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  1. Drowbane

    Pathfinder 1E Shackled City - Golarion?

    I am suiting up to DM the SCAP for my group and there has been some discussion of "where" to place Cauldron. And while I don't like PF's "house rules" all that much, I do like the setting of Golarion. So, where in Golarion would *you* put Cauldron? I am contemplating putting it near the Stolen...
  2. Drowbane

    Rule or House Rule?

    One of my players wants to use an Energy Immunity effect more than once to cover the 5 Energy types. Now immediately the memory of a "rule" came to mind about how if you cast the same spell on yourself more than once, you would just change the effect and that it wouldn't stack with itself...
  3. Drowbane

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder / Trailblazer / other "3.75s"

    Has anyone updated any of the non-core base classes to PF or TB specs? For example the Warlock loses alot in TB, since the casters get most of thier spells back after a short rest.
  4. Drowbane

    D&D 3E/3.5 3e - Temordia, Races of

    I guess this is the place to post this sort of thing. Sorry in advance if this gets too wordy... (I will try to edit in the next few days as needed) I have been slowly working on a Homebrew setting since late 1997. The settings name has remained constant, though I'm not sure where/how I came...
  5. Drowbane

    Quicksilver Hourglass update... kinda

    So... here I am working on my D&D character, "Maligant, Skull Lord of Orcus", as we just leveled last week (18th Gestalt... Mal is only 17th though) and listening to my MP3s when this song comes on with a reminder... It reminded me to report to you, my fellow ENnies, that my party (sadly I...
  6. Drowbane

    #123 - Quicksilver Hourglass - Your experiences?

    My party and I are halfway (?) through this module. I'm wondering how other groups have done in the past. Please, post your experiences... with a minimum of spoilers. Planescape Party ("D&D Supers" - Gestalt ECL 16... LA takes up just one side) * Anixiel - shadow dragon wyrmling |...
  7. Drowbane


    DMotR is dead... http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?cat=14 Long live DMotR. http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/darthsanddroids/
  8. Drowbane

    Diplomacy at its finest

    http://lfgcomic.com/page/71 Just how many ranks in diplomacy does that require? o.0
  9. Drowbane

    Superheroes questions - random thoughts

    Disclaimer: I never read the Green Lantern series comics... Facts (?)~ 1) IIRC, the Lanterns cannot effect / are powerless against Yellow. 2) Superman is powered by the light of the Yellow Sun. 3) Superman is vulnerable to Magic. Question~ 1) Can the Green Lantern(s) affect Superman? 2) Are...
  10. Drowbane

    dumb question?

    The Setup: As long as I've been playing 3e (since shortly after it came out), I (and the DM's I've gamed with) have viewed Lines to be 5ft radius, starting from any of the caster's corners and continuing for thier length, hitting all squares they pass through (basicly running down the line...
  11. Drowbane

    How do you like your gnomes best?

    So, Gnomes... Thoughts?
  12. Drowbane

    Vecna: demigod, god, or lich?

    In your campaign, is Vecna a god (lich-like or not) or just a powerful Lich? I got to wondering about this after reading... http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=197335
  13. Drowbane

    Confusion confusion

    1-10: attack caster... 11-20: act normally 21-50: do nothing 51-70: flee away from caster... 71-100: attack nearest creature... What happens if the confused creature cannot see the caster (greater invisibility) and you roll a 1-20 or 51-70 result? Reroll on chart? Or perhaps the confused...
  14. Drowbane

    Warlock - Epic Invocations

    Sylar Blast (invocation) [Epic; 21st; Blast Essence/Shape You may permanently acquire as an invocation any single Special Attack or Special Quality from a creature you slay with your Sylar Blast. Sylar Blast counts as both an Blast Essence and Blast Shape. Your Sylar Blast has a range of 10ft...
  15. Drowbane

    Unholy Toughness

    How much CR/LA is it worth? I'd like to add Unholy Toughness to several Undead (ghost, lich, vampire, mummy, deathknight, etc) who predate this ability. So, whats it worth? An additional +1 LA, +1 or +2 CR?
  16. Drowbane

    [Transformers] so... run as M&M?

    so... run as M&M? I don't know if this is the correct place to post this, but one of my fellow gamers sent me this via email. My innerchild is still in shock. http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1540535&sdm=web&qtw=640&qth=300 enjoy.
  17. Drowbane

    DMotR - 38 - AoO...

    http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=792 I hope I translated the roman numerals correctly...
  18. Drowbane

    LotR d20 - Parody

    http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/?p=612 Great stuff. :D
  19. Drowbane

    OotS 357

    Did I get scooped again? http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0357.html Ahh, thats great. Not what I was expecting... still great. :D
  20. Drowbane

    OotS 353

    Mwahahhaha! http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0354.html edit: This space reserved for 354 :p