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    D&D 5E Eberron: Convergence Manifesto

    Dear Community, I just started Across Eberron's Convergence Manifesto, the first couple sessions have been a blast, and I'd like to have a conversation with fellows who have played (spoilers ahead!), DMed or just read the adventures. 1st) I'm having a hard time understanding the overall gold...
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    D&D 5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    I would never have thought that... I always liked Warforged for the hole concept of the race, forged for war, born "ready" for battle (hence my disgust with current Integrated Plate). Not only part of the fun as DM is to know how to overcome that (Heat Metal!), but also coup de grace helps...
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    D&D 5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    There's some interesting fan art revolving around it, like this:
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    D&D 5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    Yes it is : ) Here's some art:
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    D&D 5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    I can't believe there was such a rarsh feedack on those things. Actually, they were an evolution from what they published in the first UA, more in line with the setting, and I remember mostly positive feedback online when Wayfinders was released. Also, I don't get the "math". So... now we have...
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    D&D 5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    So... I was the only one who thought the changes in races (namely Changeling and mostly Warforged) and Dragonmarks was bad game design? I don't know why they did it, especially after going with great design material in Wayfinders, but I think it's garbage. Specially how Warforged was handled...
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    Adaption/Enhancing Tomb of Annihilation's Dungrunglung

    Hello, I've been running a (heavily addapted) Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron, putting Chult in the lost continent of Xen'drik. So I'm preparing to use Dungrunglung in my campaign, and I have two issues with it for witch I'd like a few opinions on fellow setting fans (and more experienced...
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    D&D 5E D&D Miniatures in London

    Dear All, I live in Brazil, where it's hard and expensive to find D&D Miniatures (the old Skirmish or new WizKids ones...), but soon I'll have a trip to London, where I heard there are many game/hobby stores. Since their websites don't turn anything interesting in that sense, any suggestions...
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    Hit & Run Encounter

    Hi all! I'm prepping a ToA session (in Eberron!) with my player's characters travelling the forest, and I want a tribe of Drow to use hit and run tactics against the players in one (or more?) days. How would you rule that?
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    Half Orc Druid (Land)

    I'd like tips on making a Half-orc Druid (Land:Grass) for an Eberron game. Could you please help me? Dump stats? Spell selection? Overall combat scheme?
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    D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron

    #SPOILERS AHEAD# I'm expecting to run Tomb of Annihilation in Eberron in the foreseable future, but I'm having a little creativity-gap in how to adapt some tings, so here I'm to ask for help! :) If anyone knows how to set up a button to hide/collapse parts of the text (as used in may guides)...
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    D&D 5E New WotC Products: Character Sheets Confirmed

    Definately, one of the products is a new deluxe character sheets...
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    D&D 5E 5e Hardcore: Monster Manual

    I'm sad I don't have enought skill mastery nor time to help with this project, 'cos it's a great job! One abbility I think is expecially interesting is the immunity to cantrips... heck, that's basic yet very very cool. If it was your own idea, kudo - if you borrowed from somewhere else, please...
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    D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide

    5 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide This book has a great section on planes, where they bring the Great Wheel back to life with some improvements from 4E Cosmolgy and a massive section on Magic Items. The optional rules presented here are also interesting. All in all...
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    D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules

    5 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules Well, WotC promissed and edition to bind them all... and here we are. Bounded accuracy works wonders to make things more balanced, while classes fell special and unique again and DM got change of the game back!
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    D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual

    5 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Monster Manual At least one page per monster? check! Dozens of creatures? check Enemies that can threaten your players for a wide range of levels? check Easy-to-read and easy-to-use stats? check Actually I think this is the best Monster Manual in years...
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    D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook

    5 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook With 5e, D&D returns to form from using some of the best stuff from previous editions. This tome comes with classic races (gnomes are back!), enough class options to keep playing for years and a streamlined system that is fast paced and...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    I mostly disagree with your opinions in this thread... but not this time. I like challange. Challange is how my character shines in combat! But "excess of challange" tends towards frustrating. Maybe that's why I was never into Tomb of Horrors or even Dark Sun for the matter... anywaya, as you...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    I have a feeling that +1 to Hit/Damage isn't as powerfull as the best feats, which also give you new abilities/options and usually go towards a concept (Polearm Master, Shield Master, etc). Moreover, most (if no all) optimization guides I read tell to get feats first, then use ASI to actually...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    Doubt: the problem is to "know the resolution in advance" or "know the odds of resolutuion in advance". Because to know the resolution in advance you must be sure you can't fail - like having a +9 vs 10 DC. ... All in all, 5e does have some guidelines on skill DCs - but it takes a nice...