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  1. Goblyn

    You know what? I LOVE ENWorld.

    Just what the title says. My perspective on all aspects of both playing and DMing has improved immeasurably due to this site. I get to benefit from all sorts of points of view and creative input into anything even remotely DnD related, and can trust that for the most part discussions are civil...
  2. Goblyn

    Castle Ravenloft Boardgame

    My group played it this weekend after the FLGS finally got their poop in a group and honoured a passed-over pre-order(fume ... RAGE ... snort). Although we're staunch 3e players it looked promising and we gave it a shot. Good game. Some of the rules took a couple of re-reads, but it was just as...
  3. Goblyn

    Summon monster & provoking AoO's

    I recently had a discussion with Hypersmurf about the charge maneuvre and when a character who chooses to do so is considered charging. The issue that apparently is not supposed to exist with charge explicitly does for Summon Monster spells. One who casts summon monster is casting a spell and...
  4. Goblyn

    D&D 4E I've nailed down why 4e makes me apprehensive

    I love 3.x and have ever since the first beholder stats came out months before the first 3.0 PHB. It brought me back to DnD. I've played and DMed it so much that all the formulae of creatures, items and effects are transparent to me. I can completely gut an NPC or monster and rebuild it at my...
  5. Goblyn

    I ran an awesome session last week

    My group has just started up a new campaign(wait ... It's been almost two months already! ... wow ...) recently, and so I'm getting a chance to present to them a new style of adventure path. The one we just finished went from 1st to ~10th level and was pretty standard dnd fare; it was the first...
  6. Goblyn

    Help to CR/LA this thing?

    This is one of my first attempts to create a monster; I was hoping for some help on what sort of CR and LA this creature would warrant? Also any suggestions on improving the design would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: a couple things I missed in the .doc.
  7. Goblyn

    Hey, Gothmog!

    Guess what: In my DnD3.5 campaign one of the BBEGs was a cleric trying to summon a Balor as part of his Ultimate Plan and I named this balor after you, Gothmog. Later on(months after the name had been dropped in-game) I was reading the Tolkien Bestiary my brother had given me for christmas and...
  8. Goblyn

    I changed my avatar.

    Can you tell what it is? This isn't a riddle or guessing game; I want to know if it is recognizeable.
  9. Goblyn

    Rapid shot and Manyshot combined?

    I run 3.5 and one player's ranger has these two feats. I let him combine them, but I have a feeling they aren't supposed to be able to be though I cannot pin down any specifically restrictive wording. It hasn't 'broken' the game or anything, I'm just curious as to what my fellow ENWorlders...
  10. Goblyn

    Why is Min/Maxing viewed as bad?

    Alright, before I begin the tirade, I'd like to clarify what I am understanding min/maxing to be: minimizing one's capabilities in one area in order to be able to maximize one's abilities in another. 'Area' in this case means either combat, socializing, spellcasting; things like that. Why the...
  11. Goblyn

    Who is Gauderis?

    I've had this name going through my head for the last few days and I can't remember whereit is from. Maybe the uber-powerful ENWold hivemind knows who Gauderis is? Thanks.
  12. Goblyn

    Will anyone else be glad when Star Wars is finally over?

    I know this is possibly a dangerous place to ask this, but I must. Personally I've never been that fond of it. I do recognize it as an acceptably entertaining tale, but c'mon.
  13. Goblyn

    A giant frog ate my halfling.

    I just recently played The Temple of Elemental Evil for the PC for the first time. I was so happy to see the new rules used in a CRPG. It always seemed to me that they would work better, being more internally consistant and all ... anyway, my point is that even with the 6-hour evaluation limit...
  14. Goblyn

    Woohoo! Guess what ...:):):)

    Today I taught my 12 year-old niece how to play the DnD minis game. We played 2 games, because after the first, she asked if we could play again. This is big; DnD has Xbox, Gamecube and the internet competing for the kids' attention. Her younger sister is even somewhat interested too ...
  15. Goblyn

    Where is the full defense combat maneuvre?

    I can't seem to find it. Is it even in 3.x? If so, can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  16. Goblyn

    Bucket o' puppies n' Cleave?

    I've heard references about fighters with Great Cleave and multiple small animals in a bag(or bucket, or whatever) using the animals to gain mulitple attacks upon a BBEG, but I've thought about the feats, and a can't figure out how this is supposed to work. Can anyone explain this to me...
  17. Goblyn

    Anyone else of this opinion? Or not?

    I've discovered something recently: I, as a player, despise playing through modules. To me they seem prepackaged(duh, I guess) and pull the characters out of their own stories into this stock scenario that is not only immensely more deadly but also much less involving than those custom made by...
  18. Goblyn

    What is the name for his type of movie?

    Hey all. I can't remember what the term is for movies such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where poewrful characters fly around and such. Can anyone help me with remembering what these are called? Thanks in advance.
  19. Goblyn

    The Dragon Ninja

    This is my attempt. Comments and criticizms welcome. I haven't playetested this yet, so any feedback is appreciated. Oh, and the Dallaxia, Semdenuri and Sarvol Wot stuff is world-specific. Dragon Ninja Modeled on Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden, the Dragon Ninja class is my attempt to port him...
  20. Goblyn

    Feat:Sure Attack

    While thinking about 3.x and all its glory I noticed that Power Attack has no counterpart, and for some reason this struck me as lacking. So I thought I'd write it up and post it here to hear what you all think. Sure Attack{General} You can forego power for precision in combat...