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  1. Heathen72

    Squire to Knight

    One of my players has just become a squire of a knight errant in a realm of Arthurian Romance. He intends to play an old school paladin. We are going to play through some short background scenes together (as he grows from boy to knight). I'm looking for some prompts to help me flesh it out.
  2. Heathen72

    Post in this thread so that you can give xp

    There is nothing more annoying then when someone posts something brilliant but you can't give them xp. And the same of course goes when people tell you that would love to give you xp, but you will have to make do with a smiley face. Clearly there needs to be a thread like this where you can...
  3. Heathen72

    Happy GM's Day!!

    Happy GM's Day everyone! I hope all you GM's out there get pampered and treated right. Maybe some of you might get a chance to play, maybe you might just get a mini of a nasty monster to torment your players with. Whatever your players do for you, I hope it's a great day. :) Anyone players...
  4. Heathen72

    Would you prefer it if your partner said you were a great GM, or great in bed?

    The questions are simple: Would you prefer it if your 'partner'* said you were a great GM or that you were great in bed. Which would hurt you more - he/she told you you were a crap GM or crap in bed. The poll is open, and private, so please tick the two that apply. Please show a little...
  5. Heathen72

    GM's day Facebook Page

    For those of you on Facebook, I have created a Group for GM'S Day. https://www.facebook.com/GMSDAY If you are a player pop on and say something nice about your GM. If you are a GM, click 'like' and if your players are on Facebook they might get the hint! Also, if you are doing a sale, let...
  6. Heathen72

    Making 'em cry

    Movies and TV do it. Books do it. Theatre and musicals do it and even a good song can do it. They can bring you to tears. So, if RPG's are akin to these other art forms it prompts the question: do they have the ability to really affect your emotions? I am not talking about thrills, scares or...
  7. Heathen72

    Games that are more fun to play than to read

    A counterpoint to this thread, name some games that are more fun to play than to 'read' i.e., were the games really poorly organized but good once you have worked them out? was the gameplay good, but the rules hellish to learn? were the writers really bad at writing, but really good at rules...
  8. Heathen72

    Games that are more fun to read than to play

    As per the title. What games have you found more interesting to read than to play? There are a lot of games that I have loved to read that I was never able to play for any length of time, because I could never get anyone else to play it because the game was too 'out there', the fluff was...
  9. Heathen72


    I think many of here would readily admit that we enjoy discussing the very nature of gaming - what makes a good GM, what makes a good game, what is the best balance between gamist / narrative etc etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum and so on. My question, though, is if the science of teaching -...
  10. Heathen72

    Killing the sense of wonder

    In a way, I am asking the same question as this thread but inquiring paradoxically - i.e, studying what we do badly in order to do better. So... What kills the sense of wonder in your games? The GM? The Players? The ruleset? The lawnmower outside the window? Some examples of things that have...
  11. Heathen72

    100 ways to engage the senses

    The title says it all: How do you try to engage of the senses of your players to add flavour to your games? Do you draw on the full range of the character's senses (taste smell, hearing, touch, sight) when describing your world, or do you just tell them what they see?* What sort of props do...
  12. Heathen72

    Just gotta finish this level...

    Some of the members of Australian Comedy Band Tripod are gamers, and it shows in this 'romantic' song. http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=1329362959167995041&q=type%3Aau_gpick Bear with it, it's funny once it gets started. :)
  13. Heathen72

    Railroads (wooh! wooh!)

    A while ago, I raised the topic of the sacred cows in roleplaying – those things which often generate a (negative) knee jerk response - and one of those is predetermined plot direction, or ‘railroading’. So, in the interests of challenging such truisms: when is it okay to railroad a little? How...
  14. Heathen72

    When the warforged are getting on your nerves...

    From Dr Smith's Insult Library, what to call the next Warforged Clod who steps on your character's toes. Best used by cowardly mages, NPC Academics or thwarted Villains! Animated Hunk of Machinery Animated Weather Station Arrogant Automation As Protective as a Leaky Umbrella Assassin...
  15. Heathen72

    RPG-ish Boardgames

    Oh, and Kill Doctor Lucky, by cheapass games
  16. Heathen72

    RPG-ish Boardgames

    Wizwar. I still pull out the 6th edition from time to time. Best played without the expansion sets. http://www.silcom.com/~tomjolly/wizhome.htm
  17. Heathen72

    Best VOIP gaming programs? (was Ghostorb?)

    I just wanted to know if anyone here had used Ghostorb or other such programs (OpenRPG?) to play 'tabletop' style role playing games over long distances. These programs combine VOIP or chat with facilities for online maps, rules resolution and so on. If so what your thoughts were on the pro's...
  18. Heathen72

    The top 100 'Sacred Cows' of Roleplaying

    So, what are those sacred cows of roleplaying that get your goat? I'm talking about those concepts, phrases or arguments that get rolled out as irrefutable answers in any discussion about a gaming issue or rules discussion. What bugs your bear? This is the spot for your rant! Oh, one little...
  19. Heathen72

    Help needed for high level dungeon...

    Hi everyone, I need a little help designing a high level (16th?) 'dungeon'. It's a prison of sorts for a powerful demon and it has laid deep beneath the city for nigh on a thousand years. No one has ever come across it, or even heard of it, because it is psychically warded to make people more...
  20. Heathen72

    Greater Wolfwere NPC with Class levels. How do I work out a 'fair' CR?

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right forum for this. A wee bit of background: I am reintroducing a character into my 3rd Ed campaign - he was a major NPC back when it was based in 2nd Ed Ravenloft. Well, the characters finally escaped that realm (and ruleset) and now, after several years, so...