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  1. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E [Rules Question] Opportunity Attacks and Total Cover

    Saturday night, my players in the Ruins of Undermountain encountered a xorn. While they were fighting, a discussion about Opportunity Attacks arose. The xorn moved from a position where he was surrounded (PCs are A, B, C, and D; xorn is X): A B X C . . . D To a different position: A B .. C...
  2. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Deck of Many Things Preview

    It's here. I posted the art, but figured I'd leave the page with some rules on it at their site. EDIT: But we see the text for the Balance, Comet, and Donjon cards. Thaumaturge.
  3. Thaumaturge

    WizKids is Publishing the Next D&D Adventure Board Game in March

    From an article on ICv2. It is supposed to be compatible with Wrath of Ashardalon and the rest, though details are sketchy. The info is from a published, and then removed, sell sheet. Thaumaturge.
  4. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E DungeonScape Beta Gloat Thread

    I just got my email. Anyone else? Thaumaturge.
  5. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Steve Winter Clarifies a few HotDQ Issues.

    Over on the WotC boards, here. He's going over missing info and the like. EDIT: I've added it here. I suppose he won't mind me copying his stuff. Thaumaturge.
  6. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons Online Comic pt 2

    The new comic is up, for those interested. Thaumaturge.
  7. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Frequency of Saves in the Monster Manual

    Ok. I'm one of the happy few who has a Monster Manual. I know some of you are really interested in all sorts of monster math, so I figured I would provide people some numbers to tide you over. My Methods I went through the MM page by page. I counted every time a monster had an ability that...
  8. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E [Rules Question] Two-handed Weapons and Somatic Components

    How do two-handed weapons interact with somatic components? Is there no penalty for using a two-handed weapon and wanting to cast spells? If there is a penalty/consequence, what is it? Thaumaturge.
  9. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E D&D Website Redesign (And a Tyranny of Dragons Teaser Video)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2dDqOlBXPg&list=UUi-PULMg2eD_v5AO0PlW4sg&app=desktop It is a teaser, so there isn't much to it. Except Tiamat. EDIT: And the D&D site has been redesigned: http://dnd.wizards.com/ From Bart Carroll about the redesign: EDIT2: I changed the thread title to...
  10. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E My Starter Set Play Experience with New Players (SPOILERS)

    Players: Three (A, J, and E) sisters and their husbands (H and W) (except me, who was running the game). Three players had played a game or two 15+ years ago. My wife (A) is an experienced player. One player (W) begrudgingly agreed to play, though he expected to hate it. His wife (E) forced the...
  11. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E PH(B) Tavern Brawler Feat

    Looks pretty cool to me. Thaumaturge.
  12. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E The Key to Having a Midnight Release at Your LGS May Be

    Just asking. Seriously. Back in the 3e days, I asked if they were going to have a midnight release. The owner hadn't thought about it. A month later, they had an awesome event for the 3e release. Yesterday, I went to my LGS, and asked if they'd thought about having a midnight release for 5e...
  13. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Starter Set Character Sheets

    They finally released them as a pdf here. I'll be using them this weekend or next, too, so I'm glad they got around to it. Thaumaturge.
  14. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E PH(B) Hermit Background

  15. Thaumaturge

    Forum Currency (Gold Pieces)

    I have forum Gold Pieces. How? What are they? Where do they come from? Why is the number getting larger? I've looked around. I've tried a few search terms. I can't figure it out. I can see how to turn my money into GP, but I'm not doing that. I'm so confused. EDIT: Never mind. I found it in...
  16. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E PH(B) Soldier Background (Art is new)

  17. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Background ToC TIDBIT

    I almost didn't post this, there's so little meat to it, but I know not everyone is on twitter. And some of you are masters at teasing information out of seemingly insignificant bits. Thaumaturge.
  18. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Theory: Eladrin in 5e

    We know from the Tiefling preview that they get a cantrip at 1st level, a 1st level spell 1/day at 3rd, and a 2nd level spell 1/day at 5th. Misty Step is a brand new 2nd level spell in 5B. It is a short range (30') teleport like eladrin had in 4e. Connecting the dots, it seems likely a subrace...
  19. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate Comic from IDW Announcement.

    By Jim Zub and Max Dunbar. "The adventures of Minsc and Boo continue at last! Tell your friends! :)" Anyone know what else they've worked on? Woo! EDIT:"It arrives in October (so it's available for pre-order now). More details coming soon." EDIT2: A link was originally posted, but it...
  20. Thaumaturge

    D&D 5E Background Page from PH(B)

    At first blush this looks like the page from 5B with art. Anyone notice differences? Thaumaturge.