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  1. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Seeking a RPG through the internet

    I am currently seeking a RPG - D&D, Savage Worlds, or World of Darkness - playable through the internet. This includes Skype, Discord, and similar platforms. (I live remotely). Also, I am in my 40s, and so seek a group of adults. Post here, or message me if this is possible for your group...
  2. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Liches Get Stitches

    More than 10 years ago I wrote a book on liches for 3.5, "Lords of Sorrow." For the past few months I've been working on updating it. Right now it has; 6 templates (for 5E) or 6 prestige classes (for Pathfinder) Rules for creating special phylatceries A discussion of the transformation (they...
  3. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Looking for "Hidden Art: Slouching Towards A Critical Framework for RPGs"

    Hello All- I am looking for the essay "Hidden Art: Slouching Towards A Critical Framework for RPGs" by Robin D. Laws. I've found a lot of references to the essay, but not the essay. For example, the links for the article going to the Big Purple just lead to a 404 page. Can someone kindly point...
  4. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    FantasyWorld (a Delos Destination)

    In the HBO series Westworld, the titular Westworld is a theme park with robots. The humans come and go, murder the robot bandits, sleep with robot prostitutes, and so forth. Then during a regular software upgrade, the robots go berserk and murder absolutely everyone. What if a GM were to flip...
  5. Grumpy RPG Reviews


    On vacation I drove from Dallas, through the Texas panhandle, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington state. While watching the varied scenery, several thoughts occurred to me. One; Idaho is lousy with potato-monsters. Two; More seriously, what kind of topography do you describe in...
  6. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Planejammer / Spellscape

    Let's say at some point over the next few months WotC announces some update to Planescape and/or Spelljammer. This may include cherry picking the best bits of each and combining them. What would you want out of such a setting, or supplement?
  7. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Time Travel in yourgame?

    What are your thoughts about including time travel in your game?
  8. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian

    So how would you make Lilliputians and Brobdingnagians into PC races? Is it possible to make them into PC races? Part of my thinking on this is how the recent D&D Beyond video observed larger-than-medium creatures can create mechanical issues. That said, I think reskinning the storm giants...
  9. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Grand Unified Setting Theory

    I am in the lobby of a mechanic while my car is being repaired. I am bored. So I am going to do something to amuse myself. I'm going to play a game linking different pieces of pop culture. You are invited to contribute. For example, the Primus of the plane of Mechanus is the same entity as the...
  10. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Parasite Dimension?

    The late and much missed writer Terry Pratchett wrote about "parasite dimensions." They are not the same thing as alternate timelines or simply a parallel universe. They are usually malevolent, and home to malevolent creatures. Inside the dimension, time does not function. Locals are vulnerable...
  11. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Advance reviews of MtoF?

    Are you aware of any advance reviews of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes posted anywhere? If so, is there an consensus?
  12. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Explosive math (second opinion welcome)

    Edit: I am open to comments, corrections and second opinions. So I’m working on an adventure involving flying a caravel through the astral plane at a high rate of speed, relative to the fixed geography of Earth. It then occurred to me, what happens if the crew runs the ship into a fixed object...
  13. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Infinity War in your campaign (Spoilers)

    So in Infinity War Thanos lectures everyone on the virtues of Uwe Boll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I hope that is enough spoiler space. Joking aside, just as a thought experiment, how would you include the end of Infinity War in your game, assuming you chose to do so? The party is...
  14. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    D&D 5E Homebrew Spell: Parasitic Soul (Feedback Request)

    What are your thoughts on this spell? Parasitic Soul 9th level necromancy / transmutation Casting Time: 1 hour per level or CR Range: Touch Components: V, S Duration: Permanent The spells allows the caster to replace the original souls of the target with a duplicate of one chosen by the...
  15. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Best Graphic Design / Layout

    What tabletop RPG product do you think has the best graphic design and layout? Why? This is an honest question and I am pursuing it in part for a school project.
  16. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Starfinder Starfinder Silliness

    So, what happened to Golarion? The Time War. The Last Great Time War happened to the planet. Either that, or it was that time that davros and the Daleks stole the grab bag of planets so they could destroy the creation. Citing the Time War is kind of a personal joke. Basically, anytime there is...
  17. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Is Azathoth, the daemon sultan at the center of the universe.....

    ... in public domain? Seriously, is he, (it?) in public domain? I want to use Azathoth in something i am writing, but my research is getting mixed responses. Namely, it seems to be both copyright (by Chaosium) and in the public domain. Any thoughts? The same goes for Nyarlathotep.
  18. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    Gaming Podcasts

    Are there any good gaming podcasts you listen to and can recommend? These days about the only podcast I listen to is Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. Dragon Talk is rather mediocre. Most of the others I used to listen to are defunct.
  19. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    D&D 5E What do you want from a lich?

    Hello all. What do you want from a book on lichs? I am revising and reworking a book on lichs, "Lords of Sorrow," which I first wrote 10 years ago. The new book will feature a range of powers and spells available to lichs, as well as some NPCs which might be plugged into a campaign. Given that...
  20. Grumpy RPG Reviews

    D&D 5E Epic Casting

    What are your thoughts on epic casting in 5E? As far as I know, there are no official rules for this in 5E. But it might be an issue for something I am working on with some friends in the future. What are your thoughts on what it should do, and what should be avoided?