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    WOIN [Question] Boxer and "Rope-a-dope"?

    Hello Drekin is still here, now with more questions. Regarding this exploits from N.O.W. Core book: Rope-a-Dope. You allow your enemy to attack you, fooling him into believing he is winning. You allow the enemy’s next two melee attacks to strike home, choosing to receive the damage; after the...
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    WOIN [Question] Gun Punch and unarmed damage?

    Hello Yet another Drekin question! This time I find myself wondering about the Gun Kata martial arts career from N.O.W. and it's Gun Punch exploit Gun Punch. Once per round, while holding a sidearm, your martial arts attack does the damage of your gun. Is this meant to completely replace your...
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    WOIN [Question] Same named Exploits?

    Hello again Drekin is still here, with more questions! I remember reading some time back that you can't acquire an exploit that shares a name with an exploit you already have. Example you can't take both: Curriculum Exploits. Choose any three soft exploits from the Universal Exploits for...
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    WOIN [Question] Vampiric Touch and healing rule?

    Hello! Drekin questions gallore! Is healing from Vampiric Touch limited by the "only benefit once per day from a source of healing"? Touch of the Grave. Your touch gains the foulness of death, doing an additional 1d6 death damage. You also kill any small (non creature) plants you come into...
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    WOIN [Question] Shielding?

    Hello More, more and more Drekin questions This time about the advanced magic shielding: Shielding. Cost 1 MP per +2 DEFENSE. This a deflection ability; attacks of the secret’s type are diverted away from the target. Affected creatures gain a bonus to their Defense against any selected...
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    WOIN [Question] Lifesense?

    Hello there Drekin questions return! I've been looking into monsters! Gasp, I know. My players are starting to look for combat now. Anyway, Spirit and Undead creature types have something called Lifesense but it's never explained exactly have that entails. Please advise Drekin
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    WOIN [Question] Range of attack exploits?

    Hello Drekin questions return! There are certain exploits which are Attack VS. DEFENSE. Some of these exploits have a RANGE and I was wondering if it's supposed to be a "hard" range or RANGE INCREMENT? Examples: --- Artillery. You call down fire or lightning (your choice) from the heavens to...
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    WOIN [Question] Types of SOAK and Magic?

    Hello More Drekin questions, hurray! "There are three types of Soak: natural, armor, and special (which includes Soak granted by magic). The different types of Soak don’t stack with each other; you use the best available. For example, if you have 5 natural Soak and 8 armor Soak, you apply 8...
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    WOIN [Question] Elements of Magic: Hedging?

    Hello Another Drekin question! Hedging. Cost 1 MP. You must declare a creature type (fey, goblinoid, beast, etc.) or virtue (such as Good or Evil). Creatures with the declared type or virtue who try to enter the area of effect or try to target Mental Defense of creatures within the area are...
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    WOIN [Question] DEFENSE and attribute checks?

    Hello again Drekin has returned with another question! I remember reading that Defense Scores where just simplified attribute checks, so does that mean an exploit that gives you +1d6 END would give you extra VITAL DEFENSE? Please advise Drekin
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    WOIN [Question] Experience and Advancement?

    Hello again Drekin is back!!! I was looking through the experience and advancement chapter and stumbled over this fact: "The core advancement assumption is that you need to defeat or overcome 10 encounters of Medium difficulty to advance to the next grade." However you need 10 times the NEW...
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    WOIN [Question] Psionic exploits and scaling

    Hello Drekin is staying around This time my players asked about some Psionic exploits referring to PSI and some to PP. Mind shield (requires WIL 6, PSI 6). You shield your mind from psionic intrusion, gaining +4 MENTAL DEFENSE +1 per 5 PSI until your next turn. Mind shield would cost 6 PP to...
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    WOIN [Question] Venetian Tilts?

    Hello again Drekin is here aswell! In "The Holds of Vendalyr" on p. 25 there are exploits called "Tilts". Each of them have 3 exploits/effects/components. The text describes a Tilt as needing to be "charged" to be used but the effects make it seem like you only need to "charge" to use the...
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    WOIN [Question] Psionic exploits and defense

    Hello It's Drekin here :D I've been looking over the psionic exploits from careers and universal now and I've run into a problem. Electrokinetic blast. (From Battlepsysche) You blast an opponent with a range increment of 4Squares with a bolt of focused electricity. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE...
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    WOIN [Question] Prodigy's exploit

    Hello But wait! There's more! I was just looking at: Unorthodox. You often have an unorthodox approach to things. Once per day you may substitute one of your mental attributes for another one for the purposes of making a single attribute check. from the Prodigy Origin. Can you replace ANY...
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    WOIN [Question] Limits on Always Prepared

    Hello again ;) And so soon! I'd like some clearance on what is possible with this exploit: Always prepared (requires LOG 8+). You have a brilliant tactical mind, and are always prepared. You may declare a single action which you took prior to the encounter (even if you didn't know the...
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    WOIN [Question] Exploits and actions?

    Hello Another Drekin question :D Since you answered my last question, the flood gates opened... don't stop now! While some exploits clearly state what type of action they cost or strongly hit at being used with an attack or move, there are some more ambivalent. Like this: Jury-rig (requires...
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    WOIN [Question] Does Cybernetics count as Equipment in dice pools?

    Hello again It is I, Drekin, and I'm back with another question! When making a Dice Pool of Attribute+Skill+Equipment does the bonus from Cybernectics ie. an Artificial Arm giving +1d6 to strength, count as equipment and is then limited by Max Dice Pool? Thanks in advance Drekin
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    WOIN A question about space travel

    Hello again, Drekin here :D A short question about space travel. Here: WOIN Rules Reference Document - Space Travel it states that travel increment is measured in parsecs, but in thev1.2 book it states that travel increment is measured in days. What is correct? Also bonus question: Any...
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    WOIN A question about Psionics and Venetian "Tilt"

    Hello again, Drekin is BACK! So this time it's about psionics. On the WOINRPG webpage it seems that Psionic exploits "scale" with PSI attribute score and in the v1.2 N.E.W. Rulebook they "scale" with Power Points (PP). What is the correct/intended function? Next question: In The Holds of...