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  1. Ymdar

    D&D 5E Help me run four published adventures (spoilers)

    So the first section of my 5e campaign soon closes. I have 3 PCs all are level 5. I never touched any published adventures but I thought it was time for a change: The PCs are conveniently traveling from Cormyr to the west it makes sense to start with Hoard of the Dragon Queen. My plan is to...
  2. Ymdar

    Enhancing Forgotten Realms

    I’d really love to hear what other GMs are adding to Forgotten Realms or how you are chaning certain regions maybe how you remove clunky stuff from the game world. I tend to use as much as I can from the 3E FRCS and some 2E material as well. I’ll start: I follow most of SCAG history but I...
  3. Ymdar

    [FR] Shadovar in 5e

    I'm running a campaign heavily focused on combating the remnants of the Shadovar/Netherese agencies in Sembia who in turn are plotting to reclaim some or all of the Dalelands. Anyone did a conversion of the Shadovar for 5e or has run any campaigns involving them to give some advice? The 3e FRCS...
  4. Ymdar

    Help with handing out magic items

    Please help me with constructive criticism on a system I will use to hand out magic items over the course of a lvl1-20 game with around 3 or 4 campaigns. The items will not magically appear in front of characters' doorsteps, instead they will find them at curio shops, in dungeons as loot and...
  5. Ymdar

    D&D 5E Melee Hexblade Sorcerer with Eldritch Smite advice

    I have checked a few places already is there already advice or a build for a melee Hexblade who would use Eldritch Smite on enemies in the same manner as the Paladin Sorcerer? I know this particular build would be weaker because they get no heavy armor proficiency but otherwise looks just as...
  6. Ymdar

    [FR] Noncombat encounters in Anauroch

    Title says it all. Did anyone GM in Anauroch and if so did you set up any noncombat encounters there?
  7. Ymdar

    [FR] Adventure ideas for the Sword Coast and the North

    After playing a lot of Pathfinder I came back to 5e and Forgotten realms only to find that the plot hooks for 5e FR are a bit lacking for me in the Sword Coast and the North. After reading the swag twice, the only adventure ideas I could decipher from the book are: The citaldels of the dwarves...
  8. Ymdar

    I know magic items are unnecessary but

    Do you have any method to give magic items to PCs? I have seen the tables in dmg and xgte but was wondering if anyone uses something different?
  9. Ymdar

    D&D 5E Why penalize returning from death?

    This could be a general question as well but let's go with 5e because it is the newest and most modern version of D&D. So why penalize returning from death from a game design perspective? It used to be poorly defined 'loss of level' in previous editions, now it is only the gold cost. In most...
  10. Ymdar

    Pathfinder 1E A Monster of Golarion

    I am pretty sure I read in some book, probably the Inner Sea World Guide, that there is a great beast who's blood grants eternal youth. Anyone remember where I could have read this?
  11. Ymdar

    PrCs giving ability boosts

    Anyone know of PrCs that give ability boosts aside from: Dragon Disciple, Acolyte of Skin, Green Star Adept, War Chief or War Hulk?
  12. Ymdar

    Celestial Armor

    Hey guys, I was looking at Celestial Armor from the core book, and was wondering if you could make something like that from mithral? We were having a slight debate whether it is made from (bright) silver or gold, or if only its colour is bright silver or bright gold. Alternatively can a...
  13. Ymdar

    CMD too low?

    We are about to hit a level in our game when our monk will according to him "aggro enemies on him and then trip them all over". This was the time I started to look up the CMD. And then I realized combat maneuvers are pretty powerful since only rings or protections or some specialized protection...
  14. Ymdar

    Is there a feat...?

    Is there a feat in any of the Paizo or WoTC books that allows the use of the barbarian rage class feature? Sorry guys its been a long time since I played the game and forgot every powerful stuff :)
  15. Ymdar

    Is there a feat...

    Is there a feat in either a Pathfinder or WoTC books that increase your skillpoints per level? I know its a longshot, and might be overpowered too, but maybe.
  16. Ymdar

    D&D 4E Do you like 4e?

    I made this poll because I'm curious if according to the articles out there people like or don't like 4e. I have a hunch that marketing and R&D strategy analysis at wotc went afoul after analysing the marginal success of SW Saga.
  17. Ymdar

    Survival tips for Green Star Adepts

    I always like to run PrCs considered to be weak compared to others like my current air Elemental Savant who lives happily while every PC in the party died at least twice. Since that campaign is soon coming to an end I layed my eyes on the Green Star Adept. And I was puzzled. We always create...
  18. Ymdar

    Class skill swap

    I was thinking about your opinions people: Is it (too) powerful if I allow PCs to swap their class skills for cross class skills on a one on one basis? Or with standard rules, is it powerful if I mix (SAGA Edition style) spot/listen/search to perception and Sense Motive/Bluff as Deception or...
  19. Ymdar

    Contact Other Plane

    I was wondering if by RAW is it possible to cure Contact Other Plane int/cha decrease by Restoration or other magical means? As a DM I'd tend to disagree but don't know if the rules would allow it.
  20. Ymdar

    Urban Legends, mystic adventure hooks

    I'd need sources for adventure hooks like the Jersey Devil, Mothman, Philadelphia experiment, Conspiracy theories. Anyone know good links or have good ideas?