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    D&D General What do do when a setting doesn't have magic?

    Lets say you find a setting you want to set your next DnD campaign in, but it's a setting with no magic. A good half the classes use magic, so so how do your address this? Do you just add magic, just not include wizards? Don't worry too much about the answer. It's a discussion not a actual...
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    D&D 5E How can you add more depth and complexity to skill checks?

    For this thread, I would like to take it as red that you want to do this. I know there is an argument that skills should be a simple, but assuming we want them to be more complex how do we do that?
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    D&D General Monster harvesting mechanics?

    Who has played around with letting players harvest resources defeated monsters? Things like killing a dragon and using their scales to make armor. Did you just do it as yea it's a part of the loot? Did you require skill checks? Have you ever had it be a core system to a campaign or a strong part...
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    D&D 5E Are there actions not covered under a skill?

    This is more of a philosophical question than a direct question. Let's say a player wants to do something and there is no skill directly related to it, should you just go straight with it being just an ability check. or should you look for the closest skill and just use that. (Not the closest...
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    D&D General Do people like re-skinning?

    What do you guys think about the practice of reskinning different classes, monsters, races, ect to make new things? Like if you don't have the statblock for a lake monster so you just use the purple worm, or if you didn't have a psychic class, so you just used the sorcery class and changed the...
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    Post Apocalypse deliveryman D20

    I noticed death stranding was going to steam and I like the game’s mechanics and thought I wonder if you could do a PnP game based on it. I am not trying to replicate the game and the setting, but more taking a general idea and making my own thing. I had a bad habit of sitting on ideas like this...
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    D&D General The campaign you will never get to run

    I have a small handful of campaign ideas that I want to run where, but I have almost no change to make them work. I am thinking that posting this is a good way to get them out of my system and it will also be neat to see what other ideas people have that they don't think will work. My never...
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    D&D 5E The lazy class idea

    Simple question, could a class that was nothing but ability score increases pass as a workable class? Like if every level you just gained a bonus ability point and no extra features. It would be a little boring for sure, but would it also be horribly broken?
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    D&D 5E Rules for moral?

    I hit a odd block when I was musing some strong hold rules. I couldn't figure out what benefits the flower garden would give. It doesn't really have a practical benefit, In real life people like gardens because they are relaxing and make you feel good, but how would you model something like...
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    D&D 5E Doing 5ed without classes.

    This is just a hack thought, but what if we wanted to rig 5ed to be classless? Could we just do a system where you have a feat a level, or would that not be enough of a bonus? HP and damage are the more tricky aspects because the game expects them to go up in order to keep pace with CR? Has...
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    starship scale

    This is more of a general thought here, but how big should a spaceship be? I kind of think that, for a table top RPG, small ships (About the size of a house.) are the best. They keep the players closer to the action rather then far away in the bridge. It keeps the players important and...
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    D&D 5E Dose D&D have room for a diplomat class?

    I didn't think to think of this before, but is it reasonable to have a class with few or zero combat abilities. Like could we make a diplomat class, or maybe a blacksmith class? Should all classes have a combat role no matter what? I figure the answer hovers somewhere around whatever the...
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    How to make a scientist class

    So I have a fun thought experiment. Lets say you want to make a class to represent the silentest arch type you see in sci fi settings. How would you do that? What abilities would they have, how would you make them different from the engineering archetype, or would you make them the same thing?
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    D&D 5E Super exotic races?

    How exotic is too exotic for a player race? I have been pondering a setting with just a ludicrous amount of racial diversity where you would have telepathic goldfish doing business with demons and drakes. Just any crazy/fun race idea gets thrown in. The question is would it be possible to have a...
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    Things that don't translate to the table top

    One of my hobbies is to look at video games/movies/books and wonder can you make an RPG about that. I have a lot of fun with it mostly because a lot of ideas don't translate well, so lets talk about that. Alternate paths: I love them in video games and one imagines that the freedom to solve a...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3ed DC to 5ed DC

    Is there a chart or formula that shows the differences in DCs from 3ed to 5ed D&D? I would be shocked if something like this didn't exist, but I don't think I have seen it. I have tons of old 3ed books and I want to press some of them back into service.
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    D&D 5E Knowlage checks

    How do people handle knowledge checks? The form that was drilled into me is that players make a knowledge check and it's the DMs job to pull out some useful information to give to the player, but I don't really like that style. It's very reliant on the DM to come up with bits of information and...
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    D&D 5E tail proficiency

    So I have some odd ideas about proficiency. I am wondering if it would brake the game to allow proficiency in more exotic things. For example taking a proficiency in tails. The idea would be that you get to add your proficiency bonuses on any action involving tails. Like if you were using your...
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    Borderlands d20

    So anyone want to try a borderlands d20 RPG? OK I don't know how to seaway into this properly so Guns. You would want to recreate borderlands ability to make random crazy guns. You could actually even end up with more insane guns too. To do that, you need real in depth and complex weapon...
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    Zombie duct-tape crafting

    So I am thinking zombie game, but the part of the zombie theme I like the most is the improvised weapon crafting where you take a broom, duct-tape and a knife and make a spear. I am not sure how you would do that in a PnP game though. My lazy idea is to just take the system dead rising 2/3...