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  1. Sialia

    I'm All Out of Bears, I'm So Lost Without You . . . (An Aelar, Ailurus and Willow moment)

    Once upon a time, there were two winter wolves and a passel of Orcs who made the poor life choice to attack our party of 3 wood elves: Aelar (a ranger), Ailurus (his little sister, a druid), and Willow (a friend who's a heckuva rogue). And this is how it happened from my point of view. I'm the...
  2. Sialia

    Baby Pictures of the Elder Gods

    Rex I can only get close enough to Rex to sketch him when he's napping. Otherwise, he devours my brain and climbs into my skull, pretty much every time. At least he doesn't shed on the good furniture, much. Clawing the upholstery is another matter.
  3. Sialia

    Baby Pictures of the Elder Gods

    Gem, Deck of Many Things
  4. Sialia

    Baby Pictures of the Elder Gods

    Fool, for the Deck of Many Things.
  5. Sialia

    Baby Pictures of the Elder Gods

    Sialia's Garden Ok, its been a long spring that took most of the summer, too.:-S Here's how far I got.
  6. Sialia

    Orc, Pie, Firefly

    Sialia's Garden Here's a sample of what my own stuff looks like these days. It was a nice drawing of a cactus, but again, un-ENworldable as a still life of a cactus. So I went a little further.
  7. Sialia

    Orc, Pie, Firefly

    I can't claim credit for this one. I only kibbitzed a little about making the font readable. Enjoy! ~ http://fatherofchaos.tumblr.com/post/127694616522/a-little-genre-mashing-for-all-dd-loving ?
  8. Sialia

    Sialia Doodles, Again

    I've been gone so long, I don't even know where the proper forum for art threads goes. Anyway, I've started doodling again and want to share. You think of a better place for the thread, let me know.
  9. Sialia

    Things I learned being Dylrath Birdhouse in Piratecat's game, a long time ago

    Was cleaning out some old files this evening and ran across the following list. I may have posted this stuff ages ago. Can't recall. Thought there might be some of you out there might find this amusing. 1. If you beat someone up, you get to keep their stuff. 2. Stay out of combat. 3. Any plan...
  10. Sialia

    Attaching images

    Apologies if this has been asked a million times already--just link me to the answer thread. Why is it that sometimes when I add an image to a thread it shows the picture at a readable size right in the post, and sometimes it shows a thumbnail with a link, and sometimes just the name of the...
  11. Sialia

    Sialia's New Deck

    I know, I know. There is no "Turtle" card in the Deck of Many Things. This would have been a lovely snake haired Euryale if my scanner hadn't conked out on me. But it did and I was possessed by a desperate need to try out my new idea for a deck of golden cloisonne cards (enchantable quality...
  12. Sialia

    Hold your storyhour in your hands, bound.

    Saw this today at a trade show and thought some of you might be interested. Yes, it's for real, and you can check out the details at http://www.xeroxaspiringauthors.com/ It's also listed on the Xerox.com website for those of you who are skeptical. "To qualify, participants must be legal...
  13. Sialia

    Defenders of Daybreak Fans: What's your favorite quote?

    This is for a fun & cool project I'm thinking of doing. I'm looking for the all time top ten best short pithy things that have been said in Piratecat's Storyhour, or the Early Years, or The Thread That Must Not Be Named. By "pithy" I mean not more than a dozen words. The shorter the better...
  14. Sialia

    Bad RPG Poetry Competition

    In honor of my birthday (which is today) I am sponsoring a Bad Poetry Competition. Rules are: 1. Must be your own work 2. Must be RPG related in subject matter 3. Must pass Grandma rule The author of my favorite piece of awful verse will get to request one illustration, which I will...
  15. Sialia

    Where is the Thread with all the Cool Idea Links?

    I have a link to add to it: http://www.fabrics.net/joan502.asp This whole site is full of the history of textiles, and I see lots of gaming ideas and world design ideas in here. But for starters, the above article on what the first women aviators wore is a hoot. I want Piratecat to run...
  16. Sialia

    I need a potion name

    I need a really good name for a potion of scalding hot steam breath. It needs to be made up of recognizable English words, and not entirely give away what the potion does. It might suggest that the potion users mouth and throat will not be wholly immune to the effects. I've been toying...
  17. Sialia

    where was that custom t-shirt site?

    Does anyone recall--a while back somebody made some gaming related t-shirts via a web site that allowed you to post your design, and then folks could order the design on whatever objects they wanted (t-shirts, boxes, caps, thongs, etc. were available) and you didn't have to pre-print any...
  18. Sialia

    Happy Birthday to me! Post me your Worst Verse!

    It is my annual birthday tradition to demand gifts of Bad Verse from my friends. Guess what? This year, you folks are elected to pay my chosen tribute. Rules are: 1. it has to be your own verse. Can't be someone else's. 2. It doesn't have to be fresh, feel free to recycle old ones. 3...
  19. Sialia

    Avatars by Sialia

    Welcome to my Avatars thread. If you are interested in getting an Avatar, please post a nice request with a clear, clever concept that is not a portrait. I don't charge anything, but I do love constructive feedback and a nice credit line. -----------------------------------------...
  20. Sialia

    Another wonderful website:Women, Dragons, Witty Insights

    Ok, somebody put a lot of thought into this collection. Many pages of shamelessly pirated pictures of women with dragons, with truly marvelous captions. http://user.tninet.se/~wcw454p/drak5.html Enjoy! "The problem with fairies is, once you hear that characteristic 'pop' sound when they...