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  1. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    Oh, thanks - I'd missed that! I think you're probably right re: the dice cap, but I may play with it a little. I'm not overly worried about balance.
  2. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Small magic questions

    Nothing like the author and publisher providing an answer in 3 or so hours. :) Thanks, Morrus!
  3. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    I think your example is the rules-as-written. The pool would be 6 dice less 2 equipment dice (the -2 improv ) = 4, which is under the dice pool cap. I'm thinking of something where Skills + Attributes + Gear = 6 or more dice on a 5 Dice Cap, and the GM allows the "excess" dice to go somewhere...
  4. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Small magic questions

    It is, but it's not quite as funky to me. The paragraph reads like a contract paragraph, and I read it that way (which is my day job) so I'm sort of used to various conditionals and stuff. The first sentence is descriptive but "rest" isn't really defined. The second sentence and paragraph detail...
  5. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Capping Your Dice Pool

    The way I read it is that you have to reduce (if needed) to that base dice cap (for characters who can somehow gather a pool larger than their cap in Step 1) before you can trade off attack dice to damage (say). That is, a Grade 5 PC who gathers 7 dice in an attack pool can't put two of them...
  6. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Small magic questions

    Yea, I can see some confusion on the wording. The way I read it is that a PC can only do the one (1) hour to recover their MP if they've been well-rested via eight (8) hours or the equivalent. The eight (8) hour rest itself doesn't recharge their MPs, but allows them to then spend an hour...
  7. 1000buffalo

    WOIN The Spartan Gambit: A Quick Look At The USF Copernicus

    Nice! Definitely looking forward to this one. In the sourcebook half, I'm hoping there's enough that GMs could run a session or three before running the actual Die Hard-ish scenario. I think it would be even more entertaining with Players having a little more experience with the Spartan.
  8. 1000buffalo

    2000AD Minimum Dice pool when making a check

    Well, totally fair. As a GM, especially if I'm promoting a game, letting the Players hit a low pool like that (which, as Morrus pointed out, should be pretty rare) and not at least coaching the Players a bit on options available, can kill a game. The fact that the Players didn't work better...
  9. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Disarmored

    I'd play it less disarmored completely (i.e., you have no armor at all), and more that my enemy found or is exploiting a weak point or such. Or a strap failure like Morrus suggested. The shake off represents more getting your good side to the enemy, and less redressing in full plate mail in a...
  10. 1000buffalo

    2000AD Minimum Dice pool when making a check

    Related, that's tough - PCs hitting a pool of 2d6 when shooting for Ranged Defenses of 14 (let alone 15+, where a good number of perps land. Heck, a vagrant has a 15 ...). Barring Luck, there's no chance of hitting unless something triggers a bonus or such. If GMs see Players hitting those kind...
  11. 1000buffalo

    WOIN online games

    I'm interested in running some WOIN on Roll20. I think at the moment, I'm looking at some OLD, but I've got all three. I'd been running some NEW the other year with a great bunch of Players. I struggled with the West Marches style, though, so I'm probably looking to do a more "traditional"...
  12. 1000buffalo

    WOIN EONS 180: Deadly Injuries

    Thinking about this article a bit, two things come to mind for when I might run / use it: 1) Definitely going to use the Optional Rule for rolling a 10 on a straight Attribute check to shake off temporary conditions. 2) Thinking the Exploit Glory (was looking at Krute's pregen sheet) will get...
  13. 1000buffalo

    WOIN OLD 1.2 Morrus

    Aw, shucks - I hope it's really the 1.2 version that's up there. I just had the set of three (OLD/NOW/NEW) digest books shipped to a friend the other day.
  14. 1000buffalo

    WOIN EONS #181. Tainted Remedies

    I've been enjoying my subscription. And Tainted Remedies was a twisted little plot, I think. ;)
  15. 1000buffalo

    WOIN EONS 180: Deadly Injuries

    I definitely like this article - easily to digest and implement at two pages. Looking forward to the Advance Wounds follow-up ... some day ... ;) Anyone implement this one in their OLD game yet?
  16. 1000buffalo

    D&D 5E Do you use XPs or Milestones?

    Doing milestone for my Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign.
  17. 1000buffalo

    WOIN Magical patrons and converts

    Yea, I'd charge them the double cost if using a secret outside the Patron's secrets-of-choice. It would seem an affront to the Patron to use such magic.
  18. 1000buffalo

    Pendragon: A Game Design Masterclass

    I was just reading through KAP 5.2 this morning, along with the Great Pendragon Campaign. GPC is pretty much a matching masterclass study on a campaign.