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  1. Tun Kai Poh

    170+ TTRPGs in itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality (Lancer, Troika, BitD; also my stuff and #RPGSEA games)

    Indie video game and TTRPG creators on itch.io have put together a charity bundle of over 700 items for USD5 or more, which is a pretty astounding bundle if you think about it. Proceeds go to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund and itch has waived its usual cut. As I...
  2. Tun Kai Poh

    Roleplaying Online Under Lockdown: Interview Series

    I've started an interview series on my blog covering local gamers who've adapted to roleplaying online during lockdown. This week, I spoke with professional GM and D&D Adventurers League organizer Ian Adly, who talked about the tools and platforms he uses, and the technical issues he...
  3. Tun Kai Poh

    Kai's guide to #RPGSEA games and creators!

    So a while back I posted about Paul Czege's quote on indie RPGs on itch.io, back in this thread: https://www.enworld.org/threads/paul-czege-on-the-wild-energy-of-the-itch-io-ttrpg-scene-or-my-life-with-itch.667891/ The itch.io pen-and-paper scene is getting more attention these days - for...
  4. Tun Kai Poh

    Paul Czege on the wild energy of the itch.io ttrpg scene, or, "My Life With Itch"

    Paul Czege, the designer of MY LIFE WITH MASTER has spent this year looking at the indie scene on itch.io, and the crazy wild energy on it. An important thread on Twitter. If I were his editor, I'd title it "My Life With Itch." This is the Physical Games section of itch.io today, BTW. Over...
  5. Tun Kai Poh

    D&D 5E Doggos & Doggos, a cute 5e supplement about doggos.

    It's called Doggos & Doggos and it's 20% off for today (full price $4.99) at the itch.io store: Doggos & Doggos by Kazumi Chin ...but is it about doggos? Seriously though, this is really cute, heartwarming stuff. Shelter pups! Feral pups! All kinds of backgrounds and races and doggo-themed...
  6. Tun Kai Poh

    D&D 5E First taste of Descent into Avernus in Malaysia

    Kai here. This is the report of our first excursion into Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, Chapter 1, and our first thoughts on the book overall! Actual Play: Descent into Avernus, Chapter 1 On a personal note, I'm really glad to see our local Adventurers League (leadership team shown...
  7. Tun Kai Poh

    The next core book should be about CLONES.

    It's fan art by my friend Khairul Hisham. And it totally needs to happen. Think of the potential awesome of a campaign based around the action and intrigue from serving in the Republic Army. Think of the potential for themed groups made up entirely of characters who look identical to one...
  8. Tun Kai Poh

    Owl Hoot Trail (microlite d20 Western) - What are Dog Gobblers?

    I've been pondering a game of Owl Hoot Trail, that marvelous little fantasy Western d20 game by Clinton Nixon and Kevin "PirateCat" Kulp, and I fancy these here "Dog-Gobblers" in the Monster section as being a nice starting foe for a Level 1 party. But I can't seem to find any reference to these...