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    D&D General Alignment in D&D

    I grew up with the horrible arguments during AD&D, so I'm glad alignment was addressed in later editions. IMO, "lawful good, good, neutral, evil, and chaotic evil" was a good change, since it simplified alignment from a graph into a line with two extremes, and let you get on with playing the game.
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    Kickstarter Deadlands: the Weird West

    Sounds good! Also, check out the Helping Hands bundle, for a free starter copy of the previous edition. : Free Downloads | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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    Altar Quest

    Less than a week left for BL's Fantasy Series 1 miniatures set. Set includes more Lurkers for AQ, a chance to pick up AQ if you missed it, and the miniatures are better than "two for a dollar", including some large mini's...
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    Hero Quest 25 Anniversary (crowdfunding), the disillusion

    Late reply, but they did, with 1993 Dragon Strike game as HeroQuest's successor. Description says, "Dragon Strike takes the HeroQuest game play and goes a step further in a few directions: " Pretty obviously, DS is not well known as HQ. A BGG reviewer briefly explains why he thought DS did not...
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    Kickstarter for Deadlands The Weird West Funded

    Mike and I are the only ones interested in Deadlands. :( Some nice mini's for it out there, though!
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    Kickstarter Deadlands: the Weird West

    Deadlands, the original Weird West RPG! Updated for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. In this award-winning, best-selling setting, gunfighters, braves, hucksters, martial artists, shamans, mad scientists, the blessed, and more square off against far more than desperate bandits. An event...
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    Kickstarter Fantasy Series 1 Miniatures! "Better than Bones!"

    Wouldn't say it's better than Bones, but it's a more generic set than Bones V. Good entry point for those new to the hobby, and includes Lurkers for Altar Quest. AQ base game is a great price for the miniatures and game system. Should have a lot of mini's for $65 + $15 shipping with eleven days...
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    Pandemic: How will you continue to enjoy your hobbies?

    "Because no one was immune to the new virus, “the majority of the population will be infected” absent the quick arrival of a vaccine or drastic public health interventions such as closing public places and canceling public events," There is no vaccine yet for the virus. Nobody in a first world...
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    Hand of Glory 2 : Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures -- A CAT IS FINE TOO

    How a goblin tinders his resignation. Furniture by Tiny Furniture. Tiny Furniture is currently running their "Harvest of War" corpse miniatures. kickstarter.com/projects/harvestofwar/harvest-of-war?ref=user_menu Background from Loke Battlemat's Dungeon Book. Loke Battlemats is currently...
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    Hero Quest 25 Anniversary (crowdfunding), the disillusion

    GZ didn't need an "ace" up their sleeve. What GZ needed was written permission from Hasbro. Chaosium had the US trademark (?) for "Hero Quest" and GZ failed to produce it to them. GZ wouldn't have gotten all this negative reception from the BoardGameGeek had they had permission. Many...
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    Hand of Glory 2 : Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures -- A CAT IS FINE TOO

    Guns, ninjas, hobbits, dogs, monkeys, pumpkins, and mancatchers. Sure, you say you could otherwise do some conversion. But good luck finding a d*mn monkey. Stuff's in metal and cast in the USA. KS link: Hand of Glory 2: Modular Magnetic Gaming Miniatures Six SG's already unlocked!
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    Towns & Taverns. 2 Modular Books of Battle Mats for Roleplay

    Ten extra pages (maps) added for twenty square feet of gaming! Example layout of bridge district and guild quarter, with a ship from the little books
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    Tiny Furniture is finally coming out with miniatures I've been looking for... CORPSES! :D I also enjoy tavern and inn encounters, so they'll double as sleeping or passed out on the floor. TF's KS will be in April. : Tiny Furniture - Harvest of War Likewise, Hand of Glory is back with their "hot...
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    Hero Quest 25 Anniversary (crowdfunding), the disillusion

    Late reply, but I think GZ's disregard for the IP was a very clear indicator that GZ was clueless how to run a business. Backers would later find out that GZ's quest for perfection -- in other words, disregard for pretty much everything, including IP -- would result in the project and company...
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    Towns & Taverns. 2 Modular Books of Battle Mats for Roleplay

    $40 + Shipping for a single book set of two volumes. $75 + Shipping for two book sets plus a copy of their Little Book of Town and Taverns. Add-ons TBA. SG's are additional pages. Free stickers at 150K. Woo! Stickers! I posted a review of their Little Book of Dungeon Taverns. I highly...
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    Galladoria Game's "For the Terrain" KS

    Funding hit! Tavern furniture, desert terrain, oddball sf terrain! KS: For the Terrain
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    Pinnacle Entertainment Group's "The Goon" RPG miniatures

    More miniatures, review, and painting tips on RPG.net : Review of The Goon Miniatures - RPGnet RPG Game Index PEG's Holiday Sale continues! : Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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    Quality of Miniatures plastic and metal

    As you've noticed, plastic quality is all over the place. The situation with plastic (and another miniature casting material, resin), is that the better the plastic holds details, the more brittle it is. Hence, GW polystyrene plastics, which are meant for painting and thus details, are different...
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    Tiny Furniture's "Dark Magister's Workplace"

    Review and painting tips on RPG.net : Review of Dark Magister workplace - RPGnet RPG Game Index Tiny Furniture's "Dark Magister" furniture sets : Tiny Furniture - Catalog