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  1. Erekose13

    Erekose13 AFK

    Hey I'm heading out on vacation starting this weekend for a couple of weeks. I'll be back around the 16th of Sept. DMs please NPC my characters.
  2. Erekose13

    [Adventure] The Sibylline Idol (Judge covaithe)

    The Sibylline Idol Unearthed from the darkest, twisted pits a malignant force is unknowingly unleashed upon Daunton by one of the adventurers that the small city seeks to attract. Our heroes must unravel a mysterious death that could threaten the sanity of the entire island. The Sibylline Idol...
  3. Erekose13

    D&D 4E Open Design / Wolfgang Baur to do a 4E Open Design Adventure

    As Caine mentioned past patrons of the Open Design projects can purchase a print version through Lulu for the base price it costs Wolfgang to put it up there (he doesn't mark it up). I've been a patron of Open Design since the end of OD2 (Shadowcrag) and highly recommend it as an invaluable...
  4. Erekose13

    Erekose13's Characters

    I intend to keep character sheet posts or character link threads here.
  5. Erekose13

    Erekose13 Absent (hopefully back Mon. Aug 20st)

    As per title, hope to be back Monday while I'm on vacation and not really going anywhere.
  6. Erekose13

    PHB2 - Character Options - Wizard

    I'd like to propose the following from PHB2 for my 3rd level character: Character Options - Wizard: Immediate Magic.
  7. Erekose13

    Faiths of Eberron (book approval)

    Faiths of Eberron is up for approval now. - Sovereign Speaker (PrC, pg 32) - Escalation Mage (PrC, pg 52) - Argent Fist (PrC, pg 70) - Barrel of Perserving Pine (Magic Item, pg 79) - Thief of Life (PrC, pg 84) - Ritual of Oalian's Voice (ritual, pg 91) - Ritual of Avenging Ash (ritual, pg 95) -...
  8. Erekose13

    Erekose's Savage Tide - Act 1: There is No Honour

    The sights and smells of another bright sunny day bring with them the every present noise of industry, commerce, and the populace. Workers at the docks haul against huge nets pulling them from fishing boats to be repaired as seagulls squawk over head. Colourful parrots and other jungle birds...
  9. Erekose13

    E2: The Secret of Gemhold [Patlin Judging]

    Intro Finally finished their task for the Sage's Guild, Sir Ishmael departs the group wishing to explore his new found heritage on his own. Left with a map and a lot of phat loot, Percy, Gorefoot, Nars, Nezrak, and Rodimus decide to stick together. After spending some time in town together...
  10. Erekose13

    Erekose's Savage Tide Adventure Path [RG]

    Players Nathan Lidu - Human Cleric of Mouqol - played by Verbatim Jerrel Rivers - Human Swashbuckler - played by Velmont Tereg Nna Ythelen - Quickling Faen Spellthief - played by Malarky Alixtus Meravanchi - Human Warlock - played by Rystil Arden Julian Hemlock - Half-elf Bard - played by...
  11. Erekose13

    Erekose's Savage Tide Adventure Path [Players Selected]

    Welcome to the Savage Tide Adventure Path, a campaign full of dangerous monsters, hostile terrain, murderous organizations, and sinister magic. This campaign begins in the exotic port city of Sasserine. The City of Sasserine is perched on the edge of the known world, the last stop before the...
  12. Erekose13

    PHB2 - Duskblade Spells

    Okay I think Duskblade will be voted in soon. So with the provisory that the Duskblade is accepted first, I propose that we allow their new spells from the PHB2 in. 1st level -bigby's tripping hand -blade of blood -deflect, lesser -kelgore's fire bolt -rouse -stand 2nd level -animalistic...
  13. Erekose13

    Secrets of Xen'drik (Book Approval)

    Okay so its only 40 minutes into the new year, but I thought I'd go through my collection of Eberron stuff and see what books could be proposed. This one was published 6 months ago this month. I propose that we allow all stuff from this book as we have for other Eberron books. I can list all...
  14. Erekose13

    PHB2 - Beguiler Spells

    I propose that we allow all the spells on the Beguiler list as is (incl. level notations for other classes). The new spells are as follows: 1st: -rouse -whelm 2nd: -blinding colour surge -stay the hand -vertigo -whelming blast 3rd: -crown of veils -halt -hesitate -inevitable defeat -legion...
  15. Erekose13

    Player's Guide to Eberron (Book Approval)

    Player's Guide should also be pretty available now. So I propose that we allow all new content from the PGoE in. This purposefully excludes all WotC material from other sources that are discussed in the PGoE. I can provide a complete list of items in this post later if need be. EDIT: added...
  16. Erekose13

    Magic of Eberron (Book Approval)

    This book has been out for a while now and should be open for us to vote on. I posted this as a full proposal as it follows with what we have done with Eberron material in the past. I'll list out everything in this post later if need be. EDIT: Content added Races: -Daelkyr Half-blood...
  17. Erekose13

    Complete Adventurer - Scout Bonus Feats

    Hey all, this was mentioned in the Detail Discussion and thought I should make a thread of it to make sure it's covered. These feats are included in the list of bonus feats for the Scout (which has already been approved). The feats, however, have not been approved yet. Brachiation Danger Sense...
  18. Erekose13

    PHB2: Duskblade

    Yay for PHB2 being available now. How about allowing the Duskblade? He'd my favorite, but I've seen a lot of discussion about him being a bit over powered.
  19. Erekose13

    PHB2: Beguiler

    Yay for PHB2 being available now. How about allowing the Beguiler?
  20. Erekose13

    Unable to Access URL

    When I try to get to Enworld.org I am redirected to navil.com a ppclick search engine. I can get here now via the IP. Am I the only one experiencing this?