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  1. Goblyn

    D&D doesn't need birds

    Wait, what? Who lays eggs on a long rest?
  2. Goblyn

    D&D General On the subject of Hobgoblins

    I always figured that halfling(or gnome) - human - orc was paralleled by goblin(or kobold) - hobgoblin - bugbear. So, in my mind hobgoblins are the 'humans' of the goblinoids.
  3. Goblyn

    D&D 5E Epic Monsters: Onocentaur (Poll)

    You see an Onocentaur, I see a satyr with back problems; which would make sense given those huge ... pecs, but would also go a long way to explain the nasty temper. ;)
  4. Goblyn

    The REAL news in Video games....Diablo IV announced

    A Hearthstone player named Blitzchung(sp?) won the grandmasters and in his post game interview put on a gas mask declared his support of the Hong Kong protesters. In response Activision/Blizzard revoked his $10, 000 worth of winnings and banned both him and the two casters from participating in...
  5. Goblyn

    You know what? I LOVE ENWorld.

    Just what the title says. My perspective on all aspects of both playing and DMing has improved immeasurably due to this site. I get to benefit from all sorts of points of view and creative input into anything even remotely DnD related, and can trust that for the most part discussions are civil...
  6. Goblyn

    Castle Ravenloft Boardgame

    Thanks for the quick replies! Looks like I'll have to give tha adventure book a closer read-through.
  7. Goblyn

    Castle Ravenloft Boardgame

    My group played it this weekend after the FLGS finally got their poop in a group and honoured a passed-over pre-order(fume ... RAGE ... snort). Although we're staunch 3e players it looked promising and we gave it a shot. Good game. Some of the rules took a couple of re-reads, but it was just as...
  8. Goblyn

    D&D 4E Eliminating magic items in 4e completely

    Well, it seems like in 4e the capabilities of different classes(arcane/divine/martial) aren't going to be so hugely disparate as in 3.x, so, depending on how it turns out, this may even be a non-issue. As always, we have to wait and see. Curses!
  9. Goblyn

    D&D 4E Dice Gods to be part of 4E Pantheon

    Trinumerous, the Unarmed One.
  10. Goblyn

    D&D 4E Talents and Talent trees in 4E?

    Agreed. While extremely hak-n-slash, Diablo2 had some excellent and very yoink-worthy ideas; skill trees not being the least of which(anyone else notice 'item sets' in MIC? Diablo2 did that too.)
  11. Goblyn

    D&D 4E What changes aren't being made in 4E that you think should be

    Auras. I don't dislike the idea of auras, but the more situational modifiers to keep track of when the situation(distance from aura-producer) can change quite frequently are annoying to keep track of. So, rather, not so much auras, but small, obscure and fleeting situational modifiers. And...
  12. Goblyn

    D&D 4E OMG! 4E PHB to Have RP advice!

    Really? From what I've seen about 4e, compared to earlier edtions, it seems to me that 4e is not metal enough. I don't think there can be such thing as TOO metal. There is just enough or not enough.
  13. Goblyn

    Summon monster & provoking AoO's

    I recently had a discussion with Hypersmurf about the charge maneuvre and when a character who chooses to do so is considered charging. The issue that apparently is not supposed to exist with charge explicitly does for Summon Monster spells. One who casts summon monster is casting a spell and...
  14. Goblyn

    D&D 4E New in 4E: EN World to be renamed "Eeee Ennn World"

    If it must, then it's going to have to without some of us who have invested so much into it as it already is and has been.
  15. Goblyn

    D&D 4E I've nailed down why 4e makes me apprehensive

    I'm optimistic that that is the case, but there's always the lingering pessimistic "What if ..?" part of me. I think it's in that lump on my ear.
  16. Goblyn

    D&D 4E I've nailed down why 4e makes me apprehensive

    This new approach seems as solid idea as the last, as long as the designers think to quantify abilities. I think that is why it worked out so badly in practice, why CR is sometimes so difficult to do, why LA is ... just ... horrible. This gives me an idea. An idea that I think is likely similar...
  17. Goblyn

    D&D 4E I've nailed down why 4e makes me apprehensive

    I love 3.x and have ever since the first beholder stats came out months before the first 3.0 PHB. It brought me back to DnD. I've played and DMed it so much that all the formulae of creatures, items and effects are transparent to me. I can completely gut an NPC or monster and rebuild it at my...
  18. Goblyn

    D&D 4E Weapon Sizes must die in 4E

    True, it is somewhat of a hyperbolic statement; I didn't mean to come across as talking in absolutes. I was responding to what I percieved as a given argument(...making small races useless in combat). I mean, really. A lower damage die is on average 1 less damage per hit. Apparently this makes...
  19. Goblyn

    D&D 4E Weapon Sizes must die in 4E

    Woo! Someone Understands me! Yay!:) Maybe instead of those pesky weapon size rules(really .. who can keep up with a -2 being instilled!?!) it could be written that any off-sized weapon wielded as one with a different damage type would have to move down a die size for damage! Wouldn't THAT be...