlocks: Things go boom

    The goal of this homebrew was to take the warlock chassis and create a framework for blast mages who blow things up with a vengeance before anything else. Boom! Because not just the fighters should be simple. Some warlocks don’t make pacts with demons or even the fey. They merely channel the...
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    Meaning of Rules Light/Medium/Heavy - a proposal

    Too many people talk about rules light, medium, and heavy with no clear definitions of what they actually are. So I'm proposing the following as a starting point: A game is Rules Light if: The entire actual game rules can be written on a double sided sheet of A4. PC character sheets can be...
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    Redemption, the Force, and Morality [No Ep 7 Spoilers]

    This was going to be a reply to Morrus in the Ep 7 thread. The problem with objecting to Anakin Skywalker as a force ghost who's been redeemed is that it makes the underlying assumption that the Jedi are good guys. They might not use the Dark Side of the Force - but there's a long way between...
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    So what do we need from the Warlord?

    It's almost impossible to discuss the Warlord and why it's wanted without discussing what it actually brings to the game (and why the Battlemaster and the Cunning Rogue fail miserably). One of the key things about the Warlord is that it opens the game up massively in terms of what sort of party...
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    Why does no one ever bring up how well designed (and gamist) saving throws were?

    Spell Breath Weapon Rod Staff Wand Petrification or Polymorph Death, Paralysis, or Poison That seems like the most counter-intutitive and unmemorable thing ever. (Well, arguably not). But when you understand it it's actually very good and makes perfect sense. It's really good gamist logic...
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    Critical Hits - why, and why not?

    (Inspired by this BoingBoing article) Gygax hated critical hits and wanted them nowhere near his D&D. Nevertheless a lot of fans (although not all) did, and in the end those who did won. So who was right in what they wanted? Both groups. Of course. Some things are a matter of taste and what...
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    D&D 5E Where are the whaling vessels? (A.k.a. material for big spenders)

    Tabletop Roleplaying is a very cheap hobby. You need a couple of books and some friends - and after that most of the cost is for drinks. Indeed it's possible to play while spending absolutely nothing on the game (and there are some pretty good free RPGs). A common modern breakdown of how you...
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    Ignore Lists and Mentions

    When someone on your IL mentions you you still get emailed about it. Could this be stopped?
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    Headlines and Fan Content Sidebars

    I know the headlines and Fan Content are useful sidebars. But they move. They are about as irritating in their default setting as the old Blink or Marquee tags. As things are I close the boxes - but is there any way to stop the scroll and just let them alone?