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  1. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Spell description section in A5E

    I do not know will you print all 5E spells in Core rulebook(or if you can at all) or any your own design spells, but consider better organization. Spell lists per class are OK in 5E PHB. Maybe add short description like 3.5E style(PHB&Spell Compendium), this is not necessary if space in book is...
  2. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Do we need ability scores for A5E? And any racial/ancestry/lineage/background/culture ability bonuses?

    As we progress through editions ability score value is dropping and we more or less use only ability modifier. Even character sheets now put modifier front and center have small font size for score value... Why not axe the score completely and just have modifiers? Modify point buy pool from...
  3. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Feats in A5E?!

    Simple question, Will A5E Core rulebook come with some new feats and maybe new takes on (majority of) feats from PHB/XGtE? Many feats from those two books are in dire need for improvement, even few feats from Tasha's.
  4. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Knacks; reorganizing them and make most knacks available to several classes, few to all classes.

    Now, to me Knacks are one of the best addition to 5E that I have seen. A new category of "mini-feats" that certain classes can have them picked up across leveling. But, a few of them are misplaced and many seem to match better with other class rather than the class that they are written for in...
  5. Horwath

    D&D 5E Full feats from Tasha's: are they worth a "full feat slot"?

    As the title says, could this feat just be turned to half feats and would that break balance too much Artificer initiate; This feat is closest to Magic initiate with difference that you get one tool proficiency instead of one cantrip. I could hardly call that an improvement. And Magic initiate...
  6. Horwath

    D&D 5E Focused ranger. A simple fix for the ranger.

    Just to add to the beating of the undead horse... Ranger class has some problems with Favored Enemy and Natural explorer. Simply not be able to count on your class features 100% or close to 100%. Favored enemy and Natural explorer are similar (under)powered. What about option to be...
  7. Horwath

    D&D 5E About the artwork...

    Now that we saw some previews of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and some fine artwork in it. Starting with this: can we in the future be spared of your acid trip induced visions, starting with this: now you have proven that you can do excellent artwork, so please, do continue.
  8. Horwath

    Improved concentration feat.

    There is a lot of talk about ability to have concentration on multiple spells, but problem is also how to balance it. Here is my suggestion for a feat that does that: Improved concentration: prerequirements: spellcaster, ability to cast 2nd level spells. gain; +1 con or +1 to your...
  9. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Adding buckler and tower shield to A5E?

    What about idea to have 3 shield sizes/categories? buckler: +1 AC, requires light armor proficiency, You cannot use buckler with Shield master or any similar feature that requires a shield. You can use your off hand to hold items and cast spells with S/M componets or hold focuses and keep AC...
  10. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Just remove all racial ability bonuses and tweak the point buy system:

    Now with Tasha's book coming out soon and "floating" ability score bonuses from race, just make it simple and remove them all together and focus on minor exploration/combat/social bonuses from race, and every bonus could have at least two options. And tweak the point buy system; New point...
  11. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Reworking ASI's and feats by giving "ASI" points every character level, instead of 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level.

    This is idea to rework ASI's and feats and to rebalance them with a more variable cost than just "feat" and "half-feat". Also cost of which ability is boosted will also change. Instead of gaining ASI's at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, all classes will get 2 "ASI" points per level...
  12. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Should AD&D5E remove simple/martial weapon category as exotic weapons were removed from 5E?

    To me simple/martial weapons are just a needless hassle to have in D&D. And would be easier to design/balance all kind of weapons if we had only one "power" category to think about. And proficiency bonus, fighting styles, HDs, feats, other "martial" class features should be more than enough to...
  13. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Removing medium armor and adding strength to all armors as minimum ratings.

    This is simple mechanical suggestion that removes medium armor(it is just an unwanted b'stard child of light and heavy armor) and adds strength for ALL armors. Armor name and flavor does not matter. You can name it and design it as you want. Light armor: AC = 10 + min STR mod + DEX mod -10 ft...
  14. Horwath

    Level Up (A5E) Multiclassing for 5E-Level up (dual-class)

    multiclassing is kind of a mixed bag in 5E. Either it does not work if you go with puce multiclass(levels split down the middle) or it gets into some insane levels with 1-3 level dips. personally, I hate 1-3 level dips in 10th level or more characters. My best version is dual-classing; But...
  15. Horwath

    D&D 5E 5E Races without racial ASIs.

    We know that racial ASIs guide certain races to certain classes and make some classes obviously not best combination. But we still want difference between races, not just the same chassis with different paintwork. So maybe we could focus on certain skills/tools/expertise or ribbon abilities...
  16. Horwath

    D&D 5E Homebrew: Making all abilities more valuable. Adding two abilities to most mechanics.

    This idea is simple. To prevent dumping one or two scores for boosting one or two to max without much penalty, why don't we add 2 ability modifier on most mechanics in the game. 1. Melee attacks; Melee and thrown attack roll: str + dex Melee/thrown 1H damage str×2 Melee 2H damage str×3...
  17. Horwath

    D&D 5E What battle system would you prefere for Baldur's Gate 3?

    We have lots of activity here about BG3 and reddit is in "torch and pichfork mode" about it. So, this is a simpe poll, What would be your prefered BG3 combat system.
  18. Horwath

    D&D 5E Weapons and armor: Using Strength instead of class proficiencies. Using str or dex for all melee weapons.

    Right now we still have Str that is little unused, unless going for 2Handed melee builds. We also have lot's of overlap in class/race proficiencies and with multiclass. I would like to suggest a system that uses; Minimum strength for ALL weapons and armor instead of proficiencies. For melee...
  19. Horwath

    D&D 5E Adding multiclass feats to prevent cheesy level dips and help true dual class level splits.

    Right now multiclassing comes down to having primary class and cheesy level dips in 1 or 2 other classes for 1 to 2 levels, maybe 3. Also going for true dual class character, that is one that has 2 classes that follow each other within 1 level difference always can be really underpowered...
  20. Horwath

    D&D 5E Rethinking weapons categories and proficiencies: Using strength as requirement instead of class proficiencies.

    With this idea weapon attack and damage would use str or dex for all melee weapons and dex for attack and damage for ranged weapons. All character are proficient with all weapon but suffer penalties(disadvantage) if they do not meet minimum strength requirement for a given weapon. The bigger...